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Good morning from ! Our politics suck but the scenery doesn’t.

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🚨 Republicans have banned abortion even in medical emergencies.

Dems are running in 9 competitive legislative seats there.
Breaking the supermajority is the best Dems can hope to do here this cycle, but it's a start. Donate today.

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I love hiking in Boise's foothills this time of year.

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“'Leave it to the states' is the kind of messaging anti-abortion activists and their judicial helpmates love: It sounds clean, neat, reasonable. But when states enact near-total bans, when the federal government somehow loses its authority to block those bans even when they threaten women with serious illness — as Idaho is pushing for here —"

~ Kate Riga


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"the reality for all to see is women bleeding out in emergency rooms, pregnant women loaded onto helicopters, doctors sitting back and watching patients writhe in pain until death is closer.

That’s a reality the right-wing justices tried their best Wednesday to both perpetuate and paper over."


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Instead of exporting jobs, Joe is creating them


Your job is to TALK IT UP ‼️
Weave it into conversations today.


#idaho #ny #chips #Micron #economy #news

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I like that Idaho is in there. It's been my hope that Biden is focused on bringing new jobs to deeply red and poorer states. Give people in MS, AL, KY, AR, WV, etc, a shot at good paying jobs, and maybe an influx of blue voters moving to these places to balance the GQP regimes.

Time to stir the scum-covered pot!

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@makkhorn @Diamondjoy
Biden's efforts to transition the USA away from fossil fuels and to bring manufacturing back to America is providing jobs all over the country because he cares about all Americans.

Will we flip red states this year? Probably not, but in 2028 the difference between the two parties should be starting to have an impact in even the deepest red rural areas.

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"The oral arguments over Idaho’s abortion ban and whether it trumps federal law that requires hospitals to give pregnant patients emergency medical case may have marked a new low for this court.

It was so bad that even Justice Amy Coney Barrett said she was 'shocked' by the position Idaho was taking."

~ David Kurtz


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"Most, if not all, of the states that have severely restricted abortion since Dobbs have seen huge numbers of obstetricians leave their states. A nationwide shortage of gynecologists and obstetricians makes the exodus even more dire. Idaho has lost 22% of its OB-GYNs since 2022. A term has been coined to describe this unforeseen phenomenon: maternity care deserts."


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"Prohibiting all abortions at any stage of gestation, with no exceptions for rape or incest, the Idaho law allows doctors to perform abortions in cases where the life – but not 'merely' the health – of the pregnant woman is at risk.

In practice, this has wound up being a ban on abortions needed to save women’s lives…."


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[NYTimes]: Justice Alito raises the phrase “unborn child” in the federal emergency care law, suggesting it means “the hospital must try to eliminate any immediate threat to the child, but performing an abortion is antithetical to that duty.” The solicitor general says that the phrase “unborn child” refers to situations in which a pregnant woman goes to an emergency room and her pregnancy is in danger but her own health isn’t in danger. ...

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[but her own health isn’t in danger. In that case, the law would require hospitals to do what it could to save the pregnancy. By Pam Belluck

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[NYTimes]: Justice Sotormayor is vigorously challenging the Idaho lawyer’s argument. She is saying that Idaho’s ban would prevent providing an abortion in severe situations when women would otherwise risk losing their reproductive organs or have other serious consequences. by Pam Belluck #idaho #scotus

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With one exception, I deeply appreciate the scholarly minds of our women Justices on scotus.

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[NYTimes]: Justice Sotormayor asks Idaho’s lawyer if it’s true that the state’s ban would prevent abortion in a situation where a woman would otherwise lose an organ or have serious medical complications. Idaho’s lawyer admits it would prevent abortion in those circumstances. “Yes, Idaho law does say that abortions in that case aren’t allowed,” he said. By Pam Belluck


Interesting, "space operations" in Boise, Idaho. I wonder who is launching rockets out there.

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@ai6yr that’s just rednecks shooting bottle rockets on BLM land.

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@ai6yr it’s Tripoli Idaho Rocketry 20k-40k launches. 🚀

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Politico— Democrats are running candidates in every state legislative district for the first time in at least 30 years, seeing opportunity in an extreme GOP agenda.

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@GottaLaff .....excellent, and it feels like this strategy could yield great outcomes in many of the other red least some. Only way to get the good guys into the state governments is to run good guy candidates everywhere!

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@havvyhh2 🤞🏼

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@GottaLaff sends money for transgender help lines

I'd say they should be ashamed of the obviously coming uptick in suicide but they cheer for it.

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"Lower courts would be wise to take heed," Gorsuch wrote in an opinion joined by fellow conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. "Retiring the universal injunction ... will lead federal courts to become a little truer to the historic limits of their office."

I get that limits are warranted for lower court rulings extending nationwide, even Circuit-wide. This is a state law effecting everyone in the state in what should be a protected class.
There's no overreach here.

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“The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that ’s ban on -affirming care for minors can go into effect, overruling a lower court while the long-term constitutionality of the state’s law is still being litigated.”

After U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Idaho’s ban on gender-affirming care is in effect via Idaho Statesman


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