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Improviser / photographer / graphic artist / corruption hater.
Another world is possible? Nazis are terrorists. Slava Ukraini!

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SteveBologna, to random
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https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/irs-complaint-process-tax-exempt-organizations Just in case you have a church in mind. $71B a year in tax exemptions. Just sayin’

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@SteveBologna Massive complaints are in order. “Think tanks” too. Let’s do this!

skykiss, to random
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“The Russian military is purchasing Starlink terminals from SpaceX, with supplies coming from the USA, Europe, UAE, Canada, Germany and Kazakhstan.

This was found out by specialists from the OSINT agency Molfar, who studied the assortment and spoke directly with terminal sellers”



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lin11c, to random
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I'm sorry, but at this point we need a Ninja AG. We need Tish James. We need someone radically dedicated to exposing and purging the rot. AG Tish James has shown her stripes and ability to deliver. Merrick Garland at another time would have been fine, but we are fighting a war against the devil right now. The MAGAt and Putin alliance.

KimPerales, to random
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Rather than getting credit for putting away a pol connected billion$+ fraudster -court opinions alleged dishonesty, misconduct, & bad faith. Young had to hire a lawyer & the DOJ did an internal investigation. *She was cleared.

High-level pol officials willing to lend their names for$ are gross. Defense lawyers who engage in a campaign of harassment towards litigators -overstepping A judge who didn’t sanction these lawyers for what they did *indulged it.

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@KimPerales What absolute bullshit. Thank you for alerting us to this.

CdnCurmudgeon, to random
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why the fuck is an 88-count indicted criminal being allowed to sabotage US foreign policy
it’s just another maddening day here in the United States of Have We All Gone Fucking Insane.

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The question is, why is the Biden Administration letting them?

QasimRashid, to random
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Outrageous. “Duke University announced it is ending a full-ride scholarship program for Black students”

Duke admits 11% of the general applicants but 23% of legacy applicants—whose parents and grandparents parents were accepted during Jim Crow.

Duke didn’t even accept Black students until 1963. Now Black scholarships are banned but racist Jim Crow Legacy thrives.

This is America. https://t.co/dNK2Rst99y

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The legacy students' parents give millions of dollars most likely.

faraiwe, to random
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This woman is a god! 🙏 💯

lin11c, to random
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I don't really care, do you? 😆

lin11c, to random
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If NATO went into Ukraine right now, this invasion would be over in 1 day. It could attack only in Ukrainian occupied territory to avoid the "attacking Russia" scenario. Step #1, blow up the Crimean bridge. This invasion is a despicable destruction that should have been stopped in the first week. NATO has done this before.

24 March 1999
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conducted a bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) from 24 March 1999 to 9 June 1999.

randahl, to random
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I could see, how the US may have never supported Ukraine, perhaps arguing that Russia was Europe’s problem.

I could also see, how the US would have supported Ukraine even more.

But what I really do not get, is the inconsistency of supporting Ukraine for two years with USD 68 billion, and then immediately after that investment decide not to follow through.

This is an absolutely meaningless use of tax dollars.

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It means we simply threw all that money away. I hope France denies these MAGAt MFs visas. 🤬 They are traitors.

KimPerales, (edited ) to random
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Republicans believe they're above the law, & for many, it's true, e.g.:

"Conservative activist Leonard Leo said on Thurs that he will not comply with a subpoena from the SJC, which is investigating undisclosed travel & gifts to SCJs Clarence Thomas & Samuel Alito.

The Dems would have to hold a full Senate vote to enforce the subpoena & are unlikely to be successful. Durbin said he sent the subpoena bc Leo has refused to cooperate with the CMTE’s inquiry."


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Is this something else they need 60 votes for? Another win for Dem phonies Manchin and Sinema's sabotage. Refer the case to DOJ? Congressional subpoenas are now worthless. Don't even bother.

lin11c, to random
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This is deeply disturbing. Call your reps and demand they sign the discharge petition. I am losing faith in Jeffries if he can't get this done. I mean COME ON!

sludge, to random
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Billionaires' wealth nearly doubled under the Trump-GOP tax law to a record high of $5.8 trillion, Americans for Tax Fairness found.

Billionaires are now bankrolling super PACs for Republican candidates in 2024 battlegrounds like Montana and Pennsylvania.

New report:


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So evil. These scumbags need to be taxed into oblivion.

wdlindsy, to random
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"When RNC co-chair and Trump daughter-in-law Lara Trump blasted out a robocall last week claiming 'massive fraud' in the 2020 election, it was a continuation of one of the great long cons in history. Four years and counting …

The Big Lie is a criminal conspiracy, a long con, a grift, and essentially a Trump family business opportunity."

~ David Kurtz



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I don't understand why this isn't illegal. Do we need a class action lawsuit?

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The judiciary are horrible corrupt. Judge Cannon Fodder and many others placed in their positions by the Federalist Society to fix decisions the way the billionaires want them.

weilawei, to random
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Where do we get locally grown leaders like Zelenskyy?

Are they not made like that in the US anymore?

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Ukrainians believe in freedom much more than Amerikkans because they know what it's like to live under authoritarian occupation. Zelenskyy is so gutsy and devoted to Ukrainian democracy! I can't think of an American to compare him to.

BigAngBlack, to random
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US think tank Heritage Foundation hit by cyberattack | TechCrunch


> Founded in 1973, the Washington DC-based and supports and lobbies on conservative issues.

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Excellent! Data dump please.

lolgop, to random
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Furious about the 19th century abortion ban Republicans forced on Arizona.

Here are three things we can do and share with everyone we know:

  1. Join a Vote Surge Sunday to get as many voters as possible ready for November.


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Strategic support is very important. Indivisible is all about this.

cdarwin, to random
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Jared Kushner's corruption

“This is a guy, Jared Kushner, who had no expertise, no qualification whatsoever to be in the White House while he was there. He made it his account to work in the Gulf Arab states. He basically helped lead the cover-up for [Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud]. Get him in from the cold after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.”

The New York Times recently reported that 99 percent of his investment fund’s money came from foreign sources.

The outlet also reported Kushner is working on developing hotels in the Balkans, specifically in Serbia and Albania, and noted that the firm has taken money from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

“I mean, look, this is not subtle corruption that we’re looking at,” Rhodes told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner during his Wednesday appearance on “Alex Wagner Tonight.”


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I really feel that he must atone for his murderous covid policies where Americans deaths meant nothing to this vile administration but instead how it was affecting their campaign. Then there is the PPP robbery of funneling billions to rich cronies. Anything? Any investigations? This is the fault of a weak DOJ IMO. But, they do have their hands full. Put a task force on this. Forget Congress, they are worthless right now.

theusasingers, to random
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Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville, James Comer, Marge 3-Toes, Mike Johnson, and Ron Johnson are Russian assets.

They’re the biggest traitors in Congress.

They’re threats to National Security.

Prison is too good for them.

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They all must be indicted and as they were part of a conspiracy to enact a coup. It's simply disgusting that nothing has been done because they are "politicians". It was a conspiracy and Ginni and Clarence Thomas were part of it too. So were the MAGAt "think tanks". Putin used them for his plans of empire. He took over the USA without firing a shot.

RealJournalism, to random
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The walls are closing in. Now, short sellers are targeting shares of Truth Social. https://moguldom.com/456870/short-sellers-look-to-profit-from-collapse-of-trumps-truth-social-stock-5-things-to-know/

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@tokensane @dashrb @philip_cardella @RealJournalism
I read it's a way for billionaires to funnel lots of money to him legally. It's a money laundering scheme that never should have been allowed. Our government hasn't been doing its job for decades. Corruption everywhere. 🤬

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@dashrb @tokensane @philip_cardella @RealJournalism
We are completely infiltrated by foreign actors and our government does nothing. Maybe you haven't heard about the FEC? They won't investigate any election crimes by GQP.

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@dashrb @Runyan50 @tokensane @philip_cardella @RealJournalism
They absolutely will disappear. That is why he is stalling. GQP is not a democratic party. They are full on fascist, maybe always were.

skykiss, to random
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Dave McCormick to fundraise with his ex-boss George W. Bush in Texas.

That's where McCormick made it easier to ship jobs to and invest in China, and then he himself did it.

“You are invited to join President George W. Bush and … Kathy & Harlan Crow”

Just so folks are clear on this

George W. Bush is hosting a fundraiser with Harlan Crow and Karl Rove, to try to unseat Dem Senator Bob Casey.

McCormick, the guy they are fundraising for, doesn’t live in PA, supports 6 week abortion bans and wants to privatize social security.

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Bush is a war criminal.

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