budak, to random
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sfwrtr, to apple
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I ask: "Hey Siri, Turn on Silence Unknown Callers."

Siri: "I'm sorry, I can't do that."

Me: "Why?"

sfwrtr, to apple
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No little scroll bar shows up to the left in Safari web page card view when scrolling through the webpage images that you can press and scroll faster. When you have hundreds, like I do, it makes it harder that this feature was left out. I believe this is an oversight bug.

SharonCummingsArt, to Flowers
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danslerush, to Podcast French
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Éloge du : quand le dysfonctionnement nous aide à repenser le

« Si les GAFAMs affirment rendre la vie de leurs utilisateurs plus aisée, ils participent aussi à l'invisibilisation de la partialité technologique, que le bug permet de lever. Dans son Éloge du bug, Marcello Vitali Rosati (@monterosato) propose de repenser le numérique, à l'aide du dysfonctionnement. »

- Le Meilleur Des Mondes

trofi, to random
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Sometimes it takes more time to refute a gcc bug than confirm it. This week I spent most time on https://gcc.gnu.org/PR114872 where sagemath SIGSEGVed on some simple inputs.

Bug updates are a bit hard to read and are missing a bit of compiler-unrelated context. I wrote something more coherent in https://trofi.github.io/posts/312-the-sagemath-saga.html

ZeNfA, to gamedev
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I present, this weird funny bug.. lol


Medde, to hungary Hungarian
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Konenpanien, to macrophotography
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If you are attentive in the forest, you can find fascinating and beautiful bugs like this weevil of the genus Curculionidae

smurthys, to cpp
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I spent ~hour yesterday fighting an issue with my C++ code, only to later figure out it's a possible GCC bug, because Clang accepts the same code.

The issue is that GCC does not permit a constrained type parameter in a template template parameter of an aliased template. See the simplified code with the issue.

A cursory search of GCC Bugzilla does not readily show any related bug. I'll look carefully but lemme know if this is a known bug (probably is). 🙏🏽


budak, to singapore
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peter, to Youtube
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Something odd going on with the Android YouTube app.

Every so often it just starts downloading a random video on my phone when I connect to WiFi.

It's been doing it since last weekend & it just did another one just now.

WriterOfMinds, to spiders
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New jumping spider! Sitticus palustris and Naphrys pulex are the closest options in my spider book, but I'm not sure. I often see P. audax and Platycryptus in the house, but these little brown ones stick to the lawn.

cdfinder, to macos
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And another in 14.4.1 that never bothered to fix.

Is 17.4.1 really 17.4.1? Or what?

This one is laughable, but it shows the complete lack of quality control from Apple these days.

And yes, that one has been around at least for three years, we had reported it, but hey.

cdfinder, (edited ) to macos
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So, it turns out that in 14 , if you have a NSPopUpButton, and use removeFromSuperview and then later addSubview to add that item again to a view, macOS doesn't draw the button properly, until it gets clicked at least once.

(setting up said Popup is very expensive, as in "slow", in the app in question, so for 15 years, it was a working idea to keep it around)


Yet another in the long long list of massive problems in the system frameworks in .

aral, to javascript
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Realised last night that JavaScript Database (JSDB) doesn’t run the constructor on persisted custom objects (https://codeberg.org/small-tech/jsdb#custom-data-types) when deserialising them because I didn’t know that you apparently have to define your constructor manually when using Object.create().

Will fix it today but it’s something to watch out for if you’re using Object.create() directly.

For more info, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/create

aral, to Vivaldi
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@gnome Bug report:

OS: Fedora Linux 40.20240424.0 (Silverblue) x86_64
DE: GNOME 46.1 (Wayland)

Vivaldi Open dialogue after clicking Choose file on a file input: flickering tooltip.

CC @Vivaldi

Video of flicking tooltip on icon in open dialogue in Vivaldi.

aral, (edited ) to Vivaldi
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@Vivaldi Bug report:

  • OS: Fedora Linux 40.20240424.0 (Silverblue) x86_64
  • DE: GNOME 46.1 (Wayland)

After signing in after sleep, Vivaldi renders at @1x even though my screen is set to @2x.

(Moving the window around or resizing it, etc., re-renders it at the correct resolution.)

Anneheathen, to art
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aral, to fedora
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There’s a long-standing bug in Fedora (also in Fedora 40), where the sign-in screen is displayed at the wrong resolution (it doesn’t use the settings you have set in the Settings app).

So, for example, if you have 4K@2x set in your settings for your monitor, the sign-in screen will still display at a tiny 4K@1x.

To fix, download an app called GDM Settings from the Software app and press Display → Apply current display settings → Apply.

shaknais, to php
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PHP's use of iconv allows for immediate and easy buffer overflows, via a bug in glibc. (Other servers don't tend to use iconv in the same way, so don't appear to be vulnerable yet.)


#CVE #Bug #PHP

SharonCummingsArt, to art
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libreture, to kindle
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If you're having a problem with your sideloaded ebooks disappearing from your Kindle due to the ongoing bug, maybe pop them into your Libreture account for safekeeping.

You can always send them to your Kindle to read using Libreture's Send to Device feature. 📕📨


alexeypegov, to random
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@ivory it looks like posting via share sheet is broken. First, I have some problems using tags there (everything just vanishes completely sometimes when trying to use tags) and then my post have not been posted at all and just disappeared.

MonaApp, to random
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Mona 6.2.2 is now available on the App Store. https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1659154653

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@MonaApp I use 6.2.4 on iOS (pad/phone). Maybe I found a in @MonaApp.
Scenario: In the standard sharing dialog my several mastodon accounts are listed in the first row. I select another as the one I have in the main view.
Observation: In the following dialog there’s not the selected one but the one I have in the main view.
Or the last one that I used before if I repeat that procedure with another account.

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