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hanse_mina, to Russia
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Estonian PM Kaja #Kallas has said the Baltic states should convey to Western countries the opinion that peace on #Russia's terms will not mean an end to human suffering.

"Even the end of the war does not mean the end of human suffering. If we look at our history, after the end of World War II in our countries, there were no military actions, but there were mass deportations and our culture, our language were repressed

All this happened in peacetime"


#Ukraine #EU #NATO

hanse_mina, to Youtube
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#YouTube has blocked at least three videos that show viewers how to evade military service after it received a request from the Russian authorities, the investigative news outlet Agentstvo reported Monday.

Removing content related to human rights at the request of the Russian government and not because it violates Google’s content policies marks a “new trend,” Agentstvo said, citing an unnamed cybersecurity expert.


#Ukraine #Russia #US #Google

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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An unprecedented war in the West should have been an opportunity for Britain’s sanctions watchdog to step up.

But when it emerged last month that the regulator had dished out zero fines to Russians circumventing their sanctions since the illegal invasion of in February 2022, few were surprised.

Critics fear the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation () has become representative of the ’s approach to punishing for its war: in name only.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Eagles that have migratory routes through #Ukraine have shifted their flight paths to avoid areas affected by the conflict, researchers have found.

GPS data has revealed that greater spotted eagles not only made large detours after the invasion began, but also curtailed pitstops to rest and refuel, or avoided making them altogether.



hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Austrian businessman Otto visited the occupied earlier in May and brought material aid.



hanse_mina, to Bulgaria
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Research by News Insight has revealed several German websites disseminating pro-Russian narratives.

These sites frequently quote Russian state media and promote claims that support the #Kremlin.

Key narratives include blaming the West and #NATO for the war in #Ukraine, depicting #Ukraine as a Western proxy, asserting Russian victories, alleging NATO troop presence, and "Nazis" in Ukraine.


#Germany #EU

hanse_mina, to Russia
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The Gulf has become an important logistics hub for enabling to get its oil to the world. It’s in a relatively sheltered area where ’s territorial waters only stretch six miles out to sea, meaning that the cargo switching takes place in a location where it’s difficult for to intervene.


hanse_mina, to Russia
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Chinese exports to #Russia of nitrocellulose -- a dual-use material that can be used to produce ammunition -- have surged since Russia began its invasion of #Ukraine.

Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable compound that is used in the production of paint, varnish and ink, as well as ammunition.

In 2022, #China exported a little over 700 tons of nitrocellulose to Russia. In 2023, the amount nearly doubled to over 1,300 tons.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 20 May 2024.

hanse_mina, to Russia
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is increasingly using "glide bombs" - cheap but highly destructive ordnance - to advance its offensive in .

More than 200 of them are thought to have been used in just a week to pound Ukraine’s northern town of during Russia’s current cross-border advance near .

President Volodymyr said 3,000 such bombs were dropped on the country in March alone.


hanse_mina, to Russia
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Based on a survey, In conditions of personnel shortage, employers in began to more often employ employees with an outstanding criminal record.

Now there is no objection to hiring a former prisoner 15% companies surveyed. According to the results of a similar study conducted in 2008 and 2011, this figure was 8% for each year.


hanse_mina, to washington
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’s allies are warming to a plan to rush tens of billions of dollars in funding to before Donald ’s potential return to the White House.

Under the plan, set to be discussed at a June summit, would receive money upfront from a G7 loan. The loan would be backed by future profits generated from around $350bn of Russian assets which have been immobilised in the west in response to Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 19 May 2024.

hanse_mina, to iran
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A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim was involved in a hard landing while visiting a northern region and his condition is currently unknown, ’s semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

The aircraft came down in East Province and emergency crews have so far been unable to reach it due to foggy conditions, Tasnim said. It is unclear what the exact status is of Raisi’s helicopter.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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"The inhuman tragedy" of what is happening in "brings to mind the tragedies and devastation" that occurred in the Second World War and "call us to a renewed commitment against dictatorships.

From all this comes support for Ukraine".


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Russian President Vladimir is preparing a trip to North Korea, according to an interview with his spokesperson Dmitry .

”Preparations for the visit are underway,” says Peskov.


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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's Prime Minister Kaja was asked what was preventing the free world from doing more to help :

"Fear keeps us from supporting Ukraine. Countries have different fears, be it nuclear fear, fear of escalation, fear of migration. We must not fall into the trap of fear because that is what wants. He wants us to be afraid and not support Ukraine out of fear."

"Let's be decisive and not let our adversaries dictate our future,"


hanse_mina, to Zelensky
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believes that 's partners "are afraid of losing the war" and would like Kyiv "to win in such a way that Russia does not lose," Zelensky said in a meeting with journalists attended by the Kyiv Independent.

Kyiv's allies "fear" Russia's loss in the war against Ukraine because it would involve "unpredictable geopolitics,"

"I don't think it works that way. For Ukraine to win, we need to be given everything with which one can win," he said.


hanse_mina, to Russia
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The oil refinery in -on-Kuban, Oblast was attacked by drones.



hanse_mina, to Russia
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Russian Telegram channels report of possible explosion in Oblast . Possibly at the oil depot located there.

is located right next to (30km).


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 18 May 2024.

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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#Lithuania will acquire Amber-1800 radars for the Ukrainian army with a detection range of up to 400 kilometers.

This was announced by Boris #Pistorius, German Defense Minister.

According to the German Minister of Defense, Lithuania will join the so-called Air Defense Coalition, which is aimed at strengthening Ukrainian air defense, and will provide 6 Amber-1800 radars.


#Ukraine #Russia #EU #Germany

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2/ According to the German Minister of Defence Boris Pistorius, Lithuania is contributing to the German IAAD initiative which aims to strengthen the Ukrainian air defence with six AMBER-1800 air surveillance radars. He did not provide any further details such as a planned delivery date."


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hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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"It's been over 80 drones. They're flying in a row. It's really crazy!"

Footage of a drone attack on and in Russia's region last night.

The commentary of witnesses is curious.



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