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I just spent forever pouring over my code to find the line where the player takes damage like I had written it in some sort of ancient archaic runes or some shit and no it was just this, like, I think I shall walk into the ocean

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Started work on a post-jam rework of my LD55 entry!

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With many new people learning about FOSS yesterday, we couldn't have timed our Development Fund refresh any better🧼🫧

If you have as little as 5€ per month to spare, please consider becoming part of the base this project rests upon: community support.

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Interrupting the Brackey's hype train for a moment to pan over to Croatia, where #RebootDevelop is currently taking place 🌴🇭🇷

If you spot either of these two #GodotEngine nerds (@Emi, @lentsius_bark) running around, don't forget to say hi!

#godot #events #conference #croatia

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We might be making an appearance in this incredible comeback 👀

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Am I the only one who thinks #discord is just one giant mess in which almost everything gets lost in the noise. How did we come to this situation where everyone relies on this single, centralized chat service?

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@AngryAnt yes, like or even #irc, but more and more open source projects, including #godot rely on #discord which is not accessible for a very very large part of the human population....

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Wow, Brackeys come back to make videos about Godot!

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I don't know who needs to see this, but...

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Hey everyone (ladies and gentlemen included), LOOK WHO'S BACK 🤯😱🥰💖

Video here:

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In the spirit of hype train of Brackeys being back and making #GodotEngine tutorials, I'm making limited time discount on Low Poly Nature. 80% OFF just for 1 day!



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The popular game development YouTuber Brackeys, previously known for tutorials, has returned to YouTube after a 3 year break.

Now with a focus on game development software such as @godotengine .

This is really good news for the Open Source Game Dev Community!
In his (first) new video he talks about , , & the / . I'm very much looking forward to his upcoming videos!

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Great news for the community! Brackeys just released a new video and they're back, this time with the engine. 😍

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"always on-screen" current available controls. Kinda like overwatch. What do we think? When is it right to do?

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So, the Navigation Server in Godot is not returning shortest paths :(

As far as I can tell, it seems to be calculating the shortest path to ENTER a polygon, which can provide some very unreasonable results.

Does anyone know of a way to somehow alleviate this issue? Or do I need to write my own pathfinding?

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I need an easier way to learn AnimationPlayer and AnimationTree in 😭

Why there's an animation called ↩️ RESET in the middle of the other animations I made 👀

Why the AnimationTree does like mixing all the animations together and when I click on "Deterministic" on the Animation Player it doesn't do that anymore, what does "Deterministic" mean? 🤨

For the record I know sooner or later I'll understand it. It still kind of goes over my head how all that works 🤔

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Reworked the entire electrical system today, now the possibilities are endless!

#godotengine #godot #gamedev #indiedev


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Do you feel the ground rumbling? Better #Vulkan support incoming! 🌋

Read more about our concluded collaboration with Google & The Forge on our blog:

If you are currently working on a #MobileGame, let us know what you think 💭

#godot #godotengine #android #google #theforge

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@jan the man behind Blender Secrets Chanel on YouTube is here on Mastodon!

Follow him for tips and improve your skills!


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Since it's taking me 4,000 years to finish going through the Godot 3 tutorials I bought, and I still haven't gotten to the Godot 4 tutorials I bought on Zenva, I picked up the bundle:

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  • JavaScript
    Language wasn't powerful enough (back then)

  • Macromedia Flash
    Nice tool for web and local games. Did some fun mini games & animations with it. Used Action Script

  • RPG Maker XP
    It was great for RPGs and was my first step into Ruby

  • XNA
    Made by Microsoft. Uses C#. I did some promising initial work, but MS decided to stop XNA

  • Pause

  • I did some promising initial work, but well... Unity happened

  • I installed it. Now give me time and motivation

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#OpenSource ist die Grundlage moderner #Softwareentwicklung und spielt auch bei der Produktion von Computer- und Videospielen eine immer größere Rolle.

s_bergmann, avatar

Grosan Flaviu Gheorghe berichtet von seinem persönlichen Weg aus der Web- in die Spieleentwicklung. Die Konstante dabei: der Einsatz von Open Source-Technologien. Er gibt einen Einblick in sein aktuelles Spiel, das auf dem realistisch simulierten Mars verortet ist, und mit #Linux, #Godot, C++, #Python und #GDScript umgesetzt wird.

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