Tongan diaspora blasts PM Hu‘akavameiliku over leaked document supporting China against Australia, NZ over involvement in Solomon Islands (

The Prime Minister has been heavily criticised after documents from his government criticising Australia and New Zealand against China were leaked to media. The leaked document from Tonga’s Foreign Affairs Ministry shows that kingdom’s officials sharply criticised Australia and New Zealand’s response to the security pact...

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Jenny Erpenbeck opens 2024 with Sloughing Off One Skin, a haunting that explores truth and identity, translated by Michael Hofmann.



@fictionable @bookstodon And four of the five #ShortStories in this #Spring issue came via open submissions:

We're on the lookout for perspectives that are currently under-represented on bookshelves in the UK and in the US, and material first written in languages other than English.

#writers #writing #AmWriting #bookstodon #BlackMastodon #LGBTQ #Africa #Asia #Europe #LatinAmerica #Oceania

In largest ever study, Indigenous and local communities report the impacts of climate change (

Indigenous peoples and local communities are reporting a series of tangible and nuanced impacts of climate change, according to a new study. The study collected 1,661 firsthand reports of change in sites across all inhabited continents and aggregated the reports into 369 indicators of climate change impacts, including changes in...

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The most accepted theory about migrations in Southern and Eastern is .

From , to the , and then the rest of , , , , and as far as .

If I'm going to interpret this, the natives of Taiwan survived as the primary people in what we know today as the Philippine archipelago. From the Philippines, they spread everywhere.

In other words, they're all ! ᜑᜑᜑᜑ 😹 (Or, native Taiwanese to be exact.)

Image source:

Licensed under 4.0 by Pavljenko.

@pilipinas @philippines

Rights groups petition European watchdog to secure clean water in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean (

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) said on Thursday it has filed a collective complaint to a European rights body to demand that France urgently ensures access to drinking water in its Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe....

Cook Islands: $10 million project aims to reduce single-use plastics (

A project to reduce the number of plastics entering the country, focused on the food and beverage sector, was discussed during a workshop in Rarotonga this week. Like other countries around the world, the Cook Islands is an importer and end user of items with single-use plastic packaging....

'Realities of climate change': Federated States of Micronesia declares state of emergency amid severe drought (

Federated States of Micronesia President Wesley Simina has declared a national emergency due to severe drought, and sent it to his country's Congress for review. The president's signed declaration said the nation has been experiencing "extremely and unusually low levels" of rainfall, and it is anticipated that this condition...

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Oceanic Connections w. Leah Barclay & Mix Irving - an early morn conversation held at Schumacher College last year -

Warm korero on creative technologies in service to communities, plus a welcome from's Trudy Lane & a cymatics clip from the creative project Beeyali.

A good way to start the day for the Ecologies, Technologies sessions during a joyful Small is Beautiful weekend w. the Schumacher students.


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Looks really interesting!

It uses "a major comparative study of water beings in diverse cultural and historical contexts, and considers the central importance of water beings such as Māori taniwha and the Australian Rainbow Serpent in such legal conflicts, and in broader debates about human and non-human rights. Like other water deities around the world, these beings personify the generative (and potentially punitive) powers of water and its co-creative role in shaping human and non-human lives. They are resurfacing today with an important representational role in contemporary conflicts over land and water."

RadicalAnthro, avatar

Here's the whole OA issue of on 'Water Futures in Australia'

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St Vincent and the Grenadines court upholds laws criminalizing gay sex (

Activists decry ruling by top court as ‘a travesty of justice’ after two men sought to strike down colonial-era laws. A top court in St Vincent and the Grenadines has upheld laws that criminalize gay sex, in a blow to activists who have long decried the violence the LGBTQ+ community has faced on the conservative Caribbean...

France unveils plan to curtail right to French citizenship in Indian Ocean islands of Mayotte (

French authorities have announced a controversial plan to amend the constitution to revoke birthplace citizenship on the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte, claiming it would help stem an immigration crisis. The reform was announced by interior minister Gérald Darmanin on Sunday after he arrived on the island, the...

Experts say India risks genocide of uncontacted island tribe (Shompen People) with mega-port plan (

Genocide scholars have warned that India's plans to turn an uncontacted tribe’s island into a mega-port will wipe them out. Thirty-nine international genocide scholars have written to the Indian government warning it that its plans to turn an uncontacted tribe’s island into a mega-port and city will wipe them out....

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"A world-first Australian study is investigating whether too much artificial light exposure at night can affect . For us humans, seeing blue and other forms of light during the night can disrupt our natural sleep cycle. And researchers in Sydney are trying to find out how much our coastal seaweed forests are also impacted."

nhoizey, to Travel

“Le Roof”

Le Roof is a restaurant on stilts, with a room open to the lagoon. Above the water, at the end of the jetty, it welcomes people in a wooden decor with a contemporary style. At lunch or dinner, the spectacle of the sea, the fish and the reflection of the sun is splendid. Some evenings, dolphins come and party around the restaurant.


📅 3 April 2013

📸 Canon 5D II + 24-70mm
🎛️ ISO 100, ƒ/7.1, 1/400 s

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If your friends/ family want to check out the Fediverse and want an account on this side of the world, try starting at:

I enjoy aus social a lot so obviously I would recommend it first :blobcatgiggle:

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Folks in eastern #Australia, #NewZealand, and #Oceania might want to be on the lookout for a new #meteor shower originating from comet 46P/Wirtanen on 12th December 2023.

More info and detailed predictions are in this new paper by Vaubaillon et al.:

#Space #Astronomy

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"Deliberately grounded on a tiny reef in the , part of an island chain claimed by the two Asian countries, the is now the unlikely base for a detachment of Filipino marines who stand guard over the atoll, scanning the turquoise waters for Chinese ships."

Wreck, Rats and Roaches : Standoff in the (2014 article)

Norobiik, avatar

, based on the report, budgeted over $296 billion for its military in 2023, a 6% increase from its spending the year prior. The figure represents 12% of the world’s military expenditures and over 50% of the and region.The figures are estimates of , as ’s publicly declared military budget is much lower.

Study: China's military expenses driving up other Asian countries' spending, too

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