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If I'm writing an analyzer to say "stop doing X in v2 because it's been removed in v3", should that be INFO or WARNING by default?

#dotnet #csharp #roslyn #RoslynAnalyzers

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My book on parallel programming & concurrency in C# is part of the Mastery of C# and .NET Awaits Humble Bundle from Packt Publishing

for up to 22 eBooks!

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We just shipped v2 Core Framework 2.7.1, Analyzers 1.12.0, and Visual Studio adapter 2.5.8. This includes a few new assertion overloads, four new analyzers (and two new suppressors), and a handful of bug fixes.


Release notes:

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An absolute BANGER of a release for Rider 2024!

Thank you @khalidabuhakmeh and co.

Lots of goodies in here, as always, happy to continue being a JetBrains toolbox subscriber.

Also, thank you for unbundling that pesky AI plugin. You did the good thing.

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Instruct 7B v0.2 has a strange quirk I found tonight. I pasted in a C# class and asked it to generate comments for everything. I specifically asked it to not rewrite the content of the methods and such, and it always rewrote the whole thing. It was accurate and the comments were great, but it always wants to redo the whole thing. The line between what it can and can't do is mysterious!

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I would argue that Entity Framework Core (#csharp #dotnet) has the same pros and cons like any other ORM no matter what language.

Those ORMs looking appealing at first, but once you start doing more advanced things, they start to get in your way and getting slow.

Instead I use ADO.NET (Npgsql), Dapper and Fluent Migrator. Having the ability to write your queries in plain SQL and using Dapper for object mapping matches they way I do it in #php

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Now that I'm on a new instance, I guess I should do an #introduction.

I'm Anna, lesbian extraordinaire. I made a lot of plugins for FFXIV, I made Heliosphere (a website+plugin for FFXIV mods), I've made a pastebin... Just a lot of stuff that's caught my interest.

I use a lot of #rustlang and #csharp. I like to read #fantasy and #scifi on my ereader. I like TTRPGs, video games (#ffxiv), some TV and movies, almost all music, and my girlfriend.

I'm very left-leaning, and I believe everyone should have rights - equitable rights at that. (How is this a lefty thing to say and not just normal, basic compassion?) If you are bigoted in any way, I want nothing to do with you.

I don't know. I think I'm pretty average. If I get safe vibes from you, I'll probably approve your follow request.

TLDR: idk am gorl

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I never thought I'd be uncovering deadlocks in other peoples code by removing synchronization contexts in @xunit, but a third instance was reported last night and I was able to track things down for them fairly quickly.

I guess this is part of my new retirement job. 😂

khalidabuhakmeh, to godot avatar

Any folks know when will be supported as a target for HTML5. Currently it seems that there is no support for exporting a game for the web when using C# scripts using the latest versions of .

khalidabuhakmeh, to godot avatar

The additions in have been really good. Check them out in the latest release. It makes writing and debugging your games a breeze.

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I want to see if it's possible to replace runtime reflection in @xunit v3 with source generators (for better performance and to support NativeAOT), but I think I've already hit the first blocking point: no support for ? Only and ?

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I’m a now! 😅

An asteroids game with , , and some nice asset store graphics.

Pretty fun stuff!

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Let #AI write your #code #comments. Please. We need more code comments. We also need good #XMLDoc comments in C# projects.

I know you hate doing your #documentation. This is a perfect use case for AI. It's not like you were gonna do it anyway. :smug:

#csharp #devops #developer #developers #llm #chatgpt #mistral #coder #software

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I'm (substitute) teaching game programming at a school (teen to adult, C# with #Unity) rn and have noticed the students struggle doing even quite simple assignments, like adding a public field and using replacing a literal with that field. Any tips on good ways to train the very basics?

In addition to my teaching, they've been following Unity tutos and CodeAcademy C# lessons.

#gamedev #gameprogramming #programming #csharp

khalidabuhakmeh, to godot avatar

I guess I’m a #gamedeveloper now. 😅 Thanks to #godotengine and #jetbrainsrider, I made my very first pong game.

Built a very simple Enemy AI, sound effects, and scorekeeping. I also did all the graphics myself (except for the #JetBrains Rider logo).

The game logic is written in #csharp using #dotnet.

JetBrains Rider themed pong game

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ZX Speculator is a cross-platform ZX Spectrum 48K emulator written in using @avaloniaui

khalidabuhakmeh, to CSharp avatar

What are some expensive CPU operations that can be done in and ? Something that makes the CPU sweat.

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Unlock the efficiency of non-blocking code with coroutines and behavior trees in C#. Learn how to implement behavior trees using the yield keyword in my latest blog post.
#dotnet #csharp

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I have found a weird "bug" in @xunit that I'm having trouble tracking down.

In 2.7.0 we shifted a SynchronizationContext that was always used to one that's now used conditionally (to support async void unit tests). Two users have come forward saying their tests are now hanging. I've identified deadlocks in one's code, but how strange is it that the removal of a feature surfaces a bug in someone else's code?

1/2 #dotnet #csharp #unittest

smurthys, to CSharp avatar

I have written C# top-level code before, but I'm obviously suffering a "brain freeze" right now: Why does this simple top-level C# statement say "The name 'Console' does not exist in this context", even though I'm compiling with .NET 7.x and .NET 8 (well past .NET 5 that top-level statements need)? 😳

Console.WriteLine("hello world"); //System.Console works

.NET 8:
.NET 7.0.105:

Someone, please, set me right. 🥺🙏🏽

khalidabuhakmeh, (edited ) to dotnet avatar

Update: It's LibraryImport. Check out the updated screenshot. It's much nicer because it cycles through extensions and allows for custom marshalling of types (not seen in example).

Maybe I’m hallucinating this, but wasn’t there recently a newer option to import functionality in #dotnet and #csharp compared to the DllImport approach. I swear it was a source generator or something.

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What’s neat about #JetBrains #Fleet is the polyglot nature of it. I'm writing a #rustlang library that I later consume in a #dotnet #csharp solution, all without switching context.

I can also run my .NET solution and run my #rustlang tests. That's a nice workflow.

khalidabuhakmeh, to dotnet avatar

I wanted to see where is currently at with support and found there's a lot of nice helpers for a .csproj file. Here is a helper to set the language version.

JetBrains Fleet in .NET Project

davidwengier, to CSharp avatar

I love talking about C#, so I listen to every podcast episode Mads is on so I can pretend I’m having a conversation with him. Helps that I like listening to people talk about C# just as much 😀

#csharp #dotnet

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