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Medien im Fediverse

Auf der Suche nach einem Publi­kum gehen eini­ge Medi­en den Schritt ins Fedi­ver­se. Ein Ver­such, unab­hän­gi­ger von den gro­ßen Gate­kee­pern zu werden.

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Zmiany algorytmów Google

W wielu miejscach ludzie narzekają, że Google zmieniło algorytmy, ich strony spadły w rankingu, choć stosowali się do zaleceń Google, a biznes upada. To oczywiście smutne, tylko nie do końca widzę w tym winę Google. Oparcie biznesu o jednego partnera było świadomą decyzją. Stosowanie się do zaleceń Google w sprawach SEO nigdy nie dawało gwarancji, że zawsze będzie

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Good news for folks who enjoy AI embarrassing itself with nonsensical answers!

"Well, according to an interview at The Verge with Google CEO Sundar Pichai published earlier this week, just before criticism of the outputs really took off, these "hallucinations" are an "inherent feature" of AI large language models (LLM), which is what drives AI Overviews, and this feature "is still an unsolved problem.""

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Modern text generators create randomized output with no prior planning. They resist to be quality-checked by tools and processes established in the software industry.

Given this, the results are amazing. However, companies are selling the idea that these assistants will do quality checking themselves soon™.

This is mass delusion. But hey, the perks for managers/investors are worthwhile 🤷.

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KI generiert kein Wissen, sondern setzt gemäss voreingestellten Parametern und Algorithmen Wörter in eine in erster Linie grammatikalisch richtige Abfolge - in neuer Zusammensetzung.

Was darüber hinausgeht, bleibt am verfügbaren Datensatz an Informationen hängen. Sind die Informationen (aka der Datensatz) Müll, dann gibt KI grammatikalisch korrekten Müll in anderer Zusammensetzung wieder.

#AI #KI #artificialintelligence #google #fail #information #disinformation

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Welcome to today's thread - South East Europe Day -02 26 May 2024 - Ravières - Montbard - Paris - Köln - Hamburg - Travemünde, onto night ferry Crossing these borders: Lille 🇫🇷 - Bruxelles 🇧🇪 HSL Aachen 🇩🇪 - Welkenraedt 🇧🇪 These borders on the borders map: Today's routes on the routes map:

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@jon And you documented an example of while you were at it? Does Android always advertise / or is it just this app?

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"the worst part is that when they [] can’t complete a task confidently, they don’t give you an error or tell you they’re unable to finish. They make something up and serve you incorrect information.
…companies like are pretending this isn’t a problem and pushing these systems toward taking over as our phones’ virtual assistants and the brains behind our online searches."

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Anyone else's Google Assistant going crazy? On my OnePlus 12 and my Pixel tablet, this survey notification is replicating like crazy. Keep wiping them out, but they keep coming back.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to Mute Assistant notifications???

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To everybody's surprise the tech bros were too engaged with the "could we" and nobody asked "should we?"

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Google is taking “swift action” to remove some of the bizarre AI-generated answers appearing at the top of its search pages. “A company once known for being at the cutting edge and shipping high-quality stuff is now known for low-quality output that’s getting meme’d,” one AI founder, who wished to remain anonymous, said. Read more from @theverge.

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From @gruber on Google adding AI GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) to their search results:

"They’ve turned Google Search — the crown jewel of the company, arguably the greatest consumer product ever made — into the butt of jokes."

If facts and hard data are required, folding in AI is like a truth diluting virus. Once the AI learns about adding glue to pizza, there's no simple way to exorcise that "fact".

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Utiliser un tel sans compte c'est possible. A l'activation, au lieu de renseigner un compte, on choisit "ignorer". Conséquence, pas de Play Store, aucune importance : on installe F-Droid (magasin d'applis alternatif) et si on veut installer (ou mettre à jour) des applis qui viennent du Play Store on installe Aurora Store (la connexion au Play Store est alors anonyme) 😊 Pas de root nécessaire.

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Due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday May 27th, Nova Launcher staff will be out of office until Tuesday May 28th.

We do apologize about this inconvenience, but know that your emails will be waiting for us in the inbox and we will reply to them as quickly as possible come Tuesday morning!

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I believe #Microsoft knew that #recall would generate this kind of backlash. They just don't care, they're testing limits of what they can get away with ... After all #google and #facebook got away (mostly) with what they're doing. It's the slow boiling frog method ... and people are gullible enough to buy whatever BS big tech marketing is selling ...

#privacy #surveillancecapitalism #bigtech #surveillance #linux

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Tocó un juez lerdo o comprado.
Como esto resulte en la posibilidad de que Epic Games pueda acceder a datos de usuarios de Google Play que no hayan aceptado instalar nada suyo tendré que pedir borrar todos los míos de Google Play.

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Long story short, don't trust AI with your dog.

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@tomw @Nonya_Bidniss

Holy sheep snot! That chart! This actually pisses me off and isn’t funny #Ai stupidity because you know some dumbass will think it’s accurate.

Folks, please DON’T leave your dog in a car on a day over 70F.

Thanks for sharing. We need to recognize how truly bad #Google #search is now.

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"Drunk Clippy" is my new name for all LLM features like Google's "AI Overview" and OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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I don't seem to have the overview feature on that people keep sharing screenshots of. 🤔

When I Google something it just comes up with regular results. 🤷

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My husband is presenting in an all-day virtual conference with other experts in the field, including Dr. Edward Hallowell, for an /ADHD audience.

He put his slide deck on Slides as required. Then technical glitches occurred (slides weren’t fully loading) during the test run. The IT person asked him if he was on a Mac (he is). According to the IT person, they have trouble with Mac users being able to run slideshows when there are multiple presenters.

It’s 2024. C’mon man. 🙄

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When Bing, Microsoft’s search engine platform, went down early yesterday, it took down a number of services with it, including ChatGPT search, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo — all of which rely on the Bing API to operate.

With the majority of Google search alternatives taken out in one fell swoop, it highlighted the lack of competition that Google search truly has, and the implications that has on our online experience. Is there another way? @arstechnica has more.

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Can someone with mad computer skillz tell me if this is legit, or if doing so will open a wormhole to a shady hacker underworld that immediately steals my identity?

(also, if any members of the shady hacker underworld are reading this and tempted to respond, I’ll only believe you if you say “scout’s honor”. Can’t fool me!)

#Computers #Internet #OnlineSafety #Google #GoogleSearch

H/T @Lana

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I'm sure they're so glad they paid 6-8 figures for Reddit data

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Ich mache mal wieder ein wenig unbezahlte Werbung für den von mir genutzen eBook Reader

inkBOOK Calypso Plus mit ONLEIHE, SKOOBE, LEGIMI und mehr Apps – inkBOOK Europe

Mir wurde der hier im Fediverse mal empfohlen und wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, ist der Reader mal aus einem OpenSource Projekt der EU entstanden.

Also, falls sich jemand für einen neuen Reader interessiert...

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@Aubrieta die Onleihe-App gibt es zwar im -Store, aber nur Version 5.5 - als apk bietet Onleihe die App leider nicht an, sondern nur im Playstore - ist ein Client, der über installiert werden kann, mit dem Playstore-Apps anonym ohne Google-Account installiert werden können:

hier der Foren-Thread bzgl. der Version: @crossgolf_rebel

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