j2dw, to workersrights
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10 Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life (and Your Job) | Journey to Diversity Workplaces https://j2dw.co/kxo #J2DW #WorkplaceSafety #SafetyTips #Safety #Work #Jobs #cdnpoli #onpoli #Barrie @barrie @onpoli @cdnpoli

mpjgregoire, (edited ) to Quebec
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It's a shame that we're talking about #Québec separatism again, but here we are...

If Quebec can separate, can Montreal be partitioned? Not so fast, experts say

Personally, I think the anglophones of Québec have a weak case for partition. The Cree and Inuit (inter alia), on the other hand, have at least as much right to their traditional territories as the residents of Montréal and southern Québec do to them.


#polqc #CanPol #cdnpoli

msquebanh, to random
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Personal feedback on of a citizens survey:

This 'survey' was taxpayers funded farce! There's zero areas where any citizens can provide additional input. You had ONE QUESTION & it was setup to skirt govt failures to citizens! You shady lying demons!





grivettcarnac, to Alberta
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Been keenly listening to the talk around this bill about research funding and the analysis is really kinda shitty. For sure Smith is a whiny control addict and thinks research funding correlates to punditry opinions, but don’t come at us like research and “science” isn’t or can’t be political. If the goal is to burn fossil fuels for next 200 yrs then all the “research” can be focused on carbon storage and other bullshit mitigation. That’s still “research”

@grivettcarnac@mstdn.social avatar

And please skim my timeline if you think I’m shilling for the self-proclaimed queen of the oil sands, and I know fuck all about the grant councils that give out research money to researchers but folks have to do a bit better in the analysis of this. Like, showed us how “science” can be politicized and weaponized and tobacco companies and Shell would like a word about how selective “research” can be. Just annoys the shit out of me how shallow discussions are in

PBruce, to uk
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Open Offer

At 1.8 millions £ per immigrant I promise to stay home for 1 million £.

Especially as the last time I tried to visit for a holiday i magically ended up in Rwanda 😂


stephanie, to random
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Renters cannot become senators, wtf

LALegault, to random
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The Federal government has just subsidized Honda, and previously VW, and Stellantis with more money than was promised to disabled Canadians to get them out of abject poverty (people are choosing Maid now). #cdnpoli

mpjgregoire, (edited ) to random
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"If the result of this budget is a fight on capital gains instead of a fight on the carbon tax, that'll be a political win for the Liberals."



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Here's my real opinion on the increase in the #CapitalGains inclusion rate in the recent federal budget: I don't think it was based on a belief it was necessary for "fairness". I don't even think it was based on a belief the gov't needs more revenue [0]. I think the #Liberals just wanted a symbol, something they can point at to claim that they are against the rich and for the middle class.

[0] The amount it will raise is not high, and PM Trudeau is unfazed by deficits.


#CanPol #cdnpoli

msquebanh, to Waterloo
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“Providing housing would be the best way possible and this is the cheapest way that we can afford to build one,” said Lacasse, a group member of United Front to End Homelessness.

The structures are entirely made out of sand bags.

“The sand bag houses that are being built are fire resistant, properly ventilated and easy to heat,” said Wren Wombwell, a member of Fight Back KW.


#Kitchener #ONpoli #Ontario #Homelessness #HomesForHomeless #HousingCrisis #CDNpoli

mpjgregoire, (edited ) to Economics
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"When the federal [gov't] announced an increase in capital gains taxes in its recent budget, the hike was defended, in part, as a way to ensure the wealthiest Canadians pay their fair share. But how exactly do we determine what a "fair share" is? Especially, as some data suggests, the wealthiest are already paying a larger share of the overall income tax burden."


The and the see things differently.

LALegault, to Women
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This exactly sums up what that USELESS comittee has done:

she credited with the committee’s ability to produce “a record number of reports.”


mpjgregoire, to random
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It's easy to dismiss an article in the critical of a budget. But it's worth paying attention to what has to say...

Grading the federal budget: The government earns another ‘D’

GarlicBreath, to random
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I don’t know, the more I read about this outrage the more it sounds mostly like moderately wealthy people don’t want to pay taxes on selling their second homes and corporations are, once again, throwing around empty threats of leaving Canada. I’m unsympathetic to these complaints.
#cdnpoli #taxes #capitalgains

leftylabourtech, to Toronto
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City Council and the Ground Game
by Desmond Cole

We shouldn’t expect Mayor Olivia Chow to deliver big progressive changes. It’s going to take networks of grassroots groups pushing together to stop city council from doing the bidding of Toronto’s corporate class.

#Toronto #topoli #TorontoPolitics #OliviaChow #activism #Canada #CanadianPolitics #cdnpoli #OntarioPolitics #onpoli


ap236, to cdnpoli
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Feds targeting 12 foreign grocery chains for Canadian expansion

https://ap236.com/MIhvbl #Profits @cdnpoli

LALegault, to random
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We’re just going with bald-face lying now, eh? 😳

Heterocatalytic, to random
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Adam Zivo for the National Post - B.C. police are determined to ignore 'safer supply' opioids flooding streets

"These numbers suggest that safer supply clients could make up only five per cent, not 20 per cent as the chief said, of all hydromorphone patients. It thus follows that, per capita, safer supply clients may actually divert roughly 18 times more hydromorphone to the black market than everyone else."


grivettcarnac, to Ottawa
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Walking around our Britannia neighborhood in #ottawa it made me think about how manufactured the idea is of the faux American dream we pretend to have here, that housing is a ladder. Most of this area is low density, mostly SFH, some row houses but LOTS of very large, expensive homes. The idea sold to us is that what we “deserve” is the opportunity to own 2,000 sq/ft, a two car garage and your own fucking backyard is such bullshit #cdnpoli #onpoli

@grivettcarnac@mstdn.social avatar

I’ve lived in lots of different places, in Canada and outside of Canada and there’s a reason that 3-bedrooms units are rarely built in large buildings now. One I believe is probably racism, but that’s tied into the business model that you’re not “supposed” to be able to choose to live in an apartment building at just call it “home.” Our building was built in the 70s and 1/2 the units are 3-bedroom. And folks have lived there since it was built #cdnpoli #onpoli #ottawa

@grivettcarnac@mstdn.social avatar

There’s a free hand of the market apparently right? This ladder that everyone talks about is, what, not pre-determined by what the people want and not what enables developers to squeeze every blood drop of profit? Buildings now are basically designed as conveyor belts, to move you in, jack your rent year over year until you “decide” your $$ are being wasted and you move on too… what exactly? Anyway, I don’t really have a point but go for a walk in the rain today #ottawa #onpoli #cdnpoli

johnefrancis, to random
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OCanadian conservatives openly plan to rollback universal pharmacare, pollution rules, and taxes on the 0.01%. They don't have to defend a fake progressive veneer like Trudeau's Liberals.

The Liberals actually play for the same team. That's why PP makes such a big deal producing the optics of attacking them.

holds up pic of Bill Morneau

The Liberals can't be bothered to fill judicial vacancies with appointments. Just keeping it warm for Harper's puppet.


Replies welcome!

GarlicBreath, to climate
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“the latest federal budget includes about $14 billion in net new climate-related spending, but that money is spread out over 11 years and is heavily backloaded. This budget announces only $2 billion in net new climate spending over the next five years.”


stephanie, to random
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"Paper straws are terrible, no one likes them and they suck"

Can't really blame the MP who said that tonight 😆 He did blame the woke population afterwards 🙄

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