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wins ’s & gets her first 2024 victory

Haley has won the in the District of Columbia. Her victory Sunday at least temporarily halts ’s sweep of the voting contests, although he is likely to pick up several hundred more delegates in this week’s Super Tues races.

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The group’s top exec, , the fmr SC US senator, was there, as was …who is paid $847k annually as the org’s snr adviser. More than a dozen members of the also turned up, as did , the editor in chief of the journalism website , whose parent company helps underwrite.

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The group has also asked the to investigate whether has engaged in unreported activity by donating nearly $2M to a related org, , that supported on both the & levels.

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Nikki Haley won her first presidential primary on Sunday. She just had to wait for the D.C. insider crowd to vote.

Haley defeated Donald Trump in the Washington, D.C. Republican primary, a contest that took place over the weekend in a downtown hotel just steps away from the heart of D.C.’s lobbying hub. Haley carried nearly 63 percent of the vote, according to D.C. party officials.

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"Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word."

  • Trump at weekend rally

Trump crowd goes silent as he confuses Biden and Obama again

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Republican controlled states are the worst for your well-being!

The top 10 most-stressed states in America






South Carolina



West Virginia


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The U.S. Supreme Court plans to issue at least one ruling on Monday (Trump ballot ruling), the day before Colorado holds a presidential primary election in which a lower court kicked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump off the ballot for taking part in an insurrection during the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol attack.

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"Republican refusal to provide military aid to Ukraine will deal a deadly blow to the world system"

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Sen. Chris Murphy: Republicans 'Want the Border to Be a Mess. Trump Told Them So.'

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Florida is swamped by disease outbreaks as quackery replaces science in the Republican controlled government

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"Those Shoes Stink - Literally"

Trump’s ‘Never Surrender’ sneakers has aged terribly

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Need more proof that Trump is a traitor to Democracy...

Donald Trump to hold private meeting with Putin ally Hungarian leader Viktor Orban this week at Mar-a-Lago!

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is “…far behind in issuing rulings for cases heard since the start of the term in Oct. The has announced just 5 decisions, leaving 92% of cases to be resolved b4 the term ends in late Jun or early Jul.

“…the court’s backlog represents the slowest pace of any term in the tenure of CJ . By Mar1 of the ‘05 term, the court had issued rulings in >⅓ of its cases. That dropped to 21% by this point in the ‘20 term. This yr, it is at 8%.”

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Honest to God! We have a GOP House blocking ALL progress for Americans and obstructing aid to stop Putin in his murderous tracks, AND we have SCOTUS apparently on perennial vacation. Given how many critical decisions end up before the Holy Robed Gods (decisions directly affecting our lives), you’d think they’d at least do a minimum of actual work.

Freeloading, lazy, overpaid, corrupt elitists!

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"Air Force Confirms Downing of Another Russian Fighter Jet

The shootdown of another Su-34 fighter bomber marks the latest in a string of successes for Ukrainian air defense."

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #Weapons #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Russia #Ukraine #Zelensky #Democrats #Elections #GOP #Republican, #MAGA

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IVF has always been the dirty little secret of a lot of those "life begins at conception" hypocrites. Now what?

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(Un)populare opinion: "Winner takes it all" is the dumbest method ever in democracy.
#usa #gop #election2024

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The relations between the Republican party and Russia… common interests? Where does collusion start?

Interesting read by Teri Kanefield.


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Russia is waging an information war… and they have been very successful at it…
be warned.

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