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Part 1 of my Series - Homeless Sketches is now available in my

The Songs We Sung

do your thing!

Please help me circulate this item - trying to raise funds to continually pay this hotel and other needs

I'm opening simple for art only

Please Note - who are in the will have free access to the art 💚🐇

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I heard tell of a on .

I generally hate Discord with a passion, but I'm actually for joining this server, if someone could politely nudge me in the right direction?

Much thanks. :)

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Hey, developers: The @reviewboard team's starting a new for devs to hang out, chat, and share what you're building.

We have channels for , , / , , , and more.

You don't need to use or contribute to Review Board to hang out. (But you can follow development there, if you want.)

We hope to see people come in and hang out. The aim is a friendly, diverse community of devs.

Feel free to pass along the invite!

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Hach ja, nun ist es hoch offiziell, dass Reddit nun deine Daten für OpenAI sammelt. Alternativen diesbezüglich im Fediverse hatte ich schon länger her vorgeschlagen, das ist @LemmyDev und/oder @kbin, die nicht an deine kostenlosen Daten verdienen (profitieren).

»OpenAI darf Reddit-Daten nutzen:
Die beiden Unternehmen wollen eng zusammenarbeiten – und voneinander profitieren.«


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I've used for several weeks now across , , , , and it's been a great improvement to the messaging mess:

• I've actually had an easier time keeping up with Slack than in Slack itself
• Initially I ran clients side by side but Beeper updates just as fast and I've since stopped running most except for Discord which I use for calls
• Even so, it's great to run it in parallel to Discord, because it's easier to text chat in Beeper while in a video call

finestructure, avatar

Another huge plus of Beeper is that when you set it up on a new machine that’s a •single• login to get all your chats set up.

Just saved me faffin about with 5 service logins to get everything up and running 👌

#Beeper #Discord #Slack #Whatsapp #Signal #Telegram

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ok that's eerie. Apparently the Mee6 bot that we use on to assign roles now has built-in ai, so I tried asking it why there's still topless inequality and it immediately spat out this response. o.o (honestly I thought it would just see the word 'nipple' and refuse to answer)

toplesstopics, avatar

You saw it here first, folks: The MEE6 bot on supports !

Tarrenvane, to Discord

Dear , is it really necessary to run your updater when it's been no more than a half hour sunce I opened you last?

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My Ubuntu installation of Discord is borked.

snap refresh discord


snap "discord" has no updates available

but when I try to launch it, it gets caught in an update failed, retrying loop.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Any ideas?

#ubuntu #discord

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Join our event server to stay up to date on , and be the first to know when the ticket shop goes live:

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Thread 🧵

@beardedtechguy and myself are looking for someone to help us grow in every way possible. This includes our blog, our instance, our wiki, our Discord and our community in general.

We're looking for someone that is super active here on Mastodon and will continue to do so going forward.

We're looking for someone that is willing to talk about the instance, advertise the instance and recruit for the instance if possible. (cont...)

cliffwade, avatar

Thread continued 🧵

We want someone with ideas, thoughts, suggestions and everything similar! We want you to be a part of something awesome and to help make it amazing!

If you feel you are this person and have the time to do things like this, we'd certainly love to have a chat with you. Reach out to myself or @beardedtechguy and let's have a chat!

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C'est quoi encore cette feature sur Discord ! Heureusement que ce paramètres existe, ça permet d'éviter d'être enregistré sans notre consentement

SirTapTap, to Discord avatar

Anyone know artists who do/have done // custom emoji? Would like to get a set made, can't decide what all icons to get those and don't have an artist lined up so help in both regards would be welcome

I want a couple in-jokes but also more general "people usually use these" kinda emojis. And...I haven't really been a big stream watcher since like 2013

TritTriton, to Discord French avatar

Oh, tant que je suis dans les anniversaires : a 9 ans, aujourd’hui aussi ! 🎂🎉

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I don't understand why so many excellent #opensource projects such as @Minetest, #SuperTuxCart, @openttd or #OpenRCT2 still rely on gilded jails like #Github and #Discord instead of the free alternatives, #Gitlab, #Codeberg, #Matrix or else !

#GAFAM #devs #Microsoft

weirdwriter, to accessibility

Link at end Years ago, I took the legal route regarding Patreon’s many problems. There was a lot of things there that eventually led to things like the accessibility of improving, I was mistaken in the sense that it would’ve made significant improvements because they seem to roll back every agreement they made with me. Honestly glad I got the Patreon settlement money and bailed out. Reminder about this video explaining the fall of Patreon.

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DHCP Spoofing Tool

This tool is used to spoof DHCP servers. It sends fake DHCP offers to a specific network interface and manipulates the IP addresses of network devices.

For more join our discord server:

#dhcp #network #networksecurity #pythonprogramming #ethicalhacking #programming #pythonprogramming

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@halildeniz What the hell is this unskippable nightmare?

Crell, to Discord avatar

Reminder, you only have 5 days left to tell to pound sand on binding arbitration and protect your right to a jury trial:

gunther, to telegram avatar

#Telegram is a fine alternative to something like #Discord, it's a terrible alternative to something like #Signal

irfan, to Discord

Someone made a Messenger app for old versions of like Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This looks fascinating and cursed at the same time.


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Join my new server to find co-writers, betas and editors.

Find each other and leave, or stick around to network, showcase portfolios, and benefit from each other's experience.

  • Family friendly.
  • lgbtqia+ safe space.

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If you do live in the USA and use Discord, take a look at this video.

You should properly write that mail and get back your rights or use another software.

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We're looking for some new maintainers to join the org 👀

Our GTK port is currently minimally maintained, due mostly to our reliance on the Colloid theme as our base.

We'd ideally use a more flexible base, or write the theme from scratch. This means we'd welcome maintainers who have pre-existing knowledge with GTK theming.

More details can be found @, or you can join the Discord for real time communication (

Boosts appreciated for visibility!


@catppuccin If you're using your project is not worth supporting. Use a free software platform, and preferably drop while you're at it.

Ofcourse its a fosstodon user that goes hard on making sure as much proprietary garbage is used in their lives...

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