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Framed my most recent finished piece, a small still life that is about healing, fighting back, protecting. It’s such a lovely piece.
It is available. Do message me if interested.

8x10 oil on board. Available framed or unframed.

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Wanderers above the Sea of Fog

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From the ar(t)chive…

Voxel-style 3D illustration for a 2005 issue of a Dutch magazine, about the attraction of working for large corporations.

There were no voxel editors yet in 2005, and I guess Shell was still a relatively attractive employer. 😏

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Hmm, dating an by the date of conception, not the date of completion? That's the justification from Damien Hirst's team, who are attempting to explain why thousands of his pieces are younger than suggested.

News story via @culture

Would you ever date a piece this way, from the date you conceived of it?

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Let Them...The idea behind this way of thinking is that negative people are going to do what they are going to do, so you can take back your power by letting them. You don't need to use your precious energy to fight their negativity.


#letthem #selfcare #selflove #healing #healingjourney #selfhealing #love #relationships #relationship #peace #art #artwork #buyintoart #feathers #colorful #colorfulart #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #women #fedigiftshop #inspiration

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Out in the middle of nowhere is actually somewhere: it's a landscape surrounded by space, and within that space one can walk around outside in one's bathrobe -- or not even that if you please -- and not be seen by the neighbors.

You don't hear their TV or music. No loud cars, or sirens. No shouting, flashing lights, LED advertisements in your face.

That's someplace worth being.

Lonesome Barn canvas print --

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LisaSBaker, to art avatar
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I send thanks to the buyer from South Carolina who purchased a greeting card of

Tea by the Sea --

May the artwork bring to both you and the person to whom you send the card a moment of calmness and peace, a celebration of tranquility that we enjoy when we take time out to enjoy the many treasures in our lives.

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Started a new modeling project…

Those who are as old… I mean… as experienced as I am, might already recognize what this is going to be. 🙂

More updates will follow.

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