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Shell says doing more to rein in global warming is 'unrealistic'

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: absurd hoher Milliarden-Rekordgewinn

: absurd hoher Milliarden-Rekordgewinn

: absurd hoher Milliarden-Rekordgewinn

Skeptischer Claus-Dieter: „Die ist eine linksgrüne Verschwörung, um uns allen das Geld für angeblichen „Klimaschutz“ aus der Tasche zu ziehen und die Fossilindustrie zu ruinieren!!!“

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Want to add Vim key bindings to your Rust application? 🤔
Say less.

🦀 modalkit: A Rust library for building modal editing applications.

🚀 Can be used with TUIs (via @ratatui_rs) or shell-like applications.

⭐ GitHub: by @ulyssa

#rustlang #library #vim #editor #tui #shell #ratatui

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'Who let bro cook?': Taco Bell customer gets jaw-dropping Doritos Locos taco. How'd he even do that?

#cook #shell

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I’m giving 2 talks at Tek in Chicago — Shell Scripting for PHP Developers and Create Better Dotfiles — later this month. It’ll be something to see! You don’t want to miss it!

Get your ticket today!

#PHP #conference #shell #linux #chicago #WebDev

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I had my mind blown 🤯

pax -rw -pe -s/foo/bar/ foo.* .

copies foo.* to while renaming it to bar.*

and I've been fiddling with damn loops and what not.. and pax is ANCIENT.

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Fairbuds are Fairphone's proof that we really could make better tiny gadgets

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The /usr/bin/env approach in a Shell script's shebang line is pretty clever, but where did it originate? The earliest examples I could find were for Python in 1998. In "Programming Perl" it is mentioned in the 3rd edition from 2000, but not earlier. I also did not find it used in Tcl or Expect references. All sorts of wrapper script hacks with exec were used though.

So, can anybody point me at pre-1998 examples of the use of env in a Shell script's first line?

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Aquí, updateando Zorin mientras tomo el café. Vuestra tarde, ¿Qué tal?

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Actualizando mi script para passwords para poder usarlo con tut y mantener la cuenta encryptada en la config.
Asi como actualizar las opciones de editar y añadir passwords ......

Vamos una tarde de trasteo

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Conducting a small experiment using #Lisp instead of #shell script. Reason? Mere curiosity.

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Something that served me well over the year, viewing a configuration files without the comment and the newlines with sed:

sed -e '/^#/d' -e '/^$/d' file.conf

so you can see a clean version of all the settings you have set in the file..

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I would add this to filter out empty lines

sed -e '/^#/d' -e '/$^/d' -e '/^[[:space:]]*$/d'

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Friendly reminder that

set -e

is better than

#!/bin/sh -e

because the latter stops working when you do "sh" instead of "./".

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„The Missing Semester of your CS education” is a series of lectures run by the MIT students. They discuss things like , , , . Worth watching, especially if you are new to the industry.

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Refurbished Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable Tablets Are Starting at $379.99 Right Now

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The May issue has been released! This month we look at the D-Bus architecture, which creates a powerful channel for applications to communicate. Order your copy! today

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I keep forgetting the name but aria2 is just great when you want to download a torrent on a server. One parameter (magnet or torrent file) and it starts downloading.

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Shell In Court Over Its 'Dire' Exacerbation Of The Climate Crisis

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"['s] Energy Transition report is actually a full-throated defense of the industry.

– First, management is bullish on production;
– Second, they foresee a continued significant role for in the transportation sector;
– Third, [there is] an expectation for more .
– Fourth, new carbon abatement and removal technologies “will be needed.” [This refers to] technologies or operating efficiencies that presently do not exist."

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