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Yes - Talk
1994 UK Victory / London Records #vinyl #music
#ProgRock #ArtRock

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🧵 Punk vs Prog

Another cultural pundit on TV last night dragging out the threadbare 'Punk was a response to Prog Rock' chestnut. When TV documentaries repeat this punk/prog cliche they always cherrypick Prog's most ludicrous moments (that many prog fans don't like either) to support the claim...
At the time, John Lydon, wore a 'I hate Pink Floyd' t-shirt. Punks also wore swastikas but were far from nazis. Lydon says it was a performative gesture...

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Focus - Focus 3
1972 NED Imperial / Polydor / Sire


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If I'm going to play in the pool on , I'm going to have to do a lot better with my cover art :)

Hey, at least it makes everyone else's artwork look even better by comparison!

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Caravan - Blind Dog At St. Dunstans
1976 UK BTM Records / Arista


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Preview : In The Works (May 2022)

a preview of some of the music in the works around this time 2 years ago…

🎬 ·

#SymphonicRock #ProgressiveRock #ProgRock #prog #composers #youtube #musicvideo 🎧

#music #mastodonmusic #musiciansofmastodon #music_videos #videos

#Memories #May2022 #May10

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Looks like Coheed and Cambia redid a song, "Deranged," they originally did for the companion album for the game Batman: Arkham City.

Check it out on your favorite streaming service here:

Or watch the new video using clips from Victor Hugo's "The Man Who Laughs" (1928).

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I'm revisiting early-mid 1980s albums by prog rock (& related) artists, when they decided to try new, more stripped down, approaches, many of which provoked vilification & even decades-long grudges among older fans who accused their favourite bands of selling out (see also: Queen's Hot Space album).

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Camel - Nude
1981 UK Decca / Passport Records


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High Times tonight with IAH and an excellent bass playing. So good!

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mom's party noodle salad from 1976 "but vegan" 🥳

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Io da ragazzo sentii in ordine non cronologico (ovvero cominciai dal part2, che rimane la mia preferita oggi) ma quando sentii la prima parte, rimasi letteralmente folgorato

Questo live da una vaga idea di cosa fossero in all'epoca (), ovvero uno dei pilastri del

Una cosa che mi ha colpito: le salopette di 😃

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Damn, clearly no Asia (the band) fans on here as no-one answered my early question. I'm off to cry in the shower.

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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Roaring Silence
1976 UK Bronze


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As my progressive rock continues, I'm looking for more help from you fabulous people. YOu helped me yesterday with Hawkwind. So today's question is where should I start with Asia? #progrock? #progressiverock #classicrock

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I’m getting strong Kate Bush vibes from the first single taken from the forthcoming sophomore album from Belfast singer Louise Patricia Crane.

What do you think?

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Good Morning!

Turns 20 today. Marbles is quite an album with many a great tune on it. One of Marillion's best works I'd wager. Anyway, enjoy a taste of it here with Invisible Man.

Happy Anniversary Marbles!

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Moody Blues cofounder Mike Pinder has died at age 82. Born in Birmingham, U.K., he was part of the city's vibrant music scene and formed the "Moodies" in 1964 with Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas, Clint Warwick, and Denny Laine. In 1967, the group recorded "Days of Future Passed," which is now considered to be the first prog rock album. Here's more from Variety.

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Edzayawa - Projection One @vinylrecords

A truly unique piece of art. A desert island disc for me.

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I got the force field and the flexible plan. Still waiting for that date with fate in a black sedan.

#music #Rush #DigitalMan #ProgRock #ProgressiveRock #prog #RockMusic #ClassicRock

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