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When Republicans hold power, the Constitution isn't upheld:

signed a new law today that guts oversight of police.

The law furthers limit local civilian police oversight boards by barring them from investigating allegations of police misconduct. Police unions support the law -it protects the rights of officers. Critics: another blow to police accountability efforts already shackled by existing state laws giving cops extraordinary legal protections-.

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The wingnut former judge Robin Vos hired to investigate Trump's 'rigged' BS was fired for embarrassing the WI GOP with his shenanigans and is now trying to get Vos removed. His recall petition wasn't certified for lack of valid signatures and he says the count was rigged.

Only the best people!

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How Donald Trump Gets Special Treatment in the Legal System

The former president rails against a “two-tiered system of justice.” But he’s the one benefiting from it.

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Having written a book on Trump’s Political Psychology, I can affirm the bizarre trip one must take when entering the psychological realities of Cult 45. See my “Dark Charisma of Donald Trump: Political Psychology and the MAGA Movement.”

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I received a bulk email from the Indiana AG that he and a state senator have made it official policy to release information about everyone who has terminated a pregnancy in Indiana for saving the life of the mother.

Don't worry, they promise information will be redacted so that your privacy is protected from vigilantes, they promise.

You might have to move, though, if you live in a small town where everyone knows everything.

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Slavoj Žižek: ”Trump is the ultimate postmodern relativist cynical politician, he doesn’t believe in what he says himself, he changes his position all the time…”

The joke is this is exactly what movement is claiming itself that it’s critical about.

Let that sink in for a while.

Good interview. Great points about Russia, Putin, Ukraine, Atheism, Christianity, and more.

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MAGA candidate who preaches personal responsibility 'failed to file taxes for 5 years'

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House Democrats are engaged in a widespread whip operation aimed at persuading progressive stragglers to sign onto a discharge petition to force a vote on the Senate's Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan aid bill.

The discharge petition currently has 194 signatures out of the needed 218.

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[CNN]: Trump attorney, Evan Corcoran, who became a crucial witness against him has departed legal team By Kaitlan Collins
#maralago #documents #evancorcoran #maga #trump2024

Trump is going to prison.

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The Republican right treats #Ukraine as an enemy and #Russia as a friend.

“The Ukrainian government is attacking Christians,” says Greene. “The Ukrainian government is executing priests. Russia is not doing that. They are not attacking Christianity. As a matter of fact they seem to be protecting it.” Michael Whatley, Trump’s handpicked co-chair of the Republican National Committee, openly calls Ukraine an enemy.

#GOP #MAGA #US #Trump

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'Thought he was being deviously clever': Analyst says MAGA ally just exposed big Trump lie

#maga #stevebannon

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is tightening his stranglehold on the congressional ’s policy agenda as he reshapes Republican lawmakers’ party orthodoxy on & issues.
Trump’s sway was on full display Wed as the tried to take up a bill intended to unite the party. Then, hrs after Trump pushed to “kill” the Surveillance Act reauthorization, 19 did just that.

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But even ’s …support for higher , a…rebuke of past stances on , aren’t drawing the friendly fire as they did during his 1st term.

The signs all point to a far more Trump-ified Washington until the Nov election, & a super-charged one should he win…. Many snr who served as establishment bulwarks against his influence are retiring or ceding power, … e.g. , …. And recruits are filtering into every 2 yrs.

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'Nobody cares what she thinks': Even MAGA Republicans are fed up with MTG's antics

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When Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman published White Rural Rage, I knew that we were in for a storm after I posted some excerpts from it on social media, and outraged folks embedded in the hard right trolled the hell out of the excerpts.

That kind of trolling, often organized and done as pack hunting, tells me a book or article has made a point that really deserves a hearing.


wdlindsy, avatar

As Paul Waldman writes in the article I just linked, he and Schaller also knew their book would inflame the hard right – but it's been a surprise to see some "centrist" hot-shot young scholars side with the hard right and attack the book savagely, with claims it's unfair and unsympathetic to rural whites and the plight that facilitates their voting against their self-interest – over and over, deepening their immiseration.


wdlindsy, avatar

This is especially a surprise because these same scholars are willing to criticize all sorts of OTHER groups – but want to maintain the fiction that right-wing rural white voters are somehow off-limits and should be above criticism. It's also a surprise because Schaller and Waldman are crystal clear about their sympathy for rural white voters and the plight neoliberal economics has left them in.


wdlindsy, avatar

As Paul Waldman writes, the ferocity with which these young scholars are insisting that people like Waldman and Schaller should keep their hands off the white rural voter question only proves a central point of the book: that white rural voters have been accorded an iconic, untouchable status in our culture accorded to no other groups.

Waldman writes,


wdlindsy, avatar

"Their response has made clear that there are unspoken rules about criticizing certain Americans—rules that get to the heart of the very case we have tried to make about the deep geographic divisions in our politics at this fragile moment in our nation’s history."

I say, let the hot-shot young scholars willing to play complicit games with the hard right play those games and see how far this gets them in the long run.


wdlindsy, avatar

I'm not impressed with folks willing to hop into bed with the hard right, whether they're academic or corporate media types. Opportunism never has held much attraction for me. Show me whom you're willing to hop into bed with, and you show me just who you are.

One reason I stop my ears when these folks talk is that I know Schaller and Waldman have a good fix on rural white voters, because my own roots lie in that very demographic.


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Laura Trump and the RNC furthering the big lie with robocalls

"We all know the problems: No photo IDs, unsecured ballot drop boxes, mass mailing of ballots…

“voter rolls chock full of deceased people and non-citizens…

“Your vote could be canceled out by someone who isn't even an American citizen."

This is what happens when when there are no penalties.


Static of CNN audio player. Is laura Trump from Fargo? What’s up with that Great Lake accent it makes me want mediocre cheese.

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MAGAs are ALWAYS projecting. THEY are ones committing voter fraud.

"Other Trump supporters have been caught trying to vote more than once, including multiple residents at Florida’s retirement community The Villages.

Still others have been caught trying to cast votes in the names of their dead spouses or family members, one of whom was initially a right-wing cause célèbre after claiming someone had stolen his dead wife’s absentee ballot.

And just last month, a former election official in Milwaukee was found guilty of voter fraud for using her position to get obtain fraudulent absentee ballots and send them to a Republican state lawmaker who’d boosted Trump’s election lies."

#MAGA #VoterFraud #SelfOwn #USPol #USPolitics

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