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I believe #Microsoft knew that #recall would generate this kind of backlash. They just don't care, they're testing limits of what they can get away with ... After all #google and #facebook got away (mostly) with what they're doing. It's the slow boiling frog method ... and people are gullible enough to buy whatever BS big tech marketing is selling ...

#privacy #surveillancecapitalism #bigtech #surveillance #linux

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📢 Big tech has never cared for your online and they still don’t! Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes – it’s just privacy washing.

Read more here 👉 👉 👉

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You mistake ruthless for smart and this is what you get.

#BigTech #AI #SiliconValley #VC

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Google: you should trust us because we’re the most intelligent people on earth.

Also Google: Eat rocks! Put glue on your pizza! Fight a snake for your PhD!


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Big companies can't go down.
Big company services will never stop.
Big companies have THE CLOUD!

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: "Company documents obtained by Vox with signatures from Altman and Kwon complicate their claim that the clawback provisions were something they hadn’t known about. A separation letter on the termination documents, which you can read embedded below, says in plain language, “If you have any vested Units ... you are required to sign a release of claims agreement within 60 days in order to retain such Units.” It is signed by Kwon, along with OpenAI VP of people Diane Yoon (who departed OpenAI recently). The secret ultra-restrictive NDA, signed for only the “consideration” of already vested equity, is signed by COO Brad Lightcap.

Meanwhile, according to documents provided to Vox by ex-employees, the incorporation documents for the holding company that handles equity in OpenAI contains multiple passages with language that gives the company near-arbitrary authority to claw back equity from former employees or — just as importantly — block them from selling it.

Those incorporation documents were signed on April 10, 2023, by Sam Altman in his capacity as CEO of OpenAI."

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If you only read one article this year, it has to be THIS by @Mer__edith, the president of :

"AI is a marketing term, not a technical term of art. [...]
This is also why it’s imperative that we recognize mass surveillance – and ultimately the surveillance business model – as the root of the large-scale tech we’re currently calling “AI”."


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Only accusing the "big companies" for doing all sort of "unethical" things, is like only accusing mass murderers for the killings that they do. Every crime is a crime. Big or small. Small companies do similar shady practices and abuse people or destroy the environment.

But best is to look at the system that creates these entities instead of accusing companies or people.

As long as the underlying practice on this planet is to TRADE or else you are fucked, then this is what we are going to do and prioritize. Thus the evolution of companies and billionaires, waste, pollution, you name it.

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Big Tech is not much help when fighting a junta, and FOSS doesn't ride to the rescue

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: "For years now, OpenAI told everyone that these were all secondary concerns — that its deeper ambition was something nobler, and more public-spirited. But since Altman’s return, the company has been telling a different story: a story about winning at all costs.

And why bother with superalignment, when there’s winning to do?

Why bother getting actresses’ permission, when the right numbers are all still going up?"

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Wir laden zu unserer Vortragsreihe „SMARTE WELT – Grundrechte und digitale Zukunftsvisionen”.

Am 31. Mai mit @anneroth und dem Projekt Digital Zebra der @zlb_berlin

  1. Juni mit und @TobiasSchulze

  2. Juli mit @robertdobe und Tom Jennissen von @digiges


Die Reihe wird gefördert von der @BeLapoBi

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#EU #BigTech #DMA #Interoperability #Competition #Antitrust #GDPR #DataProtection: "After decades of regulatory indifference to tech monopolization, competition authorities all over the world are taking on Big Tech. The DMA is by far the most muscular and ambitious salvo we’ve seen.

Seen in that light, it’s no surprise that Big Tech is refusing to comply with the rules. If the EU successfully forces tech to play fair, it will serve as a starting gun for a global race to the top, in which tech’s ill-gotten gains - of data, power and money - will be returned to the users and workers from whom that treasure came.

The architects of the DMA and DSA foresaw this, of course. They’ve announced investigations into Apple, Google and Meta, threatening fines of 10 percent of the companies’ global income, which will double to 20 percent if the companies don’t toe the line.

It’s not just Big Tech that’s playing for all the marbles - it’s also the systems of democratic control and accountability. If Apple can sabotage the DMA’s insistence on taking away its veto over its customers’ software choices, that will spill over into the US Department of Justice’s case over the same issue, as well as the cases in Japan and South Korea, and the pending enforcement action in the UK."

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Ogni tanto serve rilanciarlo 😁 #NoBigTech

MICROSOFT: Aspetta, posso spiegare!

GOOGLE: State spiando l'intero sistema operativo? Noi spiamo solo il web.

APPLE: Ma i vostri utenti sanno che li state spiando??

LINUX: Voi spiate???

#Unolinux #Microsoft #Google #Apple #Linux #Sicurezza #Privacy #BigTech

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𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙏𝙚𝙘𝙝 𝙩𝙤 𝙀𝙐: "𝘿𝙧𝙤𝙥 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙙"

A good read by Cory Doctorow…

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“Today #tech companies and their #billionaire CEOs are becoming increasingly demonized, and some people are questioning whether they should even exist at all.”

More on the new (and old) “robber barons” here:

#BigTech #capitalism #technocapitalism

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Interesting approach. But it's commercial, not decentralized, and is backed by Sam Altman and more Big Tech honchos, so my first reaction is skepticism.

#social #media #SocialMedia #news tech #technology #BigTech

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La metà dei lavoratori dei magazzini Amazon fatica a sostenere i costi di vitto e alloggio.

Un terzo dei lavoratori ha dovuto fare affidamento su almeno un programma di assistenza.

Le azioni di Amazon hanno però raggiunto i massimi storici in aprile e Jeff Bezos ora vale 203 miliardi di dollari.

Questo è l'aspetto che ha l'oligarchia occidentale.

cit @rbreich

#Amazon #Oligarchia #JeffBezos #BigTech

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Prova de que big tech é uma prisão:
"Um estudo recente conduzido pelo economista Leonardo Bursztyn, da Universidade de Chicago, retratou bem essa armadilha. Os pesquisadores recrutaram mais de mil estudantes universitários e perguntaram a eles quanto dinheiro exigiriam para desativar suas contas no Instagram ou no TikTok por quatro semanas. É uma pergunta padrão de economistas para calcular o valor de um produto. Os estudantes responderam que precisariam, em média, de 50 dólares (59 no caso do TikTok, 47 no caso do Instagram) para sair dessas plataformas.
Em seguida, os pesquisadores disseram aos estudantes que tentariam convencer a maioria dos alunos da faculdade a sair das redes sociais, também mediante pagamento. E perguntaram: “Quanto você exigiria receber para desativar sua conta se a maioria dos outros também saísse da plataforma?” A resposta, em média, foi menos que zero. Em todos os casos, a maioria dos alunos se dispunha a pagar para sair da plataforma."

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After watching OpenAI's presentation and, even more, an excerpt from Google's presentation yesterday, I asked myself: is this AI, according to the big tech companies (especially Google - for OpenAI it's their core business, so I understand their perspective), truly what users want and need, or is it just another method to lock people into using their technologies, which are not easily self-hostable?

I'm not arguing for or against it, but I noticed that (almost) the entire Google I/O yesterday was focused on this...

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#BigTech #SiliconValley #Dystopias: "By attaching the new product to a popular speculation, especially one with built-in dramatic tension, the founders can elevate a buggy, unproven, or partially conceived technology into the cultural firmament, even if only briefly. It’s a cheat code, a way of getting us to relate to a future that’s already been culturally prototyped, and it can be quite successful. To wit: The day after admonishing tech companies for using Her as a benchmark for their products, Roose dedicated his column to explaining how AI’s ‘Her’ Era Has Arrived — thus further entrenching the link between OpenAI’s aspirational technology and its attendant useful dystopia in the public consciousness. Hell, my own story about the grim origins of the metaverse probably made Facebook’s deeply lame Horizons VR product seem orders of magnitude cooler than it turned out to be.

Even if consumers aren’t aware of all of the dystopian reference points these founders and companies are pushing, they probably should be aware of the narcissistic, us-against-the-collapsing-world mentality that is active behind them. And we shouldn’t merely mock the tech set for using dystopias as marketing materials — we should try to stop them from creating them, too."

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