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Mourners grieve during the funeral of Palestinian Yazan Ishtayeh, who was killed in an Israeli raid, in Salim, near Nablus, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. REUTERS/Raneen Sawafta


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Palestinians, who were displaced by Israel's military offensive on south Gaza, make their way as they attempt to return to their homes in north Gaza through an Israeli checkpoint as seen from central Gaza Strip. REUTERS/Ramadan Abed


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Everything You’ve Heard About Chastity Belts Is a Lie
Including their very existence.
by Sarah Laskow July 12, 2017

"...What accounts for the persistence of this story? “Male fear,” according to Classen. “There’s always a lover in the background who already has the duplicate key, he says. In other words, even in the 1500s, no one took the idea of locked-up metal underwear very seriously as an effective anti-sex device. When chastity belts were depicted, it was in the Renaissance equivalent of Robin Hood: Men in Tights—and the audiences for those pieces of art probably thought the idea of a metal chastity belt just as giggle-worthy as late 20th-century teenagers did..."

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Disasters like the Ishikawa earthquake don't impact everyone equally. They exacerbate existing disparities, with women being particularly affected.

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"Why did Arizona become a national tipping point? It’s the misogyny, stupid.

Yes, all attacks on abortion rights are driven by a disdain for women. But what put Americans over the edge is the downright offensive and explicit misogyny it takes to enact a ban from 1864."

~ Jessica Valenti


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"This is a law adopted before women had a right to vote, and in a time when the man leading the legislature had a penchant for marrying little girls—one 12-year-old, one 14-year-old, and one 15-year-old, to be exact. Can you imagine a starker reminder of what this issue is really about?

It’s like they’re rubbing our noses in it."


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"With this ruling, the GOP made clear what their end goal is: forcing women back to a time when we weren’t full citizens, and when we could be married off as children to any 50-year-old lech who decided he wanted us.

To endure that insult, after two years of watching stories about little girls forced into childbirth and women mandated to deliver dead babies, is too much for anyone to take. Especially women."


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"The bottom line is you simply can’t trust Republicans on this issue. A conservative woman voting a straight GOP ticket may find herself not just on the wrong side of history, but on the wrong side of the mausoleum wall as well. And that’s not a good place to be. After all, when you die, you can’t take your fortune—or your MAGA hat—with you."

~ Aldous J. Pennyfarthing

#Republicans #abortion #women

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in science fiction movies

Of course you can answer by posting which movie, which role and which actress it is. If you want, you can also write whether you liked the movie and the acting performance. I look forward to your answers :)

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Of course, it was bound to happen... men accused of rape have discovered a new defence: sexsomnia - the admission of the sexual act but a claim it was done while sleepwalking.

While, I'm sure there may be some genuine cases, my guess is that they are a vanishingly small proportion of the number of men who have used (and will use) this a defence for sexual assault.

The medicalisation of defence for violence against women must be resisted...

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A woman cries over the grave of a loved one at the start of the Eid al-Fitr at a cemetery in Rafah

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


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“The person who is not at peace with himself, will be at war with the whole world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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#press #news #israel #gaza #palestine #un #eu #aid #women #children #hunger #starvation

" "100% der Bevölkerung des Gazastreifens leidet unter akuter Ernährungsunsicherheit... benötigen humanitäre #hilfe", sagte Blinken.

Nach Angaben des Gesundheitsministeriums des Gazastreifens wurden durch israelischen Beschuss und Bodenoffensiven mindestens 33.360 Palästinenser im #gazastreifen getötet und 74.993 verletzt, wobei zwei Drittel der Toten #frauen und #kinder sind."

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"What are we to make of the choice to recognize this with an award? On the one hand, the image reflects the way much of the left has viewed victims following —disposed of, expendable, taken away, gone. On the other hand, it captures the paradox that has allowed supporters to simultaneously deny that atrocities against took place on Oct. 7 while celebrating them in real time. Ultimately, the choice to center and honor this image also perfectly captures the intersection of and , as well as the way elements of the left and Hamas are joined in their shared antipathy toward ."

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“The [Arizona] decision should serve as a warning for the rest of the country…In the hands of a far-right court, a dead, openly misogynistic, wildly unpopular abortion ban can spring back to life with a vengeance.”

~ Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern


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"The next time someone tells you they really worry about abortion rights, but that President Biden is just too old, please gently remind them that Joe Biden is not, in fact 160. That is the age of the law that will soon be sending abortion providers to prison in Arizona if they attempt to assist a victim of rape or incest."


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"In an authoritarian state, women are as much the enemies of the strongman as the press, prosecutors, and the opposition. We can correlate the appeal of strongmen to moments when men feel their status is threatened due to changes in gender roles and distributions of economic and social power."

~ Ruth Ben-Ghiat


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"Control over female bodies in the name of population growth is a throughline of authoritarianism, as are persecutions of LGBTQ+ individuals. …

For men to preserve their “natural” right to dominate, and White Christian civilization to continue, women must be deprived of reproductive rights and demeaned, disciplined, and criminalized if they resist."


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"The Little Victims" is a brilliant story of unconditional love—in this case, a mother for her medically mutated child.

Hilary Bailey's is a name we are proud to bring back into the light with this volume of Rediscovery: by


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Gift link:

"Indeed, for most of her life she had thought of herself as a normal citizen of the 21st-century United States, endowed with the same rights and privileges as anyone else, and certainly not possessed of any special capacity for time travel."

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'As gig work becomes the norm in many fields, freelancing women make significantly less than men — just 79 cents for every dollar a male freelancer makes, new data shows.

Researchers at OnDeck, a personal finance company, in February analyzed the hourly rates of 9,078 freelancers across the U.S. who used the platform Upwork to bill more than 100 hours.'

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The Case Against The Invisible Culprit: How Climate Change Violates The Right To Life And Equality

Climate change remains conspicuously absent from the discourse within the Indian political arena, with concerns and issues related to it receiving far less attention compared to other political matters

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