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Old entrance (st John church, Scicli, Sicily 🇮🇹)

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Traditionally, major road junctions in Glasgow are marked by the presence of one or more of the following: An ornate bank building, an imposing church or a pub. Shawlands Cross on the Southside has the full set!

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Taiwan is home to some of the most important examples of Hokkien architectural design and folklore in the world

#Taiwan #Hokkien #architecture #Taiwanderful

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1850s Townhouses on Cecil Street in the West End of Glasgow. Thought to be designed by J.T. Rochead, anyone who was a student at Glasgow University in the 1980s and the early 1990s will most likely remember them as a row of rundown, seedy bedsits with as many people crammed into them as possible.

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The former Belmont Church on Great George Street in the West End of Glasgow. Designed by James Miller in a Gothic style, it was built in 1893.

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@nobs Guten Morgen, Auf der Suche nach Podcasts bin ich über diese Episode gestolpert mit der Architektin SAMANEH MOAFI. Musste sofort an dich denken, habe die Folge allerdings noch nicht ganz zu Ende gehört.


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Looks like I'll be spending the weekend making the key decision for my new project - what shall I call it?

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New at my Patreon... Visiting Ballarat, we saw an exhibition that crosses Palm Springs architecture with Australia's - from model motels to desert/beach shacks:

Dateline Ballarat: Palm Springs meets Oz

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Dear Ottawans, are there any particular spaces you’d recommend for newbies to check out at #DoorsOpenOttawa 2024? #ottawa #architecture

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Robert Dalglish's imposing 1882 Jacobean style Woodside Public School in the Woodlands area of Glasgow.

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Allegorical figures of Night and Day created by J.P. MacGillivary in 1888 for James Sellars' Anderson College of Medicine on Dumbarton Road in the West End of Glasgow.

#glasgow #architecture #glasgowbuildings #sculpture #partick #kelvingrove

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I love this building on the corner of Albert Drive and Darnley Street in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, not just for its design, which is great, but because it was built in 1895 for the wonderfully-named Glasgow Laundry and Carpet Beating Works.

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The inn on the mountain, again

Auberge Montagne Coupée, Matha, May 2024.

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Clarke and Bell's rather beautiful Arts and Crafts style pavilion built in 1890 for the Titwood Bowling Club on the Southside of Glasgow.

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Donnafugata Dog (Ragusa, Sicily 🇮🇹)

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"stairway to.."

Allen Lambert Galleria, Toronto, May 2024

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A couple of watercolour renders, an interior of Fallingwater (FLW), USA and exterior night scene of Dune House (JVA) UK #architecture #ArchitectureSchool

A darkish watercolour of a house that looks like triangular shapes. The ground floor is all windows and the light is spilling out.

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The former Pollokshields West Church on Shields Road on the Southside of Glasgow. Designed by W.G. Rowan and built in the late 1870s, it bears a striking resemblence to Alexander 'Greek' Thomson's 1850s Saint Vincent Street Church in the city centre, especially the square corner tower.

#glasgow #architecture #alexandergreekthomson #glasgowbuildings #church #glasgowchurches #strathbungo #pollokshields

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This week I wrote about thermal delight, temporal delight, and becoming more alive to the changing seasons. (Also: tiny houses!)

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Amazing resource on software evolution, maintenance, migration and improvement.
#software #aim42 #IT #ICT #coding #architecture

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