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He/Him/His | Heterosexual ❤️ 💖 ❤️‍🔥 | Heteroromantic | Cisgender man | Monogamous

Indie game developer, kind conqueror of codebases, tabletop game master, cringe nerd, and ADHD mind chaos.

Solo developer who released Spectrum Break, a neon physics platformer. I am currently working on making my own tabletop roleplaying game about dark fairytale mysteries.

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JHein, to Software
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One of the most legendary things I've seen in an office was done by a project lead.

His team was meant to refactor a huge obsolete system.

He managed to create a huge complicated diagram along the office wall of the current system, its various parts, and its sub-systems.

He then said, "This isn't worth it." Then he left the office. I was later told that he quit.

His team found it hilarious. They knew they were doomed. 😅

JHein, to Canada
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I hear a lot about Australia being this place full of deadly animals and plants, but we're the ones with polar bears, moose, and killer whales.

RickiTarr, to random
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What kind of high-school experience did you have? Were you in a clique? Were you popular, unpopular, the coolest kid in your Homeschool? Did you have a sweet jean jacket with patches, or maybe a leather vest? Were you an evil villain or a Mary Sue?

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I grew up in a very rural hamlet, and went to high school in a nearby town.

I spent a lot of high school hanging out with other nerds in the computer science lab or the hallway.

I was actually good at sports due to my size and having a jock for a father, but I didn't fit into that clique as I was more quiet and creative bound.

I wore pretty basic clothes my parents picked out until college.

I played house league hockey with a lot of other nerds who's parents wanted jocks. lol

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@RickiTarr I was best friends with a group of weebs and that guy from drama class that wore a suit every day.

We are still friends and I went to one of their weddings last week. 🙂

I was also completely blind and didn't realize some women were into me until after high school was over. That's pretty normal for that age though. 😅

JHein, to random
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I've been playing Momodora Moonlit Farewell lately and liking it so far. It's a metroidvania on steam, and I believe it's their fourth game in the series.

Reverie under the moonlight was their previous game and I beat that one on insane difficulty, where any damage instantly kills you.

JHein, to DnD
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Does a lich still have a sense of taste?

Can you bait a lich using pumpkin pie?

JHein, to DnD
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In your opinion, what separates great dnd encounters from good ones, and what separates good encounters from bad ones?

0xabad1dea, to random

A few times I have told the anecdote that the singly most baffling thing I ever saw in a code review — not the most insecure, just the most “how could a real programmer have written this? how could this ever make sense?” thing — was simply a C++ variable “number_of_trucks” … declared as float. Unambiguously referring to real physical trucks in a fleet.

Reader, it’s been over ten years and I am blowing the gods damn whistle. I had edited that story to protect the guilty: the variable was named number_of_planes. It was shipped by a company whose name begins with “B” and rhymes with “GOING out of business.”

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A float makes the bits not sink in water.

JHein, to Ottawa
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There is a proposed revision of downtown Ottawa to be more sustainable, and address some of the crisis's.

You should take a look!



JHein, to climate
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Do everything you can to fight climate change. Every little bit helps.

Here is a nifty little vid by Ponderful.


JHein, to KISS
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World give romance please.

JHein, to neverwinternights
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What is your favorite scene with a dragon from a movie or show?

JHein, to climate
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In Ottawa, there is a river canal that everyone skates on in the winter. It's a genuinely great part of Ottawa culture and a tourist attraction.

Climate change has essentially made that impossible last year, and maybe impossible this year too.

The increasing heat makes it unsafe to skate on the canal, because you might fall through.

That really sucks. I want to go skating with my friends.

JHein, to mentalhealth
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People hang out with you because of your imperfections and vulnerabilities.

If you were perfect, you'd be extremely unrelatable.

#perfect #mentalhealth

JHein, to worldbuilding
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For medieval fantasy worldbuilding, playing Final Frontier has made me realize that on top of thinking about what a town primarily exports, it's also interesting to think about what it can't produce locally and must import.

If they don't have an iron mine, they have to import it or tools and weapons.

If they don't have clay, their buildings might be wooden. If they have lots of clay, their buildings might use bricks.

Most luxury goods have to be imported.

JHein, to Ottawa
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Our bus system is so terrible that if I'm an hour walk away from home without my car, I will walk home.

We desperately need better public transportation.

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@Narayoni @bookstodon

Discworld is my favorite book series, followed by the Witcher. 🙂

JHein, to geometrydash
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The last 2 videos I have left to share of my physics platformer Spectrum Break from 4 years ago. 🙂


JHein, to DnD
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What is your favourite tabletop roleplaying game that ISN'T Dungeons and Dragons?

JHein, to Anime
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I found this online on anime_irl and I quite liked it because I am weeb trash.


JHein, to Starwars
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I'm not up to date with Star Wars, but I heard Andor was great and that I should go watch it.

JHein, to mtg
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Magic the Gathering players, I have a confession. I am a blue player.

I have 4 commander decks, 3 of which have blue as one of its colors. Only 2 out of 4 of those decks are fun and interactive to play against. I just have to accept that this is part of who I am now. There is no escaping the truth.

One time, I was playing an artifact deck, and my board state allowed me to play infinite counterspells so no one could play cards anymore.

I have, and am a curse.

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@tapandrollgames Counterspell.

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@tapandrollgames Swan Song, because Veil of Summer can be Counterspelled before it takes effect.

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@tapandrollgames It has the same problem as Veil of Summer in that it can be countered before it takes effect.

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