"Taking this vaccine offends my conscience. I ought to have the choice about what goes into my body, and a lifesaving treatment cannot be denied to me because I chose not to take an experimental treatment for a condition"

Hun, you're not the only person who is looking for a transplant. If you're not going to protect yourself from COVID-19, you don't get the organ. Plain and simple.


Atleast she’s consistent🤷🏿

AnonymousLlama avatar

You'd think if she really wanted to live she'd jump through any amount of hoops needed, you know like your life depended on it.. apparently not

MapleEngineer, avatar

Yup. The courts have long held that being vaccinated can be a requirement of getting an organ transplant. Organs are hard to come by and they should go to the people who are going to listen to their doctor and do what needs to be done to keep that organ alive for a long time. If not, it should go to someone who will.


If she won’t jump through that hoop, how many others will she refuse down the road?

“Taking this anti-rejection medication offends my conscience. These drugs are chemicals!”

“Getting an hour of cardio a day offends me, I should decide what activities I perform.”

“Being told to keep my BMI in the healthy range to keep my transplant healthy is offensive and is implying I’m fat.”

Transplant teams want compliant patients. Refusing a vaccine right off the bat means you are the non-compliant type who likely won’t be a success.


What a good little sheeple you are.

MapleEngineer, avatar

I put on the mask months before it was required because it was the right thing to do. I kept wearing the mask for months after they were required because it was the right thing to do.

You put on the mask when you were told to and took it off when you were told you could.

You call me sheeple? Give your fucking head a shake. You anti-reality cultists think with one brain and it isn’t yours.


I'm not sure whether I take more offense to people still calling the vaccine experimental or thinking it's a treatment. Being so desperately against something without bothering to even pretend to understand what it is or why irks the shit out of me. Good riddance.


It would mean she had to admit she was wrong.

MapleEngineer, avatar

THIS is the key point. She had made this her entire identity. When billions of doses had been administered to billions of people worldwide and none of them became magnetic, or sterile, or had tracking chips installed, or got 5G, or turned into monkeys and the world went on with life while she slowly killed herself while wailing about the injustice…she would rather die than admit that she was wrong.


It's worse than just being stubborn though. Being wrong and not willing to admit it is petty, but people are willing to go much further (up to dying, apparently) if they're too willfully ignorant to even be open to the possibility they could be wrong. This is some dark ages shit, and it's terrifying how much of it's out there in the wild.

AnonymousLlama avatar

For an "experimental vaccine" it's had a pretty amazing job at limiting the severity of covid and reducing deaths. If only all experiments were that successful


🎼This was a triumph🎶
🎼I’m making a note here: “huge success”🎶

Seriously, the experiment is over. The stuff works great. That is not a valid excuse.

Jaysyn avatar

Better the organ saved the life of a non-moron.

MapleEngineer, avatar

True dat.

DessertStorms avatar

Like, fuck anti-vaxxers and OP was the right call, but the thought process behind that sentence along with the choice of words are a really bad take.

nicktron avatar

Oh shut up already.

DessertStorms avatar

no, you.


Language will evolve naturally over time. But to claim that hoping your children are intelligent/physically healthy is a form of eugenics is absurd. If QAnon was left-leaning, this is the kind of shit they would say.

DessertStorms avatar

So you're openly saying you think disabled people are inferior, got it.


What I said and what you said are not the same thing.

However, you win the gold medal for mental gymnastics.

MapleEngineer, avatar

I believe that that man was made of straw.

It’s funny when the trolls come out to play and no one picks up what they’re putting down.


I could definitely see this person being a troll. What’s wild though is that it seems the linked article was written in earnest.

MapleEngineer, avatar

I think it’s really funny that no one is taking the bait. All of the responses have been simple, on point, and non-engaging. That’s how you deal with a troll.


Disability studies, disability justice, disability theory, crip theory… lots of keywords for you to start googling. The other poster isn’t wrong: prioritizing intelligence and health in a child is the theory behind the practice of eugenics. Yes, these are strong words… but they’re not wrong.

MapleEngineer, avatar

Are you still here flogging this outrage porn? No one is interested.


I am. Disabled people are. People who work with disabled people are. I understand that this topic doesn’t interest you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fucking important for a lot of us.

snowbell, avatar

I’m disabled and don’t care at all about whatever you are going on about



MapleEngineer, avatar

You’re trying to hijack a conversation that has nothing to do with your rage. It doesn’t belong here.

Ransom, (edited )

I think that people who are unvaxed shouldn’t get priority for transplants.

Even so, it’s not inappropriate to call out ableism in any topic. If somebody was racist, or sexist, or discriminatory in any other form, would you say, “Hey, we’re not talking about racism — stop hijacking the conversation”?

EDIT: For everyone else reading this: This is what people do when they feel uncomfortable with being called out. They deflect, refuse to admit they could be wrong, and stop engaging. That’s actually a fairly normal response. It’s hard to admit that, for example, ableist comments can be as harmful as racist comments. It’s okay to stop talking as long as one doesn’t stop thinking.

MapleEngineer, avatar

We’re done here.


I wonder if you’d be able to take a step backward and consider that the linked article was written in earnest because it reflects a valid way of looking at the world that you may never have considered before. People disagreeing with you may not actually be trolling, but presenting their own valid beliefs. Look up disability studies, disability justice, and/or crip theory.



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  • DessertStorms,
    DessertStorms avatar

    Congratulation - you've let the world know you're a piece of shit bigot!


    Funny you making that statement and not realizing how it applies to yourself. Talk about a self-own lol.


    I agree that hoping for an intelligent and physically healthy child definitely reflects an ableist worldview. This is basic disability/crip theory.

    For those who are going to argue: wanting an intelligent child is ableist because it implies that people who are intelligent have more worth than people who are not. It’s assigning the value of a person based on a pretty narrow and Western conceptualization of how people think. A person is valuable not because of their intelligence, but because of their existence — all are equally valuable because they’re people, and everyone is equal. The same goes, believe it or not, for physical disabilities, including health. If you disagree, then you think that not all people are equal, which is problematic, as problematic as hoping that your child is straight, or male, or has blonde hair and blue eyes.


    That’s retarded. People can want what they want. The implications and conclusion you jump to sre you-problems, not reflective of society.


    no u

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    [Lawyers for AHS] cited a national consensus statement — developed in November 2021 and subsequently accepted by all Canadian transplant programs — which found a 25-30 per cent mortality rate in patients infected with COVID post-organ transplant.

    July 2022 - Court of King’s Bench, Justice Paul Belzil - “…subjecting clinical decisions to charter scrutiny would create “medical chaos,” with patients seeking “endless judicial review of clinical treatment decisions.””

    November 2022 - Alberta Court of Appeals, Justices Frederica Schutz, Michelle Crighton and Dawn Pentelechuk - “Ms. Lewis’ COVID-19 vaccination status is not who she is,” the court wrote. “It is not an immutable personal characteristic … her choice not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is just that — a choice.

    June 2023 - Supreme Court of Canada - refused to hear appeal.


    They don’t give organs to alcoholics who don’t stop drinking either.

    Good luck getting a heart of you refuse to quit eating a hamburger an hour.

    Look, you have to pass a baseline level of taking care of yourself to qualify for an organ, and vaccinations are the bottom, base level first line of defense.

    MapleEngineer, avatar



    If you aren’t gonna take steps to protect yourself, you’re not worthy. There’s a long list and many people who will work hard to safeguard such a gift.

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    Most definitely.


    So you are saying there is a house on the market now?

    MapleEngineer, avatar





    This has real Seinfeld vibes…


    Friends literally had an episode like this.


    “what’s the rent??”


    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, sir.

    HomebrewHedonist, avatar

    The important thing is that she stuck to her principles. :/

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    I’m sure her family agree.


    I can’t understand this. She was fine retaking the childhood vaccines but the one for COVID. What kind of misinformation led her to believe that?

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    It became a matter of political identity. Rejecting Covid, the science, the vaccine, and the reasonable public health measures became more important to them that life itself.


    I wonder if the global average IQ went up or down as a result of COVID?

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    Definitely up.

    Greg, avatar

    Don’t forget that autism anti vaccine movement was fueled by fairly intelligent well educated people who were tricked by one flawed study. We shouldn’t assume people are stupid if they’re anti vaccines.


    Actually, it wasn’t a “flawed study”, it was an outright fraud. The doctor responsible lost his medical license, but not quickly enough.

    MapleEngineer, (edited ) avatar

    After I got the first dose of a covid vaccine, Astra-Zeneca, I posted on Facebook that I had gotten the vaccine and now have the autism. My friend who is autistic replied and said, “You had the autism before you got the vaccine!”

    Oh. Right.

    I’m Candian so I’m, OG A-Z M P P Omicron PBiV so far. I had the OG Covid back in December 2019 before it got cool and everyone started doing it.


    Even mild covid appears to sometimes cause permanent cognitive damage so I doubt it.

    Blamemeta, (edited )

    Its because its made psuedo-mandatory by the government. If you don’t trust the gov (no one shoule trust the gov), then I can see not trusting the vaccine.

    Its a matter of trust, and the government isn’t trustworthy.

    Edit: trustful to trustworthy

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    I think you mean trustworthy.

    The government is more trustworthy than the people telling you the vaccine is dangerous.




    Well, you are right on this at least. Especially since cops are some of the bigger supporters of anti-vax nonsense, that only care about displays of force over understanding of context.


    If you don’t trust the gov (no one shoule trust the gov)

    I see you need to vote for trustworthy community-minded types so you can learn to trust the people you appoint to manage consolidated resources.


    Politicians are all self serving assholes. Best you can do is either vote for the most incompentent or vote for the one that at least panders to you.

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    Pseudo-mandatory = not mandatory.


    You know who’s trustworthy? Dr. Dimpleton69 from this lit Telegram group, he’s legit and a real doctor, not a scam artist at all.


    Compared to the government? The Doll Chucky is more trustworthy.


    The usual primary talking point is that it was developed "too fast", which is of course ignoring a bunch of very important "details". But explaining why that is wrong takes multiple sentences, but shouting out the misrepresentation that pulls people in can be done in a second.


    Remember that us idiots that took the vaccination would die in about half a year? I can't remember my funeral, but I really hope it was beautiful.

    Or maybe we didn't die and their bullshit was all made up and by now they could have had a chance to understand that. But that's speculative.



    MapleEngineer, (edited ) avatar

    I had a discussion with an anti-reality troll on Reddit who insisted that I would be dead within a year of taking the vaccine. He actually did a RemindMe! 1 year. That was more than 2 years ago and I never heard back from him. I wonder if he died?


    sure owned them


    I feel super-owned!


    This is how kinks are acquired isn’t it?


    Step 2: find out

    Maddie, avatar

    She probably should’ve gotten the vaccine, huh?


    And suffer the potential consequences like a mild headache and a sore arm for some days? Never!


    What a dumnass. In her Pyrrhic victory not to be made into a 5g zombie (or whatever nonsense she might have believed) she stood her ground and died like an idiot. She gets no tears from me.

    MapleEngineer, (edited ) avatar

    I’ve had…4 different vaccines.

    A-Z sore arm for a day and a splitting headache for two days. ASA resolved it.

    M sore arm for three days and a mild headache. ASA resolved it.

    P x 2 no appreciable sore arm and no headache.

    PBiV - no appreciable sore arm and no headache.


    Tfw you call Aspirin ASA.


    @LichbaneLB @MapleEngineer

    ASA stands for acetylsalicylic acid, shortened to aspirin.


    Don’t forget being banned from eating in restaurants where the owners put up “we don’t call 911” signs and Salad isn’t on the menu.


    That sounds like a win to me.


    It’s probably better for society that she didn’t.


    This is such a paradoxical statement, because if she did get the vaccine willingly, then no one would consider her to be an idiot and thus see no issue with her getting the transplant.


    So what you are saying is if you don’t act like an idiot, nobody would perceive you as an idiot? Yes that is generally how society works.

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    It isn’t the choice that I would have made but it was her choice to make.


    And it’s her choice to live die with.

    MapleEngineer, avatar

    Yes. Every choice we make has consequences. Some bigger than others.




    Can we tell that canada is a failed state?

    MapleEngineer, avatar
    otter, (edited )

    Post locked again. Please report rule breaking comments and we’ll take a look.

    While you can and should still report disinformation, we’re keeping some comments up because there are great replies for WHY those comments are incorrect/disinformation, and it would be more effective to keep the context up.

    So we’re still reviewing all reports, but not all reports will result in a removal.

    Post reopened, please keep the instance rules in mind while commenting

    Post is locked for cleanup.


    I can respect her. She was stupid, but hey, at least she was not a hypocrite. If there were more stupid people who weren’t hypocrites at the same time, life would be a little bit easier.

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