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osma, to Cybersecurity
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I'm ever so slightly annoyed (= raging mad) that IT has managed to leave the personal details of every age kid, their parents, and every city employee on an unsecured network drive, allowed them to be stolen, and now is trying to wiggle out of the responsibility to inform every impacted person (= just about everyone) or offer anything but stupid generalities as protection for .
fail of the year. Perhaps several.

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120k or so kids and youth. All their parents/guardians. 40k employees. Unspecified job applicants. Names, addresses, social security numbers (or personal IDs, as they're now called). Home languages, religious affiliations, nationalities.

All stolen at once, because some criminally negligent idiot had NO PROTECTION for any data in place.

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The city dares to say that "those affected should take steps to protect their identity". What's to protect, you already exposed it all?! Besides, no identity protection services cover minors, so half the people impacted have nothing to lean to.

You. Fucking. Idiots.

#helsinki #cybersecurity #identitytheft

osma, to random
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Täytyy sanoa, että tänään jokseenkin vituttaa sekä Helsingin tietosuojaprosessit että tiedotus aiheesta. "Mahdollisesti oppijat" sekä (tästä muuten ei proaktiivisesti tiedoteta) huoltajat SEKÄ KAIKKI KAUPUNGIN TYÖTEKIJÄT.

Tää on ihan rikollisen huonosti hoidettu ja kokoluokaltaan kymmenen kertaa Vastaamoa suurempi keissi. TODELLAKIN pitää löytyä rikosvastuuseen se taho, joka jätti suojaamatta ja päivittämättä verkkolevypalvelimet.

Mutta muuten oli kyl loistava päivä.

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Sellainen pahoitteluhan olisi vastuunottoa ja sellaiseen ei kaupunki kykene.

osma, to random
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Ah, but see - in the alternate reality the chatbots inhabit, all statements are simultaneously both true and false. You only find out which it is by regenerating a new statement.

Thats not hallucinating - it's the Schrodinger AI.

noelreports, to random
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"There are mines on the road."

Ok. Let's continue. Blyatbarn, charge!

Russians at work.


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one person ran away! Probably without their hearing, though.

osma, to random
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"Non-coercive" labor movements are a long russian and soviet tradition.


osma, to random
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What connects M. Gaddafi, V. Putin, J. Kony, a huge number of Sudanese militia commanders, similar number of Congolese, Kenyan and Ugandan terrorists and one Benyamin Netanyahu?

An ICC arrest warrant for crimes against humanity.

osma, to random Finnish
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Tämä hyvin kertoo, miksi on niin typerää yrittää kuvata poliittista kenttää "vasen-oikea" jaottelulla sen sijaan, että miettisi populismin, autoritarismin, konservatismin jne intersektioita.

osma, (edited ) to random
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COVID-19 is not like the flu: unlike influenza vaccines, the repeated and updated COVID vaccines develop a broad, effective antibody response, finds a new study. Now, if only it was actually possible to get a repeat, updated vaccination.
#covid #vaccine

w7voa, to random
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The M/V Dali cargo ship, stuck in the Patapsco River for weeks after it brought down the Francis Scott Key Bridge, has been refloated this morning, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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@ferricoxide @w7voa
Given that it was outgoing at the time of the accident and that it is not seaworthy in a long time, if ever -- all that cargo will surely be unloaded as soon as a suitable terminal is reached, perhaps to be reloaded onto other carriers. Right?

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@ferricoxide @w7voa
absolute majority of that cargo has been sitting in containers aboard for all this time. Only the first few rows were crushed and only very few fell offboard.. As for delay, "only" somewhat longer than those caused by M/S Evergiven (on all of the ships stuck behind it), and no longer than everything else stuck in or out of Baltimore. That is, a gigantic inventory of stuff.

SuneAuken, to random Danish
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A 470 pound warhead is nothing against a large bridge even when configured as a bunker-busting charge. To drop the bridge, a score of 4 times heavier JDAM (Mk 84) would still be a small strike package. Few missiles carry enough boom for the job - which is precisely why Ukraine's success so far against the bridge has been via land or sea route.

osma, to random
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Is Signal secure? Yes. But how just asking that is connected to another manufactured conspiracy theory boosted by the usual suspects - @Noupside explains how these come about.

outi, to random Finnish
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Nyt on kova, ja hyvä!! uutinen

Uudenmaan hyvinvointialueet aikovat luopua Apotista!!

HUS ja Helsinki ei tosin ymmärrä hyvän päälle, (ja Vantaa ja Kerava) jotka aikovat jatkaa. Espoo ei vissiin koskaan ottanutkaan Apottia käyttöön.



voi kun hus seuraisi asap perässä 💙

Lääkärilehti 2.5 kertoo tämän jutun, mutta paperissa vasta nyt.


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Apotti Oy:n osakkeista. Eivät taineet järjestelmää koskaan ottaa käyttöön.

Noupside, to random
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🧵 I wrote ab the “is Signal secure?” manufactroversy on X. The Guardian wanted an explainer on why Elon & Jack were “concerned” about Signal. The answer, though, has nothing to do w/Signal’s product. It was part of an extended fight over whether woke NPR should be defunded & the CEO fired. Why? Because the CEO of NPR is on the board of Signal; by the Transitive Property of Bad People, Signal is thus compromised.


@osma@mas.to avatar

Truly wild stuff. Thanks for writing that!

randahl, to random
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A Russian oil depot in Vyborg near the Finnish border is questioning, whether the Ukraine invasion was among Putin's best ideas.

Vyborg is 900 kilometers from Ukraine.


osma, (edited )
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Not to worry, Leningrad Oblast governor Aleksandr Drozdenko assures us this small cloud of smoke is simply the result of a little bit of night time fireworks. There is nothing flammable at this location (edit: satellite image of location attached).

osma, to random
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"I didn't read what you posted because it was too long. Anyway, I think it missed my particular pet corner of a complex problem so it wasn't a good article, and you're wrong." [Narrator: it did not miss the corner]

There should be a tax on replies.

stux, to random
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Weird that we can't explain a few kubic meters heavy radioactive waste from the NL each year but somehow we can justify pumping our Atmosphere full with toxics each day with our burning engines

"Oehhh all things radioactive are soo scary, we can't setup our grandkids with that" is what they say

But apparently they are totally fine with ruining the climate and expel toxic next where you breath

Until we have something better like fusion we should stick with fission also, but what do I know!🤷

@osma@mas.to avatar

Yep, those also hurt the environment, just in different ways.
@cgervasi @stux

hanse_mina, to washington
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has not changed its position on potential Ukrainian strikes with -supplied weapons on Russian territory, even after had launched its offensive in Oblast, spokesperson Sabrina said at a press briefing on May 16.

"We believe that the equipment, the capabilities that we are giving Ukraine, that other countries are giving to should be used to take back Ukrainian sovereign territory,"


@osma@mas.to avatar

Taking back Ukrainian territory begins by striking every airfield hosting russian bombers - not just Belbek. It continues by striking every piece of artillery and force concentration on russian side of frontline, whether Donbas, Crimea, Belgorod or Rostov. Striking every ammunition and weapons factory, warehouse or logistics route russians use, where ever it may be.

Blinken got the memo. Now Biden must get it, too. Scholz, as well. #SlavaUkraini
RT @hanse_mina

EUCommission, to random
@EUCommission@ec.social-network.europa.eu avatar

Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger .

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

@osma@mas.to avatar

While I'm glad you're staying, it is a true loss that there no longer is a server hosting other EU institutions besides the Commission. Surely it wouldn't have been a big cost to maintain one where other official accounts could have also stayed.

jackofalltrades, to climate
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It's very clear how desperate green tech advocates are to paint the current developments as a win for the climate. But by doing so they only reinforce the status quo.


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Congratulations, this rude tirade of yours has earned you an eternal block. Perhaps you will one day learn to respect and listen to other people - but I will never know because I never will hear of you again.
@samueljohnson @jackofalltrades

osma, to mastodon
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A bit of weirdness I hadn't noticed before. While you can on free text now, it won't find links. Meanwhile, the Trending/Explore view has the "News" section which will only show links (along with metadata like "125 people shared", but not the toots themselves).

So Mastodon will recommend you links people talk about, but will obscure the talk itself. Do I have to explain the ways in which this can be actively harmful?

@osma@mas.to avatar

On , you still can not:

  1. See the toots which cause a link to be added to the "Trending News" list of the server. Ie, you can't tell why they're trending.
  2. Search for a URL, so you can't find who's talking about something, even if full text search is enabled.

It's been this way ever since full text was enabled last year.

@osma@mas.to avatar

That's up to the.app you're using.

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