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At my house we have flatcat, loaf, baguette, prawn, gargoyle, and 404 relaxation positions.

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My boiled egg slicer. It seemed really frivolous when I bought it, and I probably only use it five or six times a year at best but man if it doesn't cut down prep time for any salad with boiled egg in it, it also works with avocados!

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Personally I think he's too young to be tried as an adult and it's obvious that his negligent parents both ignored his cries for help AND encouraged him to use weapons that the law prohibits minors from owning.

But on the other hand, they weren't the ones that shot up the school, and he does pose a threat to society. If anything this case illustrates how messed up and convoluted the juvenile justice system is.

11-yo called the police and they shot him, and now they're trying to take her other kids away (

After arriving at the Murry family home, police instructed everyone inside to come out with their hands up. Nakala Murry says that’s when Aderrien emerged from around a corner, running toward the door. Capers then opened fire.

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I dunno. I feel like if you're asking your 11 year old kid to call the cops for you and shit gets fucked up, is it a you problem not a police problem if they're responding to a situation where they apply an appropriate level of response not knowing who is who in that hot moment.

It's horrible that the kid was in the middle of it - - but where was the parent?

This seems to me that police need better domestic dispute training, but tragic as it is ,things move so quickly in a situation like that.

Too bad the boyfriend doesn't have unlimited funds but really I don't think the police department is at fault.

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@NaibofTabr your comment led me to give op an up vote without listening because I knew exactly what song it was from yours!

@weirdbeardgame @FartsWithAnAccent

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If I could go out to this that would be so awesome.

But most likely it'll be this

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@malijaffri Really, though. Reuters is and has always been a tiny bite of news wire service - - meaning that what they do is limited to snippets of pertinent information that could be easily transmitted over a telegraph wire in old timey days.

They've stuck to that style since forever. The idea is to get the base of the story out quickly and succinctly, and honestly, how much more do you really require, here? It's a pretty straightforward quote, with no written plans in place, but... Newsworthy.

That's what Reuters does.

@Stamau123 @Telodzrum

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@yamapikariya I feel like there's a distinction to be made between Americans _visiting _a city and the people that live there.

For instance, when I lived in the SF Bay Area, ques for services locals used were efficient and well-ordered unless jackass tourists were involved. IIRC (it's been a while), everyone standing on the BART escalators would be on the left, leaving the right half of the escalator for people in a hurry to walk up or down the stairs. But mix in a few American tourists and it was just willy nilly people everywhere.

7:00 AM? All locals, everything is good. 1:00 PM? Good fucking luck.

Tourists also don't seem to understand or CARE that the city they're visiting has to run somehow, and they meander around on the sidewalks oblivious to everyone else like they're in a theme park.

TL;DR - - Americans know how to queue, they just don't do very well when they're out of their element in unfamiliar places.

@robocall @NateNate60

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@Fisk400 yeah, there's a whole Mormon YouTube ecosystem out there with all kinds of content.

@MicroWave @ShadowRam

Female singers only want to sing about love, relationships, or breakups. They need to sing more about Godzilla, Vikings, The Grim Reaper, or making a bet with the Devil for a golden fiddle.

At this point in history there’s been a billion songs from female singers about relationships. Nearly every song revolves around that topic....

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@QueenB OMFG like almost every Zeppelin song is about fucking or a woman that's done them wrong, driven them to drink etc.

And please don't use "female" to describe women unless you're writing a police report.


Why did we care that Taylor Swift was ATTENDING the super bowl

I don’t follow sports nor care enough about pop music to really know what was going on. I truly though she would be performing with the sheer amount of press on the matter even here. What the hell did Republicans think she was going to do inside a luxury box other than have weirdos snap photos of her drinking beer?

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@AFKBRBChocolate Rigging or no rigging, if she did endorse or support Biden or whatever, there are enough dumbasses out there that might see a KC win as some kind of Biden endorsement from on high.

I put that down to projection as usual on the part of the GOPs conspiracy theory wing, though.


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@lazylion_ca it's a fast food version of Mexican.

I like crunchy tacos with one packet of hot sauce per taco. Crunchy taco supreme is good. Burrito Supreme is good, too.

Sauce is very important, though. You have to have it. Start with the hot sauce (orange packets), and work your way up if you need to. They used to have green sauce that was pretty good, but it's only available in grocery stores now. 🙄

For a drink, you need to try a Baja Blast. It's like their signature thing. Very sweet, has its own flavor you can't really describe.

Just keep in mind that it's fast food. It's not casual fast like Chipotle or Panera - - more Macdonald's or Wendy's.

One thing Taco Bell has had over a lot of fast food places for a long time is that vegetarians and vegans can actually get edible meals there. It's basically all of the same ingredients, just mixed around differently.

They also have bowls you can get. They're not terrible. I prefer my old standard menu items that haven't changed in 40 years, though.

The other thing that just occurred to me - - most of us in the thread responding to you are suggesting their old timey comfort favorites. I'm no different (54 years old and had my first Taco Bell when I was 9), so at 50, your palate may not understand or have the associations with this place that ours do.

I'm really curious what you're going to think about it, though. I think most people going in with realistic expectations don't wind up hating it, though.

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Michigan Republicans are extra evil and authoritarian. Thankfully they don't control the legislature anymore. Or the state Supreme Court. Or the Governorship.

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Michigan Republicans are extra evil and authoritarian. Thankfully they don't control the legislature anymore. Or the state Supreme Court. Or the Governorship.

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@httpjames Back in the day I liked to dabble in Linux, and I always liked the IT people in the larger firms I worked at so I imagine it's understanding basics of code, and then a lot of googling for fixes to problems people have already dealt with, composting code with templates and tweaking it to work with the specifics of the job at hand and then taking credit for saving everything because people are dumb.

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective (

Wheels falling off cars at speed. Suspensions collapsing on brand-new vehicles. Axles breaking under acceleration. Tens of thousands of customers told Tesla about a host of part failures on low-mileage cars. The automaker sought to blame drivers for vehicle ‘abuse,’ but Tesla documents show it had tracked the chronic...

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@FlyingSquid He might tell us to go fuck ourselves!


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@BolexForSoup At least they're easily recognizable when I avoid them on the road.

@throws_lemy @ChicoSuave

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@The_Picard_Maneuver "Who's the bestest kitty inna whole wide world - - it's Rudy! Rudycat. With ears and eyes and toes and nose it's Rudy! Rudycat."

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