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Excited to be federated! but not really sure what it means lol. anyone care to explain?

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As people who follow what I’ve had to say on AI “Art” know, I'm more ambiguous on it than most Mastodonians, but having spent a bit of time on #DeviantArt with the filter off, oh my!

It's pretty foolish to let your platform be spammed like that, some people are auto-uploading dozens a day. I think even the prompting is automated. And it's just so… boring . And it barely gets any engagement anyhow.

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@john DeviantArr? :> now I almost want a link to your profile to see what you've put up there ^^;

Also, yes: AI content should be weeded out. Probably by a new form of content ID and a snitch network so every server doesn't have to process the file again. If it's tagged AI generated, it's tagged AI generated.

Also, also: #DeviantArt #federation #when?

pubkit, to fediverse

Hello World ✨

You can now register for the beta,

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Yesterday, we announced our federation of 400 Flipboard curators and curators, so today, we're highlighting just a few you can follow on subjects like food, leadership, basketball, and sustainable food systems.

Allen Westly, technology enthusiast, cybersecurity practitioner, and diversity advocate — @West1118

Brian Fanzo, digital futurist, podcaster and ADHD advocate — @iSocialFanz

Camille Styles, lifestyle writer passionate about plant-based cooking and design and beauty — @CamilleStyles

Christie Vanover, champion pitmaster and creator of Girls Can Grill — @GirlsCanGrill

Daniel Hakimi, style curator and men’s fashion writer — @DanHakimi

Darryl Benjamin, educator and advocate for sustainable food systems — @Kafkaturtle

Janette Speyer, professional marketer passionate about cooking, travel, fashion and connecting the Flipboard community — @JanetteSpeyer

Jennifer Petoff, travel writer and creator of Sidewalk Safari — @sidewalksafari

Jessica Bethel, Los Angeles-based photographer — @4eyedgirl

Ken Yeung, journalist and author of "The AI Economy" newsletter — @thekenyeung

Louisa Moje, pharmacist, fashionista and foodie — @foodpluswords_

Marco Secchi, visual storyteller and photographer — @msecchi

Markus Weber, sustainable agriculture and agtech — @Maakusi

Maurizo Leo, bestselling cookbook author and creator of The Perfect Loaf — @theperfectloaf

Pete Gleason, PhD, professor, psychologist and innovator — @pgleason

Phil McKinney, technologist, author and podcaster — @philmckinney

Scott Kleinberg, OG Flipboarder and proud Apple fanboy — @scottkleinberg

Scott Monty, business leader, executive coach and podcaster — @scottmonty

Tayo Oredola, food writer and creator of Low Carb Africa — @lowcarbafrica

WBB Daily — curator who specializes in women’s basketball, passionate about growing the game — @smrice

Wesley Fryer, STEM educator and media literacy advocate — @wfryer

#FollowFriday #Federation #Flipboard #SpreadMastodon #Mastodon #Fediverse #Lifestyle #Technology #Food #Travel #Business

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I’m on this list! I am officially federated by @Flipboard. This means that all my blogs, and my magazines can be seen all over or any platform like Threads.
Who cares?
Well, if you are a , a or a and the new Google update is killing you might want to consider getting traffic from other sources. Flipboard and the Fediverse sound like a good option.

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Remaining Aztec decals have now been applied. I’ll leave it for the rest of the day (and probably overnight) for them all to set properly before applying all the markings and name/registry decals.


mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar
Flipboard, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

In December, we started to federate the accounts of some Flipboard publishers and in February, we introduced Magazines to the fediverse. Now, we’re taking two important steps: federating the accounts of 400 creators and expert curators; and enabling two-way communication so that new followers and fediverse activity are visible and actionable in the Flipboard app.

To learn more about this, take a look at our blogpost:

Find all the handles of our newly federated curators here:

Thanks so much to everyone who has given feedback on what we’ve done so far. We welcome your thoughts and comments as we continue on our journey to fully federate Flipboard.

#Fediverse #Federation #Flipboard #ActivityPub #SpreadMastodon #Mastodon #Curation #MastodonMigration

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Last month, Meta's Threads took its first step into the fediverse. @quillmatiq, aka @quillmatiq took that as his cue to experiment with how his Threads feed would look like on Mastodon. Here's what he discovered about organizing the chaos, different clients (hello @phanpy) and whether he'll cut the Threads cord when federation is complete.

Flipboard, to fediverse avatar

Flipboard CEO @mike's life's work has been to make the content of the internet more easily accessible, from his time at Netscape in the 1990s to today. He talks to @scottmonty on the Timeless Leadership podcast about his early days in tech, and Flipboard's latest journey in the fediverse, helping creators move their content beyond walled gardens.

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Gloss coat applied to the class, ready for decals. Now I’m just waiting for decal paper to arrive so I can print them (hopefully tomorrow), this will give me time to create the name and registry decals.

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Oppebbacco, chi lo avrebbe mai detto?🤔

TdQ, avatar


È tutto molto chiaro ma provo a sintetizzare ulteriormente.

Quando incrociate uno di quei toot che ti dice: "Perché ti lamenti del fatto che la tua istanza non blocca Bloccalo tu come utente ed è già tuttapposto. Hai risolto. Semplice no?"

Ecco, NO, non è per nulla già tuttapposto. La "soluzione" proposta è una solenne minchiata.

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Barack Obama's Threads accounts is now available to follow in the fediverse if your server allows — find it here: @barackobama

#Federation #Fediverse #Threads
#ActivityPub #MastodonMigration #Politics #USPolitics #BarackObama

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The Newsletter for March 2024 is out!

It's the 50th publication of the XMPP Newsletter! Let's and say thanks to all the contributors & readers! Join the community effort!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

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📝 Parliament and Government should be in the fediverse

Here's my pitch: Think GOV.UK, but social media.

#blogging #fediverse #indieweb #socialmedia #federation

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mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar
mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar
mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

USS Arcadia is finished, I’ll get some proper pictures taken in the next day or two. The class has all its decals in place now and is not far behind.

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What does it mean to federate your Flipboard profile? In the simplest terms, it means that whatever you curate (aka share) on Flipboard will be "syndicated" out to the fediverse with no extra effort. @miaq tests it out and breaks it down.

br00t4c, to random avatar

Rubiales says trial for kiss is 'because I am a man'

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Marking and escape pod decals have been applied to the ventral side. I’ve finally decided on a name, so while I wait for these to set, I need to create the name & registry decals and then print them.

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Gloss coat applied to the still unnamed model. I’ve got the registry, but locking down a name is proving difficult. Luckily I have a lot of decals to apply before getting to the name so I’ve still got time.

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