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5 Essential Strong Towns Articles
Strong Towns
January 31, 2017

...If you're just joining Strong Towns (or even if you've been following us for a while), there are some important articles you may have missed that we really think you should read. They include some of the foundational thinking that led to the Strong Towns movement, and they continue to speak to our goals today.

Take 10 minutes (or 30) to dive into some of these important stories. We guarantee you'll come away with new ideas for how to make your town stronger:

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From Reboot:
Plastover: An Exodus from Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic use is a moral responsibility as well as a practical necessity. But it seems so overwhelming — how to begin?

It won’t be easy, but we have all of the information you need to make it happen – and plenty of information about why it matters. We know that saving the world from plastic will require more than just eliminating single-use plastic for a week and a day. We have a long journey ahead of us as well, but pushing now for industry change will help us use Passover to spark a sustained climate intervention. An Exodus of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

#Mazeldon #Jewniverse #JFedi #Passover #Pesach #Sustainability #Plastic

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“We Need Shade”: America’s Hottest City Rushes to Plant More Trees - Only about 9 percent of Phoenix has canopy coverage—poor neighborhoods have less. Nina Lakhani 4.18.24

"...Redlined neighborhoods like Grant Park still have higher pollution levels, less vegetation, more noise pollution and higher temperatures. In recent years, the local outdoor pool was shuttered and scores of trees cut down by a previous administration to prevent homeless people from gathering in the shade.

“This is one of the hottest parts of the city because the people here don’t have political power,” said Leo Hernandez, 78, the master gardener at the thriving community garden where he created a butterfly sanctuary for migrating monarchs. “We need shade, but trees also suck up carbon dioxide, create places to socialize and healthier, happier neighborhoods.”

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'The research also shows that if wind turbines are sited in areas with existing roads and infrastructure, such as on agricultural land, they can be approximately seven times more efficient, in terms of energy produced per square metre of land directly impacted by the infrastructure, than projects that are developed from scratch.'

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Climate change is shaping a mindset revolution -- powerfully driving innovation and progress. And young people are leading the transformation. This @Flipboard Storyboard focuses on the roles of those born since 1989, when recognition of children’s rights and the spike of global temperatures began to intersect, curated by The Christian Science Monitor:

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The world’s 280 million electric bikes and mopeds are cutting demand for oil far more than electric cars

Odd how so much of the UK media is against them, now why would that be? It couldn't have anything to do with the £1.9bn per year the motor industry spends on advertising, could it?

PeterGray, avatar

@kim_harding who'd like to make a guess when private motorised transport (cars - petrol/diesel/electric, not bikes) become a thing of the past?

I'm saying 2035. (You heard it here first.)

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The Model Forest Network in Risaralda, Colombia does fantastic sustainability organizing (using Terraso!)

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods in South America and the Amazon

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A super fun video about "All the Ways Car Dependency Is Wrecking Us" based on solid research.


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The European Union and the governments of 13 countries urged nations to prioritize the ratification of a U.N. treaty to protect the world's oceans from overfishing and other human activities.

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The Oil Crash Is Coming Sooner Than We Think By Rachel Donald, originally published by Planet: Critical, April 15, 2024

"...Produce smaller, less energy-intensive machines & give people control over the means of their energy production. ...We must think about the time we have left to act & the energy we have at hand to act. Fossil fuels are devastating the earth’s climate & their extraction has devastated...just about everything we could hold dear. ...We need an energy revolution and building the kind of infrastructure we need for a cohesive society will take fuel. ...We should redirect the unfathomably immense quantities of wasted energy that supports the lifestyles of the world’s 1%, who emit as much as the bottom 66% and use our last remaining years of access to build better stuff. Redistributing...would make so much energy available while still reducing overall emissions. ...With it built, we could reduce even more..."

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#Greece becomes first #European country to ban #BottomTrawling in #MarineParks

The #law will come into force in #NationalParks within two years and in all of the country’s marine protected areas by 2030
#Sustainability #Environment #Food

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The EU stands up for the ocean.

At the Our Ocean Conference in Greece, we committed to 40 actions to protect the ocean and promote ocean in 2024.

To turn them into reality, we will use €3.5 billion of EU funds - the biggest amount committed since the start of the Our Ocean Conference in 2014.

We will act in key areas, such as:

🔹 Sustainable fisheries
🔹 Marine protected areas
🔹 Ocean and climate change
🔹 Sustainable blue economies
🔹 Research


Green seaweed underwater with sunlight and shoal of fish in the Atlantic Ocean (Rias Baixas, Spain).
A photo with a black and purple sea urchins surrounded by algae and rocks.
A photo with colourful jellyfishes surrounded by the darkness of the ocean.

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This video by the channel No-Till Growers presents a simple composting system that uses chickens.

It is an interesting system that explores how to use on-farm inputs only.

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A few remarks on this video.

The title and the guy telling the story pretend it's all just farm in & outputs, but quite at the start he mentions that he starts with food scraps from local restaurants... So, that's external input in my book.

The other external input is all the machinery and the fossil fuels that are used.

To be more resilient in an uncertain/collapsing future scenario these are not the type of solutions that can be sustained.

I'm all in favor of composting and producing food (yourself) and as locally as possible, but please don't lie to yourself about the degree of 'sustainability' when you are working like this, even if it involves composting stuff yourself.

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Boeing-backed startup set to open world's largest facility that turns seawater into alternative fuel: 'Resilient to some pretty dirty inputs'

Equatic, a California-based startup, is pioneering a groundbreaking technology that concurrently extracts carbon dioxide from both the ocean and the atmosphere.

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Draining the World of Fresh Water

By Andrew Nikiforuk, originally published by The Tyee April 15, 2024

"...The implications of groundwater extraction are straightforward. Places like Kansas that depend on groundwater for industrial farming will record their smallest wheat production this year since the 1960s. Wherever aquifers have been drained, sinkholes appear, the land subsides and streams and rivers dry up.

What the two studies are telling us is this: water usage by the technosphere has damaged the global water cycle and is now outstripping groundwater capacity. Water and food security are at risk.

One of the key drivers of this water crisis, although not explicitly mentioned in the papers, has been the Jevons paradox. Whenever technologies make the consumption of a resource more efficient, little or no savings are realized because of increased consumption..."

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South East Asia is "woefully off track" on green investments to reduce emissions, says global consultancy Bain & Company.

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I was approached by a local theater working on its / future-thinking course for the youth (15-23 or so).

They would like me to design a narrative card game which could help the kids imagine a better, sustainable future, making them feel agency over their lives.

It needs to be easy to learn, use and have lesson plans.

I'm currently thinking along the lines of "For the Queen", "The Story Engine", "The Quiet Year", "Dialect"...

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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"

#KEcoLab is a KDE tool for measuring software's #energy consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of #KDE 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with #Kate test scripts.

#KDEEco #SOK24 #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability


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If FLOSS is built on the four freedoms, and FLOSS has created an environment that is brittle, then perhaps it’s time for FLOSS to similarly augment the four freedoms.

We have to address this in a fundamental way. The alternative may well be the (eventual) end of FLOSS as we know it.

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Hello Fediverse Family:

I’m new here and excited to explore a new kind of social media experience!

Looking to connect & find folks championing a cleaner planet in the various ways people advocate for such.

If you know of good accounts or fediverse resources, please speak up, I’d appreciate it!

About me: passionate about climate solutions and bringing about positive change for people and planet.

Please say hello and it’d be great to find my community here! 🙏

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Selenium automation for measuring software's energy consumption?

@prady0t wants to guide you!

Read about his Season of KDE 2024 work on documentation for #Selenium AT-SPI, including video guides for the #KDE community.

"How Selenium Helps Build Sustainable Software (And More)"

Keep an eye here for the videos (coming soon)!

#KDEEco #SOK24 #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability


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Feeding Ourselves 2024 – Unlocking Local Food Economies

By Oliver Moore, originally published by ARC2020 April 10, 2024

"...People present heard about the importance of food citizenship and the issue with referring to people as consumers when it comes to food. The examples of The Larder in Belfast and Grenfell Community Kitchen in London both illustrate the value of a more holistic response to the challenges of food inequality, by taking a more proactive role in local sourcing of food and the means of production themselves.

The lesson from The Netherlands was that what people need is food freedom and this can only be achieved by working closely with farmers.

...“There’s nobody coming to save us”, as Lee said, and the overwhelming message from this session was that change comes from grassroots actions, building new models rather than fighting with or trying to change the existing ones..."

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