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It's getting longer... I'll need to switch to a different yarn for the second half of the scarf 😬 I hope I like it

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The Myfanwy & Friend family is expanding.

With Myfanwy's recent move into politics, on top of her demanding roles in art, film & travelogue, we are happy to welcome Esme to the team in Scotland to spread the load.

Please... say hello to the delightful and excellent Esme!

(Thank you @sheepnik, you're a star!)

#MyfanwyAndFriend #sillyScribbles #knitting #photography

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🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺 Don't miss the wonderful tale <heh heh> of Wally, the rescued Tibetan mastiff, especially part 2/3rd way through when she removes Wally's pelt. Incredible!!

I wonder if it's the same for sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, etc. What a great dog!


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May's square in the Makealong blanket is finished. Colour is part of the Seascape series hand-dyed by
Pattern -
Finished 6 squares so far (this is pattern ) so 14 to go...😜


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Another great thing about getting back into knitting is the fact that I can listen to some of the many podcasts I'm subscribed to. :blobcatheadphones:

It's kind of hard to listen to a podcast and read a book at the same time lol 😆😂

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The neverending scarf continues to be neverending!

It needs to be 57" before I do the last 3" of finishing!

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Cirkels was my very first sideways knit triangle. A true one-skein shawl, but very easy to size up if desired! 😃

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Really enjoying working on my test-knit cardigan.

None of the other testers use a two-colour scheme, but I'm using teal fingering weight wool, and some cotton/nylon/wool lace weight light blue.

I really love it so far, very addictive knit.


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Yesterday I started knitting again after years of not knitting a single stitch. I forgot how much I love it. 😁🧶

All the stitches came back to me as soon as I picked the needles up again. I didn't have to look up how to do any of it, I guess it must be muscle memory. 👀 :knitting: :ablobcatknitsweats:

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A4 What helps cheer you up after a particularly bad day?

I listen to I love, pet my , and maybe do some .

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“Turquoise Sea”. I dyed plenty of yarn to bring to @thewoolmontyshow, buying in extra to make sure I have an amazing selection. The shop is stocked to bursting with beautiful colours so now is a great time to look if you won’t be at the show.

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The heel has been turned! Onwards to the leg and the calf increases 😃

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Antefix fingerless mittens. Pattern available in English and German on Ravelry 🧶 Link in bio.


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A hitchhiker shawl, for a change. (Two skeins of sock yarn with cotton alternated every two rows.)

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Taking part in a monthly scrap yarn KAL, this year with the topic of cocktails. So here’s my entry for May: Tequila Sunrise.

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Okay, this might actually help me feel less bad about the yarn used for swatching... I know you can rip it and use it in the project... but this seems so nice!

Swatch project bags...
Or Ravelry page:


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Which would you prefer?
Swatch for a cardigan. In pattern, hitting perfect gauge.
Fingering plus lace held double.

Top swatch is with light blue, bottom is with yellow.


nobyeni, to knitting avatar

Today I found out that both of my applications to test a pattern were accepted... after many times applying for things and not being accepted...

So I guess all my other WIP will be on hold and until June 20th I will be knitting both a pair of colourwork unicorn mittens and a cardigan... See images.

Doable, right? Maybe I should book a holiday from my two little kids and my work... haha.

Wish me luck!

Grey cardigan with zipper shown worn

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Often when I finish a pair of knit socks Hatch has to come over and lick them while I'm trying to take a photo. Today, he's too tired out from the air show noises. 😴

Anyhow, finished my "zoo socks" after coming home from the library today!


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That first thing you do after you've bound off.. try it on ;-)
Finished knitting a simple tee, but very happy with the top part - although still unblocked.
Now to figure out how to fix the bottom, which is curling up too much.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Cara DK weight alpaca-cotton mix, very lovely
Pattern: Model 8 from Lookbook 14, from Lana Grossa.


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Sweater season: A documentary about the iconic Cowichan knitwear is up for a screen award
The Cowichan Sweater: Our Knitted Legacy has been nominated for the Best Documentary Program award at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards

@knitting @spinning

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I'm knitting a roly poly from a pattern. I deviated from the pattern when knitting the antennae, going from a photograph and using shaping techniques I've learned over the years. Here it is posing with a centipede plush.

The pattern focuses on the rolling aspect of roly pollies, resulting in a curled body with ridges down the top. This also makes it narrower, lending it proportions more similar to a grub.

yazzea, to knitting

Neues Projekt / new project:
Aus geribbeltem Garn / from frogged yarn
von einer Strickjacke, die ich kaum getragen habe / from a cardigan I barely wore:
eine neue Strickjacke / a new cardigan.
Anleitung / Pattern:
Myrtle Cardigan by Snowden Becker
Garn / yarn:
Wollmeise Pure in "nördlicher als nordisch"
Needles: 3.25mm


A lace pattern swatch in light blue yarn: dayflower pattern panel in the center, flanked by two lattice panels.

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