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A with matte and oxidized finish made with . It had s unique "ray shaped" oxidized patterns. A perfect for a beloved person or yourself!

Find it here
https://www.etsy.com/listing/1701170426/oxidized-and-glossy-sterling-silver-ring on my shop! I can customize it for you, send me a message!

For more info see my bio or the pinned toot!

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#WordWeavers 2404.01 — MC POV: Write a Mastodon introduction post.

#Introduction I'm really new to the #Mastodon thing, but Her Highness told me I had to do this and taught me how. Everyone at school calls me their "Wild Woman," thus my @WildWomanOfFellWoods handle. I'm becoming used to that because it's true. I've lived amongst #wolves since I was 7 with the Blue Feathers pack, so I'll be posting lots of #wolf spark renders, like the one of Mother Wolf below. (Read the ALT text.) She's the third white wolf in that role because people live longer. I #hunt with #knives, but am learning #archery because I'm not yet a provider for the pack. I can't run as fast as they can, so I use my #knife once they've brought down the prey. My #gift is befriending #beasts. I can speak with them and they become smarter. I'm not sure if the effect is just on those beasts I've met, or if it spreads. If you've noticed wolves being smarter or more friendly to people, please private message me! If you want to. Not trying to impose. This goes with red #dragons. I befriended the one all over the news who burnt up the farm—and, no, she wasn't going to burn up the capital! She sneezed. Next to a grain silo. 😅 Nevertheless, if another shows up and turns out friendly, let me know! Sorry. I don't have any #dragon pictures. You can ask me about dragons, though. I also do #modeling, so you've probably seen me in a magazine. Yeah. I'm that #model. I won't post pictures, though, because I'd have to CW. But you can ask about that. I'm #shy so I don't do meet ups.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon
#RSstory #RSInklingsStory
#microfiction #flashfiction #tootfic #smallstory

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Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Trans Day of Visibility 💙💖

We’re celebrating this very special occasion with a collection of trans pride creations by diverse artists from across the world celebrating Trans Visibility!

💙 mush.house/tdov 💖

#easter #egg #tdov #lgbtq #lgbt #pride #equality #nonbinary #enby #trans #pronouns #transgender #transfem #transmasc #genderfluid #agender #washi #enamelpins #stickers #prints #indieartist #indieart #gift #giftideas #supportartists #art

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Happy Egg Cracking Day 🐣

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Trans Day of Visibility 💙💖

We’re celebrating this very special occasion with a collection of trans pride creations by diverse artists from across the world!

💙 mush.house/tdov 💖

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It's my tomorrow, and I want this cake! [|:-D


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Tulliver has come to join the bears at Mawson's House. The Tedettes (girl bears) are very excited. Tulliver has his own amazing wardrobe. And he displays it all on their fashion show. See more of the Tedettes at www.mawsonbear.blog .

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The Supreme Court Case Designed To Legalize Bribery

In the case of 🔸Snyder v United States,🔸 which the Supreme Court will hear on April 15th, James E. is claiming that when a public official accepts a “” from a person or corporation who has benefited from that public official’s actions, that should not be legally considered a .

Think of it instead as a “,” like you’d leave for good service in a restaurant.🤔

Snyder is the former mayor of Portage, Indiana, who, federal prosecutors successfully argued in court, rigged a city bidding process for $1.125 million worth of new dump trucks to help out a friend who sold such trucks.

After the contract was awarded to his buddy, his friend’s company gave a “tip” to Snyder of $13,000.

Snyder is appealing his bribery conviction before the Supreme Court next month, and his main argument is that the federal of must include an explicit advance agreement, a spoken or written , to exchange money or gifts for official actions.

And that all this explicit agreement stuff must happen the official acts are taken.

If five for all of the six Republicans on the Court agree with Snyder, it will end almost all federal bribery prosecutions of elected officials and we’ll see an explosion of politicians anxious to fall all over themselves to “earn a tip” after they bow to their “friends” wishes.

(Katya Schwenk has written a great summary of the case and its implications for The Lever.)


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This is the last to my hummingbird collection of a beautiful Anna with a tulip flower, original stock image was created from own photograph using AI then handpainted in Corel Painter.
Can be purchased here..https://tina-lecour.pixels.com/featured/pretty-annas-hummingbird-tina-lecour.html

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Putzmittel, Medikamente, Pflanzen: 24 Stunden, 365 Tage im Jahr berät der Giftnotruf der Anrufer:innen aus Berlin & Brandenburg bei Vergiftungen oder Vergiftungsverdacht. rbb "Der Tag" hat den Kolleg:innen bei ihrer Arbeit über die Schulter geschaut.

👉 https://www.rbb-online.de/der-tag/videos/-video-beitraege/wochenserie-hilfe-in-not-gift.html

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Handmade jewelry and music creator looking for their next little custom project ❤️
Know anyone who may be interested?
My work: https://linktr.ee/skalymusic

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I send thanks to the buyer from Indiana who purchased a jigsaw puzzle of

Peace I Give You -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/peace-i-give-you-steve-henderson.html?product=puzzle

I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles because they give me a sense of peace and calm. May the puzzle bring you much pleasure and enjoyment, and may the image take you to a place of serenity and goodness.

#nature #oregon #travel #mountains #wilderness #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #boating #weekend #jigsaw #puzzle #gift #giftidea #buyintoart #ayearforart #peace #sale

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Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
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Spinus_Studio, to crochet Chinese
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