fulelo, to Bulgaria
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- elections live: Far-right parties on course for substantial EU election gains in and , exit polls say

juergen_hubert, to austria
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Summoning the Devil is not something that should be attempted by amateurs.

@austria @folklore

juergen_hubert, to austria
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The ghosts of the old Noricans fled into the depths of the mountains when they longer wanted to witness the shame of their descendants losing to the forces of Napoleon.

@austria @folklore

humaldo, to Metal German
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Ich verlose VIER Festival-Tickets fürs AREA 53 Festival 2024!
#Metal #Festival #Austria


juergen_hubert, to austria
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The high alpine meadows are not good places to linger in the dark.

@austria @folklore

CelloMomOnCars, to Germany
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Southern #Germany hit by catastrophic flooding

"The southern states of #Bavaria and #BadenWürttemberg have been inundated, causing #DamBursts and prompting dramatic rescues. States of emergency have been declared in several areas with more heavy rain expected."


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The flooding moves downstream.

"#Flooding caused by torrential rain that killed five people in #Germany over the weekend has spread across #Austria and #Hungary overnight Tuesday.

The entire #Danube in Austria has been closed after its banks burst in #Linz, the country's third-largest city.

The river, which flows over 350 kilometres of Austria, was shut down for shipping after heavy rainfall caused floods in both Austria and Germany."


hikingdude, to nature
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One of the photos from our hike through the near . I finalized the already - yet I'm struggling a bit with video-or-not.

Anyways, I like how the stream winds through the photo. I had to work a bit on the rock on the left so that it doesn't just look like a huge boring block.

I hope you feel both the strong stream but also the calm atmosphere of the moment.

publicvoit, (edited ) to repair
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A very nice story about why we should start to #repair things more often with the support of local shops than replace them with brand new things that are more crappy than we think:

Parable of the #Sofa by @timbray

Here in #Austria, we do have #Reparierbonus that provides up to 50% of the repair costs! https://www.reparaturbonus.at/

We need more like this.

#recycle #recycling #quality #capitalism #labour

publicvoit, to austria
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I've had a catchy tune and tried to find it on the web for about half an hour until I actually got it:

#Bingoboys - How To Dance

What a great dance instructor voice. 😯

Yes, that reminds me of my teenage years. 🕺

To my surprise, this was even a band from #Austria 🤩

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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br00t4c, to austria
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Austria lowered the voting age for young people like me, and transformed politics. The UK should do the same | Beth Riding

#austria #global


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eurafri, to Catroventos German
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eurafri, to Catroventos German
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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juergen_hubert, to austria
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Sometimes it's the best to eat up and be grateful for the meal - no matter how unappealing the food is!

@austria @folklore

September_UA, to america
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This did not suck. Not at all.

September_UA, to america
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po3mah, to austria
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Quo vadis, ?
Today I saw many posters "EU Wahnzinn stoppen" at the road. Are your nazis loud again?

ErikJonker, to austria Dutch
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br00t4c, to austria
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paka, to poland
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UK man arrested on suspicion of helping intelligence

Uptick reported in Russia-linked espionage cases across Europe in recent months, with suspected spies or saboteurs being arrested in the UK, , , , , , , , & other countries

UK authorities did not clarify the specifics of Phillips’ alleged activities but said that there was unlikely to be a threat to the public


nephotos, to HikingPics

Wonderful hiking path with a really great view. This is the backside of the Eisenerzer Reichenstein with view to Eisenerz and Pfaffenstein.

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