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I've finished the cardigan, I think if I make this again, I won't make it as long at the top of the back/collar area and just go back and forth to still get the length in at the bottom edge.

I found that the edges curl up a fair bit, so I have crocheted the cuffs and round the outside. It's worked well but I think next time I will give it a knit ribbed edge rather than crocheted

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My next project in the 'buildabeautifulboxofsocks24' from has arrived. So pretty.
Perfect for this time of the year - winter officially arrives this Saturday.


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May's square in the Makealong blanket is finished. Colour is part of the Seascape series hand-dyed by
Pattern -
Finished 6 squares so far (this is pattern ) so 14 to go...😜


SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar
SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar

Got a tin of chocolates for Xmas. They were delicious. As the old tin I used for some of my knitting notions had finally died, I transferred everything into the new one.
No matter how many times my grandkiddies come, they still have to check in case miraculously the tin contains chocolate again.😅 😜


penpencilbrush, to knitting avatar

Taaa Daaaa!

They aren't perfect, not aiming for perfection in life, but soooo stinkin' cute! They make me smile.

Getting back to the 3 colour helix in the gusset after the heel (top down) is still giving me issues and a problem to solve.

Eyeballing my little stash for the next pair... hmmmm...

:knitting: 🧦

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I definitely need to sort out my yarn.
I have yarn in baskets, in cupboards, and alongside my chair.
The two baskets alongside my chair are my 'working' (, ones, they're holding the current WIPs that I pick up regularly.
The cupboards hold my main stash and patterns, needles, etc...
Then there are the hand-dyed yarn clubs I belong to that mean I get more each month.

Of course - collecting yarn and using yarn are two different hobbies 😂 😅 😜


SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar

Look what I got!!!
I was April's prize winner for the . Along with the May colour (in the gorgeous mug) I got two skiens that will co-ordinate with those in the club as well as the mug.
You can see my April square in the 2nd pic. Colour is part of the Seascape series hand-dyed by
The pattern -


Knitted 30cm square - coloured olive green. 3 sets of twisted double cables separated by single cables.

SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar

Frogging (tinking) it!
Got side track when I started these socks. Made up the pattern as I went but didn't bother writing it down.
Picked it up again a few months later and a) can't remember what row I'm up to, b) what the hell I did, and c) I no longer like the
Normally I scribble something out & leave it with the project, this time I didn't. 😜


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SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar
sybilra, to knitting German

Feels like the 50th time I am trying to work on this fingerless gloves construction (in truth, it's only the 7th or 8th time). This time, however, I am trying to take the mistakes into account that I made last time, i.e. I am making new mistakes :/

dianemagras, to knitting

This is a very simple scarf I’m making, but I really love it. I’m using just a garter stitch to highlight the inherent softness of this yarn (Urth Yarns sock) and make a loose-feeling, comfy knit, and ensure that the yarn's pattern is the scarf’s only pattern: beautiful evolving stripes.

SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar
SuzyShearer, to knitting avatar

First pair done for February's "buildabeautifulboxofsocks24" pattern & hand-dyed yarn from
Not a pink girl but I love the design - very cute. Anyway I love knitting socks...😊
Just started March's socks.

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BethFishReads, to knitting

I’ve been offline, but not idle. I used a set to this A really fun project that went quickly.


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Finished the March's square in the Makealong blanket. Colour is part of the Seascape series hand-dyed by @fiber_lily. ( )
Was intricate and needing to watch the rows carefully but very happy with how it turned out.
#flmalclub2024 #fiberlilyYarnClub #yarnClub #makealong #handdyedYarn #handdyedYarnAustralian #neverNotKnitting #knittersOfTheWorld #knitting #knittingAddict #knittingLove #knit #knittersOfMastodon #fibreArts #crafts #handmade @knitting

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gemelliz, to italy

fundraiser in the Piazza del Popolo, in Fermo, .

Over 1500 "granny squares" were knitted or crocheted by individuals across Le Marche province. The wool & cotton squares, which covered the entire piazza, were sold to raise money & heighten awareness about gender violence.

Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
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