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Five years ago was my graduation from on this very day.

I looked back and wrote a GIANT post:

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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🍦 New Article: How to listen to multiple events in a Web Component with the handleEvent() method

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The moment your ad hijacks my screen or impedes my ability to read the article is the moment I leave.

#ad #mobile #news #webdev

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Blogged about @zachleat's Glyphhanger and how I used it to shrink my web fonts by 90%!

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I'm curious how many tech influencers couldn't even setup a Wordpress site #webdev #tech #swe #php

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I’ve been avoiding display:contents because of all the problems people like @aardrian and @eric have written about.

But, coincident with this post yesterday – – I actually had a need to use it for a non-public facing thing.


TIL that in Firefox it completely breaks the anchoring effect of an id attribute attached to an element.

Put differently, a link to an element with display: contents DOES NOT WORK 🤦‍♂️

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Data mining features that are opt-out 🙅

Data mining features that are opt-in 🤷

Data mining is banned and we are compensated for our contributions to billons of dollars in profit 🙋

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Warum Kirby ? Unsere Partneragentur JUNO hat aufgeschrieben, wie Kirby ihnen hilft, Websites und digitale Tools mit Freiraum, Spaß und Leichtigkeit zu gestalten. 🤩

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A response to @cferdinandi 's recent post(s) on JavaScript and Web Components:

I know he didn't explain his position in details, so a 1800-word article sounds a little unfair, but I think dry and sharp statements need adequate context and analysis.

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Can we please stop making custom dropdown menus that aren't keyboard searchable? It takes eons having to manually scroll through three separate lists of date/month/year instead of just typing out the numbers on my keyboard and pressing "Tab" to switch between the three menus.

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Looking to add a /stats page to my blog and website? If you have one, what do you put on yours? So far I have total posts and a nice graph

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Finally. 😂

(We love ya 3, but it's high time we were talking about CSS4, CSS5, and beyond!)

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After endless bafflement, trying to figure out the interlocking systems on the backend of my website, I finally fixed the navigation header. It frustrated me for YEARS, way before I bought the company, that it ate up like half the computer screen. ALL THIS TIME, it could have been solved by scaling down the logo size in the website's media library. And I am so proud of myself for fixing it. I've never run a website before, much less tried to make sense of someone else's build.

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what's the laziest dark mode implementation? is there a 3-liner code change? 😄 asking for a friend (not me)

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Using other frameworks is when I realise that (and ) actually had a really powerful and advanced form validation system

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✅ Added new Next.js and SvelteKit boilerplates to

84 boilerplates in total!

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Very glad that finally my favourite music website has got a long overdue refresh at its front end, it was so painful to browse without using the reader view in Firefox.

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My "resting" heart rate while doing a update :blobcatbatupsidedown:

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And nothing worked. As expected. This software is just so frustrating.

The time window is over again. I hope this time the backup works properly.

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🤠 Please stop building Wild West JSON APIs.

The JSON:API specification exists, is a trivial amount more effort to implement, and makes using a Web API sooo much easier.

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The lads @jaredwhite & @ayush are back!

On this #podcast episode:

Where data lives, how to retrieve data, how to change data, how to track updates to data and provide feedback accordingly to the user…in other words, state.

#WebDev can necessitate a wide range of possible options for how you manage state, and in this episode we look at many of the ways this may work from the server to the client and back again.

Also…how the blazes do you pronounce JWT?! 😂

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Someone from bsky mentioned he doesn’t show peoples’ avatars and just uses this library for identicons. It looks amazing! I will use this too for rendering webmentions in my blog.

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feat: respect user faces

const identicon = document.createElement("minidenticon-svg");   

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