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“I am different from AI. I am different from AU.”

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Chipmaking giant TSMC expects to pocket even more AI profits

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This is from yesterday, and I can't think of a worse pairing.

"To better and more quickly process vast quantities of complex health documentation, the Medicare agency’s Office of Financial Management is using Meta’s Llama 2"

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Thank you, for being our coffee savior at #EmbeddedWorld last week. ☕️ Enjoyed every cup at your booth from your coffee machine powered with #AI and a #Slint based user interface. #MadeWithSlint #EW24

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As the technology to produce personalized videos and chatbots advances and spreads, experts worry that voters will have an increasingly difficult time distinguishing between real and synthetic messages. #worldnews #politics #india #ai #deepfakes #misinformation #fakenews

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Skeptical. coming from 😁

The new approach "embeds security into the data center fabric and autonomously scans, segments and performs critical updates at the network level."

New Cisco Hypershield aims to ‘completely reimagine’ security in the age @VentureBeat

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br00t4c, to ai avatar

AI startup Wayve hopes new Canadian team will deliver scientific breakthroughs

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University students believe that AI and social media improve both mental wellbeing and academic performance:

However, academic performance was not objectively assessed. Only self-reported metrics were used. So AI helps students feel good about themselves.

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Corporate management these days be like ...

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Interesting approach.

The copyright registration does not recognize the writer as author of the whole text, but as the author of the “selection, coordination, and arrangement of text generated by artificial intelligence.”

"This means no one can copy the book without permission, but the actual sentences and paragraphs themselves are not copyrighted."

Author granted copyright over book with -generated text—with a twist @WIRED @arstechnica

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There are many sites offering free, print-ready CC0/public domain illustrations, photographs & vector graphics. Eg, Pixabay offers 4.4 million images, Unsplash 3 million.
Many fonts are also free for commercial use. And you can put the design together in free Open Source software.
With so many free images/fonts available, it's easy to create multiple design concepts for your book/product). And it's all done with the consent of the artists/photographers/typographers.
There's no excuse.


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Sao Paulo's far right governor will start using ChatGPT to generate digital materials for public schools. Of course rich children are not in those public schools.

@tante news from Brazil that reminds me of what you often say: bad, AI-powered services for the poor, and the rich will still get the best human support available.

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@djscuf it's @danmcquillan's argument of being directly connected to austerity

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Legal opinion, from yesterday.

"With AI itself inventing new machines, manufacturing processes, and pharmaceuticals at an astounding rate, humans have lost their monopoly on innovation."

Key unknowns about — what is the law and who is responsible? @Reuters

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This all seems murky, at best. First, there's probably more to this push, and secondly, it is concerning that tech companies are getting involved and possibly in over their heads in global hot spots.

is riding on geopolitics to extend its footprint @FastCompany

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Facebook’s Meta AI has commented on a post in a parenting group, claiming to have a “gifted, disabled child” while providing feedback on local schools, reports @404mediaco

Meta says its AI chatbot may comment on posts that don’t have any responses after an hour, but is this attempt at maintaining engagement actually killing the authenticity that still remains on some Facebook groups?

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Is anyone else tired of seeing AI this and AI that everywhere? It seems like a rapid explosion of new products that are jumping on the bandwagon. Aside from the websites and apps, I got an email from Logitech yesterday about their new AI-enabled mouse and keyboard. I can't be the only one who wants less AI, can I? It's going to make me switch to Linux and adjust my tech options.
#AI #linux #computer #tech #technology #chatgpt

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’s Chat Bot entered a Parents Group conversation and replied It too Has a Gifted, Disabled Child in NY schools.

has apologized.

angelikatyborska, to ai avatar

This has to be the dumbest attempt at adding AI to an existing product that I've seen so far 🤡 Yes, let's have a machine hallucinate the details of an event that will take place in the real life. Why would a human bother with describing such unimportant details like how to get there, what's the schedule, what's the price, what's the food (and allergens), wheelchair accessibility and so on. None of that information needs to be accurate /s

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This is the story of Cyc, the most ambitious symbolic, rule-based AI project spanning four decades that ended up as a fotnote in history. Little known, fascinating, and briefly crossing with Interlisp's history.

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: "Like the threat behind crypto’s “have fun staying poor” slogan, AI needs the rest of us to believe in its unstoppable ascendancy because that belief is basically all it has. AI products aren’t about whether anyone wants or needs AI products. They’re about how people could want or need those products, eventually, if everyone stays the course and also keeps pumping money into AI companies. You can call a product bad as long as you immediately point out that obviously it’s going to become good (Brownlee even nods to this in his Humane review, saying that the pin is “the new worst product I’ve ever reviewed in its current state”), because AI products are less products and more promotional tools for the future, for technological advancement, for whatever other big concepts Silicon Valley goons trot out to throw a smokescreen over the barely-functional, largely useless junk they need us to believe is inevitable."

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