henrikbengtsson, to random
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Can't find that useful toot from a few weeks ago?

Mastodon community, please consider enabling the following opt-in setting:

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Go to Public profile
  3. Go to Privacy and reach
  4. Check [x] 'Include public posts in search results'.

This will make your posts to become searchable not only for the hashtag, but also for free text search. I've enabled mine a few weeks ago.

nowosad, to random
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"Finding the most unique land cover spatial pattern"

My new blog post shows how to compare spatial patterns of two different areas and find the most unusual land cover spatial pattern: https://jakubnowosad.com/posts/2023-12-03-motif-bp8/


jonocarroll, to random
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Advent of Code 2023 Day 7 (part 1) comparison between (Dyalog) #APL, #Kap, and base #rstats https://jcarroll.com.au/2023/12/10/advent-of-array-elegance/ -- in which I detail an elegant array solution.

I'm all in for learning the APL glyphs, now!

FYI @loke

#AdventOfCode2023 #AdventOfCode

ramikrispin, to datascience
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I had great productivity during the Thanksgiving break, wrapping some of the tutorials I have been working on during the last few months 🚀. I updated this week my Github page with the list of currently available tutorials 📚:

hrbrmstr, to random
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We've got a new chapter in the CLI book up AND a new WebR CLI tool for anyone to use to peek at CSV data.

Chapter 10 — https://rud.is/books/webr-cli-book/ch-10.html — introduces skimr, a Node.js WebR wrapper around the excellent {skimr} package.

NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/skimr

npm i -g skimr to just use the CLI tool for poking at CSVs.

terence, to random
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Earthquakes (> M2.5) of the Philippines, 1923 to 2023.

adventures, an tale

thofel, to generative
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Ready to make noise.
That is, Perlin noise. With R package “ambient”. And“ggplot2” for rendering. Post-processing with Snapseed.

hrbrmstr, to random
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Today's WPE Drop is late, but better late than never!

I took @mrworthington's request for theme-aid in the plotnine Python world to an extreme and sub’d out the original WPE for today with one that lets you start cranking out (or porting over from ) plotnine ggplot2 themes.

Drop (2023-12-08)

Weekend Project Edition

Preventing Blindness In The Python Ecosystem

It comes with a git repo with a small Python hrbrthemes package you can riff from.

Read/sub: https://dailyfinds.hrbrmstr.dev/p/drop-385-2023-12-08-weekend-project

michaelchirico, to random
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the end of an #rstats era!! congrats @healthandstats on taking over as the new CRAN maintainer of {data.table} with the release of 1.14.10! 🚀🚀🚀

A word of gratitude to Matt Dowle for his long stewardship of the package and best wishes as he moves into an advisory role. What monumental shoes us new maintainers of the package have to fill!

ramikrispin, to vscode
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(1/4) Created a detailed tutorial for setting an R dockerized development environment with VScode 💻, Docker 🐳, radian, and the Dev Containers extension 🚀.

The tutorial is a duplicate (with adjustments) of the tutorial I created for setting up a Python dockerized development environment with VScode.

Docker is an amazing tool, but it has some learning curve. The goal of the tutorial is to reduce the entry barrier for learning tools such as Docker for R users.


@ramikrispin@mstdn.social avatar

(2/4) 𝐖𝐡𝐲 𝐑 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐕𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐝𝐞?!?
It's time to address an important question: why use R with VScode when there's already a great IDE available specifically for R - RStudio? The answer lies in Docker. VScode provides built-in support for working with Docker and containers. If you don't work with Docker as part of your development process, then RStudio is the IDE for you.

#rstats #vscode #docker


@ramikrispin@mstdn.social avatar

(3/4) The main advantage (as well as disadvantage) of using VScode is that it's a DIY IDE and allows for a high degree of customization. This means you can tailor your development environment to meet your specific needs.

𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐞 🎯
The tutorial covers the following topics:
✅ Intro to Docker
✅ Setting and working with the Dev Containers extension
✅ Different approaches for setting up an R development environment
✅ Setting workflow

@ramikrispin@mstdn.social avatar

(4/4) The tutorial is available here:


#rstats #vscode #docker

noamross, to random
@noamross@ecoevo.social avatar

successfully running GAMs in mgcv is a huge milestone for an extremely narrow group of nerds. Thanks @gws! https://github.com/r-wasm/webr/issues/170#issuecomment-1846791515

rOpenSci, to rstats Spanish
@rOpenSci@hachyderm.io avatar

📦 [A package a day - Taxonomy 5]

Today's Taxonomy package is taxizedb

Tools for Working with Taxonomic Databases
🙏 Maintained by Tamás Stirling
📝 https://docs.ropensci.org/taxizedb/

Do you use this package? Tell us about it!
🗺️ https://discuss.ropensci.org/c/usecases/10


maelle, to random French
@maelle@mastodon.social avatar

Sur le blog de ThinkR, "{checkhelper} est sur le CRAN : pour ne plus avoir peur de lancer un check"

Merci ThinkR pour cet outil + https://github.com/ThinkR-open/prepare-for-cran

mrworthington, to random
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Howdy y’all! pythonistas… do y’all know if/how ggplot2 extension packages work w/ the Python plotnine library, like {ggthemes} + {hrbrthemes} from @hrbrmstr?

noamross, to jobsecoevo
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We're looking for a research software/data engineer for a short-term position building data pipelines for a field + lab research project.

If you're a R data wrangler, and know about at least some of: the {targets} pkg, GitHub Actions, and working with Web APIs like AirTable, Google Sheets, and Open Data Kit, we'd love to hear from you!

$50-60 per hour, ~12 weeks full-time, remote from anywhere.


@jobsecoevo @rstats

schochastics, to random
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Took me way too long in my career to add such a paragraph to a paper. Y'all should cite the software you use!


rOpenSci, to rstats Spanish
@rOpenSci@hachyderm.io avatar

📦 [A package a day - Taxonomy 4]

Today's Taxonomy package is taxize

Taxonomic Information from Around the Web
🙏 Maintained by Zachary Foster
📝 https://docs.ropensci.org/taxize/

Look how @STEPMINER2 uses {taxize} and highcharter in R to extract and visualize taxonomic data
🗺️ https://discuss.ropensci.org/t/using-taxize-and-highcharter-in-r-to-extract-and-visualize-taxonomic-data/3096


rOpenSci, to rstats Spanish
@rOpenSci@hachyderm.io avatar

[blog] Throw-back Thursday!

Two years ago we got the funding, now we're into our second cohort of rOpenSci Champions 🎉!

⌛ rOpenSci Announces $400k Award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to Empower Historically Excluded Groups as Community Leaders in Scientific Open Source Projects by @StefanieButland, @inundata, @noamross and @maelle
📅 December 20, 2021
🔗 https://ropensci.org/blog/2021/12/20/inclusive-leadership-program/


MikeMahoney218, to random
@MikeMahoney218@fosstodon.org avatar

New on the blog -- why is View() in capitalized, anyway?

(I have no idea, and one extremely tenuous guess)


nowosad, to random
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🎆 The version of 2.1 of the landscapemetrics package is now on CRAN.🎆

It brings some bug fixes and many speed improvements.


#rstats #rspatial #landscapeecology #spatialpatterns

barneyharris, to Futurology
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noob question about

If I'm looking to use Docker to assist with making my research reproducible then should I rely on both Dockerfiles and Dockerimages or one or the other? As I understand it, the Dockerfile specifies how the Docker image will be built but an image can contain the scripts, original data, and correctly versioned software / libraries etc. So why not just / always publish the image?

@Mehrad@fosstodon.org avatar


This is for one of my projects. The idea was to have R v4.1.3 for that project with certain set of packages.

The manifest:


The channel:


To build you should do

guix time-machine --channels="channel.scm" -- package --manifest="manifest.scm" --profile="guix_profile";  

and to activate for your shell, you run:

source 'guix_profile/etc/profile'  

jas_hughes, to RegEx
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Day 1 of

Like others, found this one much harder than other Day 1 puzzles: especially with that tricky edge case that wasn't in the examples.

I try to stick with base in my solutions, and it wasn't so elegant for extracting strings.

@jas_hughes@fosstodon.org avatar

Day 8 of #AdventOfCode

I rewrote Part 1 so I could use the same code for both parts -- definitely not computationally efficient, but I like it aesthetically.

Considered implementing lcm myself but thought better. I wonder if #Rstats' {pracma} got a bunch of downloads last night?

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