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ottaross, to Ottawa avatar

Ah nice to see the rest of the week is much more pleasant. It's very hot and muggy now, so I'll enjoy the change.

I wonder if there will be a something stormy come through in the change over this evening or overnight?

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross a thunderstorm and only 40% chance of showers? Or perhaps, 40% chance of showers and 100% chance of torrents?

ottaross, to random avatar

Just stepped out find some sky towards the north to see if the FlightAware tracker is reasonably accurate, and sure enough, there's @skatem's contrail where it should be:

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross mind control is my favourite type. 😁

ottaross, to random avatar

"Bold and Spicy?" I guess the name "Sad and One Dimensional" was already taken? Prob won't buy that again.


YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross I like Colmans but I don’t know if you can get it here anymore. It used to be available in Loblaws but then it disappeared.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross loblaws used to sell it in a small jar.

ottaross, to random avatar

A peek at the weather radar - we've had two rounds of heavy rain come through today, and it looks like another is coming up from the south west, maybe an hour or two out.

A brief break now anyway. If you need to carry a big bowl of flour over to your friends, or bring your freshly-purchased watercolours outside to frame them, now's probably the time to do it.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross another round of heavy rain just went through here. My plants are probably begging for mercy. “make it stop already!!”

YurkshireLad, to Zombies avatar

It's always a good day when you can introduce the concept of #zombies into your code at work. #dev

arstechnica, to random avatar

Biggest Windows 11 update in 2 years nearly finalized, enters Release Preview

24H2 update includes big changes, will be released "later this calendar year."

YurkshireLad, avatar

@arstechnica ah yes, the infamous Recall feature will be included. No thanks.

YurkshireLad, to random avatar

The Boomtown Rats were right, except they forgot about long weekends.

ottaross, to tea avatar

"Whew, that's hot working in the garden"
"Yeah, that's sweaty"
"Kettle on for tea?"
"Yes please!"

The tea-drinkers' paradox

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross my parents lived in Singapore for a while and drank tea. Psychos. 😁

stephanie, to random avatar

We successfully paid for my parents without having my dad complain 😎

YurkshireLad, avatar

@stephanie “excuse me, I need the bathroom”. (Pulls out credit card when out of view of argumentative parents). Been there myself.

johnefrancis, to random avatar

PP going on an anti public service rant this morning, among other lies, claiming that the public service doesn't do anything more than it did in 2015.

Canada's population has grown by 15%.

Core inflation over that period is 28%.

The feds now run public dental, daycare, and pharmacare programs.

They built a $40B pipeline for Alberta.

They spent 3 years bailing out conservative commercial landlords during the pandemic.

Every dollar spent went into the private sector.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@johnefrancis That's a funny rant from someone who's contributed nothing to the public service or this country.

YurkshireLad, to Ottawa avatar

We drove past some kind of accident yesterday afternoon, near Mooney's Bay, I think. I didn't look as I was driving, but my wife said they were treating a teenage girl on the floor. There's nothing in the news but I have my fingers crossed she's ok. We were afraid she'd been hit by a car, but we couldn't tell.

YurkshireLad, to javascript avatar

These questions/answers make me glad I'm not working with anymore!

"lydiahallie/javascript-questions: A long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions, and their explanations"

arstechnica, to random avatar

Report: Microsoft to face antitrust case over Teams

Unbundling Teams from Office has apparently failed to impress EU regulators.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@arstechnica Microsoft should first be punished because Teams is so, so bad.

arstechnica, to random avatar

Report: ChatGPT search engine could be announced as early as next week

OpenAI's announcement would be the day before Google's annual I/O show.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@arstechnica are they using OpenAI to write their OpenAI announcement, and if so, will it make any sense?

johnefrancis, to random avatar

I didn't have much on Stack Overflow, but I wiped out my answers and received the warning email. Account deletion time!

YurkshireLad, avatar

@johnefrancis I haven’t contributed enough that deleting my content would make a difference. I could delete my account and leave all 2 answers as anonymous.

Codeberg, to stackoverflow avatar

Anyone considering how to break the #StackOverflow #monopoly already? Any #federated alternative work in progress?

YurkshireLad, avatar

@BaumiCoder @Codeberg Lemmy is an alternative to Reddit, not StackOverflow. Two completely different entities.

I'm not aware of a federate alternative to StackOverflow. I think there was an open source equivalent a few years ago, but I can't remember its name.

arstechnica, to random avatar

Anti-vaccine doc who railed about magnetism, 5G gets medical license back

She also claimed cities liquified dead bodies and poured them into the water supply.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@arstechnica I despair, I really do. What has the world come to?

ottaross, to random avatar

Filled a little bottle with maple syrup and headed out for a greasy-spoon breakfast.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross birthday cake for breakfast here!

YurkshireLad, avatar

@ottaross @bjb yeah those were the good ole days.

GossiTheDog, to random avatar

Microsoft's CEO has emailed the company telling everybody to prioritize security. My thoughts, which 4 people will read.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@GossiTheDog if Microsoft’s CEO has just realized that security is important then they need a new CEO.

YurkshireLad, to windows avatar
YurkshireLad, to facepalm avatar

Developers that claim a bug is fixed, yet didn’t read the description properly and hence didn’t test under the same conditions.

YurkshireLad, to Ottawa avatar
johnefrancis, to Ottawa avatar

"Book Festival" Platforming Far-Right Speakers Uses Fake Employees and Misleading Sponsors

summary: 3, only 3, rwnj's steal logos, lie to gain sponsorship and promotion, to bring in the usual rwnj suspects to tell their bullshit conspiracies.

YurkshireLad, avatar

@johnefrancis what a bunch of dangerous lunatics.

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