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Military analyst at the Royal Danish Defence College.
I make videos on YouTube about war, conflict, Russia – at the moment mostly the war in Ukraine. Author of "Krigens Logik" and host of "Krigskunst Podcast".

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jakobpersonally, to random

@anderspuck ift nuværende krig, så virker det at droner er det mest taktisk nødvendig teknologi. Synes du at der skal være mere fokus på at udvikle dem eller at stoppe dem? Jeg ved jo at man skal gøre begge, men hvad skal prioriteres? Droner er jo fleksible da de er hurtigt og små, tror du der skal være fokus på at lave “counters” i luften, eller man skal tage kampen fra grunden? Men alligvel i den længer sigt, er det bedre at arbejde imod eller for droner? Vil gerne tagedialog

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@jakobpersonally Jeg tror at begge dele er lige vigtigt. Har desværre ikke så meget tid til at diskutere lige nu, men måske @Wulff, @AndersGottlieb eller @Coffeebean har nogle perspektiver?

KimPerales, to Ukraine
@KimPerales@toad.social avatar

There's a reason to be hopeful for the aid package, but only if includes Gaza aid in the bill:

Rep Mikie Sherrill tells me Dems will only support Mike Johnson's bill if it includes Gaza humanitarian aid.

But she also says that if Dem concerns are met, many Ds will back it. Given her influence, that's a sign Ukraine aid may really happen:


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@KimPerales I think the democrats should support Ukraine because it’s important in itself and not tie the issue to Gaza.

timkmak, to random
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Here's what we are reading today:

Trypillia Thermal Power Plant in Kyiv was completely destroyed by a Russian strike because Ukraine has run out of missiles to defend it, Zelenskyy says.

Although the first seven missiles were downed, the next four hit the plant.


@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@DeeGLloyd @timkmak @randahl Vlad put up a community note that he will do it, so that will be interesting to watch. My quick take is that it is not as bad as previous articles about this supposed peace deal. But I do think they confuse the existence of negotiations with an intention of the two leaders to make compromises. For Russia it was a political show in line with the security demands they had made to NATO a few months earlier.

8ruun, to random
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@8ruun Cool. Thanks.

jchillerup, to random
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@anderspuck You're probably not one to engage in guesswork and highly hypothetical questions, so please disregard this if you don't find it interesting:

With the recent developments in the Middle East, I wonder if you think world affairs would have panned out differently if the EU had been more resolute in their support to Ukraine in 2022 and 2023. Many seem to argue that Iran et al. have been emboldened by our foot-dragging. What's your take?

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@jchillerup I’m not so sure that it’s about the EU as it’s about the U.S. Arguably if the U.S. had equipped Ukraine to win from the beginning instead of just surviving, the war would have been over by now.

MarvinTheMartian, to Russia
@MarvinTheMartian@mstdn.social avatar

Ukraine's strategic bombing of Russian oil refineries
by @anderspuck 11:48

Ukraine's strikes on Russian oil refineries can become a big problem for #Putin's government

Cmdr Nielsen also discusses the #US opposition to these attacks, and if it's legal to hit a refinery

🇩🇰 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
#AndersPuckNielsen is a military analyst and Navy Commander at the Royal Danish Defence College. He studies #Russia's military since long before the 2022 invasion



@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@VikingChieftain @lindamarie @MarvinTheMartian I guess you’re right but Wallander’s statement here is indicative of the problem. It’s ridiculous to indicate that the morally right thing to do is to avoid hitting Russian fuel production.

randahl, to random
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Is it a good idea for Ukraine to bomb Russian oil refineries?

@anderspuck has a new analysis, with excellent pionts including this one:

“The Americans have to learn, that if you are not actually providing weapons to help another country win a war, you also do not get a say in how they fight the war.”

Spot on!


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@CivilityFan @randahl I think U.S. could persuade Ukraine to stop this in exchange for 60 billion dollars worth of weapons.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@codebyjeff @randahl Thanks. I don’t think it’s a reasonable thing to ask, though. The Biden administration also has to acknowledge that they can’t promise to win the election and take back Congress, and that in the meantime Ukraine has to pursue some strategy that can plausibly lead to victory. It’s not fair to ask them to wait another year and see what happens.

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@codebyjeff @randahl I think the Biden administration has generally overestimated the ability of the US to control what happens in foreign wars. First in the way they delivered weapons to Ukraine, where escalation management seemed to be the goal rather than equipping Ukraine to win. And now in this discussion about oil refineries.
I found Phillips o'Brien and Mykola Byleskov's discussion about it interesting in this podcast.


hemlockcookie, to random Danish
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Næsten tre år som bruger AURA Delebil i Aarhus, og de lukker om nogle uger…

En leasingbil til den billigste pris i byen har været en freaking drøm. Jeg har været til så mange smukke steder i Jylland (og Fyn!) takket være fri km og fri strøm.

Men de lukker. Ffs. GreenMobility er så begrænset og så dyrt for mig – lige som den offentligt transport.

Kender I nogle gode alternativer? :ablobpainrain:

#Aarhus #AuraDelebil #dkTransport #dkGreen

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@hemlockcookie Jeg brugte LetsGo i mange år, men de blev overtaget af Hyre. Måske værd at kigge på.

aphandersen, to random
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Spændende hvordan den sag falder ud. Det er vel ikke usagligt hvis ministeren har mistet tilliden, såfremt han kan godtgøre for forhold der bragte mistillid?

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@mok0 @aphandersen De seneste tre departementschefer er blevet fyret, og de var ikke militære. Måske er det ikke den militære ledelse som er problemet.

anderspuck, to random Danish
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En sideeffekt til rydningen af Pusher Street på Christiania virker til at være, at det vrimler med politibiler på gaderne i København, som fordriver tiden med at lave fartkontroller. Har aldrig set så mange stoppede biler før på en lørdag morgen.

darnell, to meta
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This stat appears impressive until you realize that pays creators far more than does, which is a primary reason why the latter makes more than ’s video platform.

👉🏾 Instagram makes more money from ads than YouTube does, and it has for years - The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/5/24122541/instagram-ad-revenue-youtube-meta-ftc-monopoly

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@darnell I was wondering about that, because it’s not clear to me if the revenue is with or without the creators’s share.

jenselbaek, to random Danish
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@randahl @anderspuck I really want your take on the statement made in the first seven minutes of this video. It is of course regarding Russian ships in Danish straits

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@jenselbaek @randahl General Hodges is wrong. He explains it as if Denmark has the right to stop Russian ships in the Danish straits, but that is not the case. If we do this, it would from a legal point of view not be much different from what the Houthies are doing in the Red Sea. Given our dependence on global maritime traffic, I really don’t think this is a path we want to go down.

randahl, to random
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@anderspuck kunne du have fordel ud af at skrive til mailadressen her? De beder jo selv om eksempler på forkerte afgørelser.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@randahl Ja, det kan jeg måske prøve.

randahl, to random
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It gets to me when big companies abuse their power. I watched the latest video from @anderspuck, where he presents an analysis on the Moscow terror attack.
It is a good video, and 148,000 have watched it.

But subsequently YouTube has demonetized his video for "exploiting a sensitive event". So because he is talking about a terror attack, YouTube holds back the payment for his work.

You read that right: the monopoly punishes a content creator for commenting on… reality.


No Way Wtf GIF by Harlem

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@bodhipaksa @randahl FWIW, I think the video is only demonetized going forward, and that they will share the money on the ads that have already been shown. But it’s annoying anyways, and it means that the video is dead in the algorithm from now on.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@DeeGLloyd @randahl I actually do have such a site. When YouTube did this last time, I started looking around at different platforms to see what would work for me. I settled on Ghost, and I launched the site just today. So if you want to support, you can subscribe to my newsletter on https://www.logicofwar.com.

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@DeeGLloyd @Povl @randahl Nebula looks interesting, and I think it's possible to post the same videos both places.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@elCelio @randahl Yes, must be annoying. Especially in this case where the spoken word literally is the main feature of the video, and the maps are just illustrations.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@randahl @DeeGLloyd @Povl I think 50 percent can be fair if they are good at finding viewers for the video. There is a lot more to the platform than just hosting the files.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@randahl @elCelio I suspect they think that translations should happen with their subtitle feature, but for this genre of videos I think that is a wrong idea.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@randahl @elCelio I assumed that it would confuse their algorithms somehow and disturb their recommender systems. But I don’t know how. 😊

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@technofrikus @randahl I think they are extremely sensitive with this topic. I first uploaded the video and gave it a name that included the word “terror”. It was demonetized immediately. Then I deleted it, reuploaded the same video but gave it different name, and it was fine until it was demonetized about a week later.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@randahl @osma @technofrikus Overall YouTube has been good for me. I think there are many examples of successful military and political channels. The occasional annoyances so far don’t change that picture.

kyivindependent, to random
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Hello there,

I'm @alex and as the maintainer of this account, I am thrilled to clarify its status! This account cross-posts content from The Kyiv Independent's official Telegram channel, which was chosen due to its high level of activity. The Kyiv Independent maintains official accounts on multiple platforms:

Some of these accounts are active, while others have not been updated for a long time.

Regarding the status of this account, it is unofficial as the authors of The Kyiv Independent have not responded to my inquiries and proposals. I have emailed them three times with no reply.

If anyone has direct contact with the authors, or can assist in facilitating communication to obtain official status for this account in Mastodon, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@anderspuck@krigskunst.social avatar

@kyivindependent @alex Too bad. But thanks for your work so far.

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