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kravietz, to Germany
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Three citizens were arrested on suspicion of having worked as foreign agents for Ministry of State Security with goal of forming research partnerships with German universities and collect information useful from military and economic point of view.

https://www.generalbundesanwalt.de/SharedDocs/Pressemitteilungen/DE/2024/Pressemitteilung-vom-22-04-2024.html?nn=478184 (in German)

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@kravietz and one of them is working for the far-right frontrunner for the European Parliament Maximilian .

Who is very successful on Tik-Tok btw.


gtconway3, to random

“Johnson received a key intelligence briefing from [CIA Director], who painted a picture of the dire situation on the battlefield in Ukraine and the global consequences of inaction, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation. The briefing left a lasting impression, and Johnson became increasingly convinced the fate of Western democracy was on his shoulders, sources close to him said.”

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@anderspuck @randahl @amayer @DeeGLloyd Trump has other things on his mind anyhow.

IMO the change of mind of Johnson was none. Trump's entanglements and the Iranian attacks gave him an opportunity to make moves against Trump (aid for Ukraine) and Biden (splitting of the bill; Biden was opposed against a standalone aid package).

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@amayer @anderspuck @randahl @DeeGLloyd compared to the MAGA defeat it's minor. But Johnson managed to get what he wanted over Biden's objections.

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@anderspuck @amayer @randahl @DeeGLloyd

The aid was stalled for so long and it wasn't clear that anything might pass prior to November. Biden simply wasn't in a position to object to the procedure anymore.

osma, to random
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This is an extremely based piece on generative LLMs from @molly0xfff. Really, my only issue with it is that it boxes "AI" to discuss only generative LLMs, while there are plenty of other machine-learning and algorithmic exploration technologies that can offer far more practical value in domains that are not just text-based token streams. But, yeah - "AI" now means ChatGPT and the other stuff doesn't have a name. I get it.

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@osma @molly0xfff I don't like AI. But I am all for machine learning...

anderspuck, to Russia
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The turmoil in the Middle East has led to many speculations about the extent to which Russia and Iran are coordinating their actions. So I decided to make a video about the relationship between , , and .

This time I am linking to a post on my new Ghost site. Some people have requested that I post transcripts of my videos, which seemed like a good idea. So if you prefer to "read" my videos instead of watching them, you can sign up for the newsletter.

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@VikingChieftain @anderspuck China and russia potentially have conflicting spheres of interest in central Asia though.


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@VikingChieftain @anderspuck Italian and German interests didn't overlap completely either. Just think Greece and the Balkans.

randahl, to random
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Several of you have asked, why half the Republican party has voted for Ukraine aid today, if the party is against it.

The truth is, many republicans have wanted this aid for months — even Mike Johnson was for it in the beginning.

But Trump wanted Biden’s Ukraine agenda to fail, and very few Republicans dare to go against the tzar, because if they do, Trump will immediately endorse another political candidate in their home district.

But what turned this around was security briefings…


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@anderspuck @randahl Johnson probably has just waited for the right moment.

His goal is neither a russian win nor a Ukrainian win. Or an American win.

His goal is control over the republican party. A Johnson win.

He has used every measure to make MAGA irrelevant and improve his position. Step by step.

Loukas, to random
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I just saw a job advert for professional editors. "Instead of being worried AI will replace your job, shape the future of AI!" They want people to write texts for AI training.

”Instead of being worried about Christmas, turkeys can shape the future of Christmas!”

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@Loukas who would have thought that the limiting factor for AI would be lack of training data.

Puny humans. Can't even generate enough data to become irrelevant.


kravietz, to Germany
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Dark clouds gathering over #Germany industry sector, which is now admitted even by RWE CEO Markus Krebber:

Companies and investors have scouted other countries offering attractive subsidies and cheaper energy prices. “You’re going to see a bit of recovery, but I think we’re going to see a significant structural demand destruction in the energy-intensive industries,” Krebber warned.

German electricity sector strategically depends on coal and gas for its dispatchable generation. Krebber now admits that shutdown of #nuclear power plants was a huge mistake:

Echoing criticism in Germany over the country’s energy policy, Krebber said then-chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision in 2011 to shut down its nuclear fleet without replacing the fuel with another energy source aside from Russian pipeline imports was a “mistake”.

Then he dismisses the current narrative dominated by “we’ll just replace it by X” where “X” changes every few years in a vicious cycle: renewables industry comes up with new snake oil, investors hype it as “the future solution”, prototypes are built and fail, and we’re back to square one. Investors cash profits and the grid is still screwed. Krebber says what every single grid engineer was saying for the last two decades of anti-nuclear hysteria worldwide:

“When you know exactly what you want to shut down, you need to immediately start thinking about how do I get the new technology in the ground?” he pointed out.

Source: https://archive.is/xW1SC#selection-2993.0-3015.167

What we should of course keep in mind is that as recently as in 2021 the same Krebber categorically rejected any idea of extending operations of nuclear power plants:


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@kravietz This:

"Echoing criticism in Germany over the country’s energy policy, Krebber said then-chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision in 2011 to shut down its nuclear fleet without replacing the fuel with another energy source aside from Russian pipeline imports was a “mistake”."


"...lucrative subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act for decarbonisation technologies are attracting European companies." (Like solar panel manufacturers...)

Also in 2021 RWE was all in on russian gas.

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@kravietz RWE's problem is also that Germany is buying french nuclear energy. And they are losing market share atm.

All in all we should be glad that Germany is buying French energy. And not russian.

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This might be of interest too. German energy market didn't really feel the end of nuclear power. But neither is the "Atomausstieg" the reason why German energy production is "greener" than before.

It has a lot to do with CO2 certificates (buying from elsewhere is cheaper than producing energy via burning Coal...).

So, yeah, it would have been better if Germany would have kept nuclear and phased out lignite faster.

But it could have been worse.

kravietz, to Russia
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Residents of flooded Orsk refuse to evacuate in fear of organised teams of looters. The woman quotes looters who robbed flats and shops in previously evacuated districts. A few days ago, local emergency minister argued that they issued a flood warning „over a week ago but nobody listened”. Please keep this in mind when someone denies Russian looting of Ukraine — Russians even loot their own country when they have an opportunity!

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@kravietz state monopoly on violence seems overrated...

SheDrivesMobility, to random German
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  • t_mkdf,
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    @SheDrivesMobility er könnte auch einfach sage: unsere deutschen Produkte sind auf dem Weltmarkt zu teuer und wir sollten Lohnkosten sparen.

    Aber wie seit jeher ignoriert die deutsche Politik die Binnennachfrage als möglichen Wachstumsmotor. Und geht mangelnde Investitionen nicht an.

    Wir werden in Hinblick auf chinesische Überkapazitäten wahrscheinlich eh nie wieder Exportweltmeister werden.

    kravietz, to random
    @kravietz@agora.echelon.pl avatar

    This interview with an US professor Richard Wolff explaining “how can you get a PS5 under socialism” a bit like watching libertarians evangelizing the fallacy of perfect information of free market participants,^1 just au rebours. Or maybe it’s not even au rebours, just the same exact fallacy, worded differently?

    The postulate of “workers’ councils”, presented here as core part of “socialism” is usually postulated in the “anarcho-syndicalism” package in Europe (in American political parlour everything is “socialism” that is left from Trump).

    It’s based on two fundamental assumptions that also happen to be fallacies:

    • participants of these councils can somehow acquire 100% accurate information about the “social needs” that will be not biased or influenced by any party;
    • the actual “social needs” are identical or can be somehow averaged in a society composed of individuals that often have dramatically different personal preferences.

    A simple example that everyone can ask themselves: some people want to wear green t-shirts, some want orange ones.

    How do you average these? You can’t.

    A typical real socialism solution: make grey ones, so everyone is pissed off but at least equally pissed off.

    A typical regulated free market solution: someone makes green, someone makes orange, someone makes red with “Che” Guevara. Whoever sells most, wins. Surplus is sold at discounted price. Carbon tax curbs possible excess surplus production by internalising the external costs of pollution and CO2 emissions.

    A fragment of a professor Richard Wolff interview where he's being asked is it possible to get PS5 under socialism

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @kravietz you can have ps5 under "socialism". But probably not under central control.

    But is a system e.g. made up of collaboratives socialist? Or is it collaborative capitalism?

    kravietz, to China
    @kravietz@agora.echelon.pl avatar

    was quite openly talking to its internal audience about its strategic goal of creating a dependency on themselves in “international supply chains”. Here’s Xi Jinping speech from 2020:

    Firstly, we should stretch the long board, consolidate and enhance the international leading position of advantageous industries, forge some “ace card” technologies, continuously enhance the advantages of the whole industrial chain in the fields of high-speed railway, electric power equipment, renewable energy, communication equipment, etc. and improve the quality of the industry, so as to tighten the dependence of the international industrial chain on our country, and to form a strong counter-control and deterrent ability against artificial supply cut-offs by the foreign side.

    Xi explicitly mentions two elements: energy systems and deterrence which leaves no place for ambiguity - this dependence is intended to be used as a weapon. This is literally what wanted to achieve in 2021 when it artificially raised gas prices, creating an artificial energy crisis in EU, hoping it will deter Europe from engaging on the side of Ukraine in 2022. But in case of Russia, the strategic dependence was gradually disarmed since 2000’s with initiatives such as EU Gas Directive (only one country continuously sabotaged it, actually increasing its strategic dependence on Russia with a new gas pipeline). In case of China the dependence is growing according to China’s plan - where Xi mentioned “renewable energy”, China now controls 80% of the global supply chain for PV manufacturing.

    Source: https://www.xuexi.cn/lgpage/detail/index.html?id=13237620485782082031&item_id=13237620485782082031 (translation by DeepL)

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @notsoloud @kravietz and lifespan is 20 to 30 years.


    China can not leverage finished products the same way as russia could energy exports.

    Also their business model is export of manufactured goods.

    I also suspect that there will be more and more protective moves from the US and the EU to protect domestic industries in view of Chinese overproduction and lack of private consumption.




    kyivindependent, to random
    @kyivindependent@masto.ink avatar

    ⚡️France to send Ukraine air defense missiles, armored vehicles.

    Paris will "unlock a new batch of Aster 30 missiles" for the SAMP/T MAMBA system, the French equivalent of the U.S. Patriot, in response to Ukraine's air defense shortage.

    🔗 https://kyivindependent.com/france-to-send-ukraine-air-defense-missiles-armored-vehicles/

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @osma @anderspuck @kyivindependent aid is aid.

    Bilateral aid is great. And good publicity.

    (And we simply don't know whether UK bilateral aid would be the same if they didn't leave the EU - I doubt it. But their economy might do better so maybe yes...).

    anderspuck, to random
    @anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

    Russian state media continue to push the explanation that the arrested terrorists did it for money. Apparently, the salary for becoming a mass murderer was USD 5400.
    They don't mention ISIS with a single word.

    On a sidenote, it has always puzzled me that Russians in uniform so often wear masks on TV even in situations where it makes no operational sense. Are they not proud to be associated with their service?

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @anderspuck @Flies4no1 question is what is scarier and/or more believable for the russian public: people committing mass murder for 5k Dollar or ISIS fanatics?

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @anderspuck @Flies4no1 so more like: see we take care and control the situation. And conveniently omitting the why.

    When I see people floating a potential FSB involvement I can't help but wonder whether the FSB started those rumours.

    To make people believe nothing is true in the end.

    rooster, to random
    @rooster@chaosfem.tw avatar


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  • t_mkdf,
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    @rooster it's X-Men. Don't they know that it always has been woke?

    osma, (edited ) to instagramreality
    @osma@mas.to avatar

    Documented cases of elections interference by a foreign actor:

    Facebook: yes
    Twitter: yes
    Google/Doubleclick: yes
    TikTok: no

    You may think that the latter is just lack of investigation, and you may even be correct, but the overall finding will hold nonetheless.

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @osma or to paraphrase Vlad Vexler: our public forums should not be controlled by potato chip companies. Musk, Zuckerberg and the others don't have more legitimacy than the Kebab shop owner next door to run social media.

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @osma Point is neither Tiktok, Meta, or X is qualified or legitimate.

    They will have their financial interest in mind at best. Or just follow their owners agenda more or less openly.

    kravietz, to Germany
    @kravietz@agora.echelon.pl avatar

    A new wave of outrage going through media outlets framing Olaf Scholz statement about presence of soldiers in . This is just one sample, all media reports sound ery much the same.^1

    Germany was accused of a “flagrant abuse of intelligence” after revealing that British soldiers are supporting Ukrainian forces launching long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

    I’m just wondering, to whom he really “revealed” that?

    1. Russian intelligence - knows about it and actively hunts them, real or imaginary
    2. Russian public - this is the most ridiculous concern, because Russian audience since 2023 is being fed continuous stream of news about fighting with NATO, hundreds of “foreign mercenaries” being killed weekly etc.
    3. European public - pro-Putin audience just listens to the same news as above, just from Sputnik and RT; pro-Ukrainian audience, like me, is only annoyed by insufficient military support for Ukraine
    4. European politicians - I think this is the real protected minority: non-admission of presence of NATO instructors and intelligence in Ukraine allows them to continue the “non-escalation” narrative and pretend to be Chamberlains of the 21st century

    Who is that public “secret” being guarded for then? 🤔

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @kravietz and I mean the biggest impact had, especially early in the war, was the sharing of intelligence with Ukraine.

    And the US also admitted that they contributed to the demise of russian officers.

    It's always nice to have a veil of "plausible deniability". But in the end it's just a veil.

    ErikJonker, to geopolitics
    @ErikJonker@mastodon.social avatar

    Even if it's true, why reveal it. Scholz is really becoming damaging to europe , germany and security.
    "British soldiers in Ukraine helping fire missiles, Olaf Scholz reveals"


    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @ErikJonker @geopolitics becoming? He always has been. Reactionary in his approach at best.

    osma, to random
    @osma@mas.to avatar

    Theory: societies without a commonly agreed external threat turn against themselves due to evolutionary biology.

    There always have been a minority of people who experience the world through threats - these were the warrior/defenders when we needed constant defense.

    As societies experience extended peace, these warrior types seek new threats to defend against - lately turning against imaginary threats in their immediate surroundings.

    @t_mkdf@ruhr.social avatar

    @osma blame oxytocin.

    Us vs them is a strong motivator.

    And it's readily exploited by certain types to improve their status.

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