Dianora, to Ottawa
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Amazing how tired I am after doing some gardening. Also amazing is how out of shape I am after doing said gardening.

fo, to Ottawa
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is in 8 days! I feel ready, but I'm still worried.
I'm not sure my taper is long enough. I feel the accumulated fatigue still.
I'm really not heat-adapted yet (way too early in the season). I hope it's not going to be suddenly 25/30°C...
I don't know if air quality will be affected by the fires (it looks possible)
Still... my fitness seems good enough!

grivettcarnac, to Ottawa
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I’m definitely of the belief that having a public broadcaster is important, but then there are moments when… when that public broadcaster isn’t funded to do real journalism but must chase click bait bullshit like everywhere else and I internally debate the benefit. I bet the editor gets a fucking bonus for the dek of this article too https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/plastic-pollution-lids-straws-culture-war-1.7207579

br00t4c, to Ottawa
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YOW_Weather, to Ottawa
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With a ~2pm temp of 24.2°C, today is 's hottest day so far this year.

LALegault, to Ottawa
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Way to go 1 down 3 more to go!

br00t4c, to Ottawa
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WhippoorwillSong, to Ottawa
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People driving like loons again, trying to break the sound barrier, as they kick off the long weekend here in

grivettcarnac, to Canada
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I think a lot about how in 2024 if “democracy” is supposed to continue/succeed in its current shitty structure, majority governments are going to have to be a thing of the past. “Compromise” mostly doesn’t exist anymore. Nothing “really” has been done for good on aggregate with majority governments in a while. All that exists as a bulwark is the court system unless the general public grows a spine but that isn’t a reliable counter measure

mikebabcock, to linux
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Once upon a time in 2005 I attended my first #Linux symposium in #Ottawa. It was interesting to be surrounded by so many fellow geeks, most of whom made me feel wholly inadequate but that's beside the point. It's a real shame the event eventually failed. If I were better with faces I would tag people but I'm just not that guy. #geeks #hackers #programmers

A group of people seated in a lecture hall

TWSheppard, to Ottawa
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Now that I'm riding a brand new expensive e-bike instead of my 46-year old 10-speed, I've noticed the dearth of bike racks at stores I'd like to ride to in (Stittsville).

With the old bike I'd just lock the wheel and nobody in their right mind would steal it—it prevented the kids from taking a joy ride.

But the e-bike needs to be locked to an immovable object to prevent someone from tossing it in their truck and speeding off in a few seconds.

Bike friendly is more than bike lanes.

YOW_Weather, to Ottawa
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Today is 's 43rd consecutive day with maximum temperature ≥ 5°C. This is the longest run before May 18 in 19 years, since May 17th, 2005.

Dianora, to Ottawa
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We should never have removed our streetcars .

grivettcarnac, to Ottawa
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The kid ate shit twice on a bike ride of less than 2 km because this city gives zero shits about wildly large curb cuts (and everything else). The fact that Britannia intersection by Beachconers is as horrid as it is being, I’d argue one of the most busy intersection for folks not in a car is proof enough. And the entrance to the kids school is soooooo bad and busted up that its almost impossible to enter on a bike and the kid ate it right in front of his own school

NuanceRhymesWithOrange, to photography
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mariellequinton, to random
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Urg. Fireworks. Gah. People are real jerks.

@johnefrancis@mastodon.social avatar

@mariellequinton it's strange that fireworks are allowed the day before, of, and after Victoria Day, but only on the day of Canada Day.

Not allowed any other days in . Definitely not today, 6 days early.

va3db, to amateurradio
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Sent some emails today looking for a local tower rigger to fix my busted 6m beam... Hopefully the rigger who put it up in the first place is still in the business. Also sent an email looking for a replacement piece from the 6m beam manufacturer..]
I love the cherry picker idea! If only I knew someone with a cherry picker who could help! 🙂

YurkshireLad, to Ottawa
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We drove past some kind of accident yesterday afternoon, near Mooney's Bay, I think. I didn't look as I was driving, but my wife said they were treating a teenage girl on the floor. There's nothing in the news but I have my fingers crossed she's ok. We were afraid she'd been hit by a car, but we couldn't tell.

WhippoorwillSong, to Ottawa
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We're number one at something,

Laugh out loud.

"Full-time employees see vastly more calls than those Hamilton, Toronto, Windsor"


stephanie, to Ottawa
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Hmm... Is that normal? Huge raccoon is broad daylight at our neighbour's 😳

WTL, to cycling
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91 seconds of plank
11 minutes of yoga for runners
20 minutes of HIIT
30 minutes of strength training
24.8 KM of

HITT kicked my butt again this morning. Bike ride was lovely, with the few traffic lights I crossed mostly in my favour.

Contemplating changing my 5-on, 2-off pattern. Thinking I might do 2/1/3/1 or something like that to break up recovery. 🤔🤷🏻

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jamil, to Ottawa
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any recommendations for a plumber in Ottawa, Ontario?

antwhat, to Ottawa
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Going to Ottawa tomorrow for the long weekend. What should i see or check out?

kdorse, to Ottawa
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