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I wonder why the #bike industry is on its knees. I guess we'll never know. #cycling

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Reason number 467 to transport your young kid around on a bike: instead of having to haul them, against their will, all the way back to the car at the end of a playground session, the transportation can come to exactly where they are and you can just scoop them up

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Strange Craft brewery in is giving $1 off pints if you arrive by on Tuesdays!

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three dudes finished the unbound 200 on beach cruisers. they weren't the lanterne rouge either!


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Finished the first draft of my play in iambic pentameter! Because I have the freedom to do weird shit now! Anyway, given that I've been bike commuting in Boston since 2008, I was thinking I could put together some bike commuting tips for folks considering it. Do you think anyone would want such a thing?

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“I’m making a whole city! There are roads and tracks and roads crossing over the tracks! And buildings!” There are also many bus stops and a museum. (Grateful for washable markers) #urbanism #transit #PublicTransport #trains #bike #BikeTooter

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Hey BC folks! If you have a bike, get out and ride this week! It's GoByBike Week! You don't even have to take it to work, you can Go By Bike anywhere! The Park, the Store, just around the block.

Get out there and have fun. And when you come back, register your ride on the website and you'll be entered to win some great prizes!

#GoByBike #GoByBikeWeek #BCPoli #ActiveTransportation #Bike #Cycling #Commute #ModeShift

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Asking for a friend: Is there a better name than "frontal wedgie" for when your underpants ride up and bunch in the crease between your leg and crotch? Especially uncomfortable when and you can't stop to extract them.

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Something I'm really proud of is that I once built a (this) bike from scratch. What that now means is that I have the skills and (more importantly) the tools to confidently strip a bike back, clean it and re-build it.

For details of the bike build - I copied my twitter rambles to a blog post:

#HumbleBrag #cycling #bike

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Waiting for the train / l'attente du train

Thursday May 30, 2024
du jeudi 30 mai 2024.

I've ridden this path many times in 8 years, yet it was only the second time I had to stop for a train crossing.

En 8 ans j'ai fait ce parcours à de nombreuses reprises, pourtant ce n'était que la seconde fois que j'ai dû m'arrêter pour le passage d'un train.

@mastobikes @mastobikes_fr

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What is , who's racing and where to watch the world's 'premier gravel event'
Thousands of amateurs join roadies, celebrated Olympians and off-road pros at the marquee race

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These guys finished on beach cruisers from Walmart.
"It actually made me think, 'Why does all of this have to be so complicated?'"
“Could we please pause the marketing machine for a second and just go outside and enjoy our common sport and culture?’

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It's car registration time, and I was surprised to find that I've driven less than 1,500 km in the last year.

On the other hand, I'm now averaging about 500km per month on my #bicycle.

When there were jobs in the mix, petrol was about $60/week, then post-work about $60/month. Now that I've become a middle-aged guy who rides a lot but refuses to wear lycra, I spend about $60/year.
($60= a tankful)

So, the $ spent on a bike < petrol savings.
Therefore I need to spend more on #AliExpress #cycling goodies. 🤪

Also, I've discovered low-km, or pay-as-you-drive car insurance.
Initial investigation looks like my premium will drop by about $1,000 🤯
So, I'll be able to afford another bike.🎉

Also also, despite my weight staying exactly the same as it's been forever, my resting heart rate has dropped from 85-ish, to 55-ish over the two years in which I've accidentally become a bike rider.


Thanks to a couple of mastodon folk who contributed at pivotal moments - a technical point which got me into doing my own maintenance, and an attitudinal one which has helped habituate riding.

#bike #BikeTooter #cycling

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Bicycled, instead of drove, to the local bicycle shop, to buy new tires and tubes for a couple of bikes with old, rotted tires... could not bear to have them not usable at all.

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@ai6yr I hear you.

I pulled a fixie out of a neighbor's curbside junkpile, cleaned it up a bit, made sure it was in working order, had good tires, rode it to the cafe for a year.

Then I put it out on the curb for someone else to use. Someone grabbed it.

Since it had forward-pointing upturned bars, i painted a cow's face on the head tube and wrote "moo" on the sides of the top tube.

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Behold my ridiculous, impractical, but functional temporary kickstand replacement. 🤦

For some reason, my kickstand broke off again (the two kickstand-plate welds broke off at the bottom of the bike, wtf) and this is a long weekend in Germany, so until Monday my fav bike shop is closed, so no chance getting it fixed until then.

So to the rescue: fire up and throw some design together, print it and voilà, we have ourselves a shitty little replacement.

Transport mode: The thread can be unscrewed so the whole thing can be put into e.g. the basket.

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Hashtag CarryShitOlymp... wait a minute ... 😍 #CarryCuteOlympics!!
(Does this count as a mobile home?)

@fedibikes_de @fedibikes @fedibikes

#Fahrrad #bike #bicycle #cargo #cargobike #CarryShitOlympics #fedibikes #mastobikes s #birdsofmastodon

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Boring little neighborhood bike ride this morning, just 3 miles in 20 minutes... better than nothing I guess.

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Took this old steely out for a 40-mile (64km) ride today.

I’ve had it since new in 1989. It doesn’t see much use these days, but once I’m on it, I remember why I’ve kept it. It’s not a light bike, but the geometry provides for quick handling, and the triple on the front gives it a super gear range. Hard to describe, but it just feels “right” under you.

Winds really picked up towards the end, so the last ten miles were brutal with 30+mph (48+km/h) of gusty headwind. I’m telling myself it was good for me. :)

Was glad to get home, but had to take a lap around our block to cross the 40 mile mark. :)

Green truss bridge, formerly a street bridge, now restored for bicycle and pedestrian use.
Bicycle in foreground on modern concrete street bridge. River in mid-ground and city skyline in background.

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Seattle finishes first Dutch-style protected intersection. To turn left, cyclists first go straight across, then turn left— unlike typical treatments in the US, cyclists don’t have to mix with cars during left turns.

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Today i did the 18th ride.
It was 19°C and cloudy, no wind at all. Very wet since it stopped raining an hour before the ride. I was very lucky for once 😁 I did track C-K (22.5km, 280m ascend).
After these 10 days of stop (well i trained anyway, but not commuted) i felt in great condition. Plus, every time it's wet or raining it's like i have a boost or i destroyed the last year PR by 5 minutes! 😲

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Today I passed 25,000 km recorded journeys.

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