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Not sure what to make of this: one of my best ex-students has just been recruited to work at OfWat.... maybe I'll get an inside track on the necessary changes at the regulator, and perhaps (!) what I taught them about critical political economy will help them influence (for the better) the future direction of water regulation.

Fingers crossed.

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How serious have Thames Water & Southern Water been in their management of their water infrastructure?

well, not enough to actually have maps of the network(s) of pipe under their control.

Presumably to save money, they only map networks as they've work on them, leaving vast areas of the water network in their regions uncharted.

This is not serious infrastructure management but rather the response of rentiers aiming to extract maximum cash before system failure

h/t FT

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I love the way this tree's roots look as they stretch their way over the mossy rocks and down toward the creek. Gives me a real jungle-y feel, and I really dig that 😁💚

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Space Oddity

The amazing “Sombrero Rock” captured in Stereo3D by Perseverance on Sol 907 (Sept. 8, 2023).

To go 3D: eyes' lines of sight parallel/left image for left eye/right image for right eye .

Credit images: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

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Check out this post by Eleni Ravanis on the case hardening process that might have led to its formation. Associated with near-surface water-rock interactions, its study could have implications for past climate and surface water on Mars.

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Les arbres fontaines, pour recueillir ou capter l’eau.

Il y a plusieurs type d’arbres qui peuvent être considérés comme des arbres fontaine.
Lorsqu’ils sont situés dans une cuvette protégée par des montagnes ou des collines, s’ils sont très haut et que leur feuillage est dense, les brouillards et les brumes en trempent les feuilles et celle-ci s’égouttent abondamment.

Le tilleul, par exemple, se prête bien au rôle d’arbre fontaine.

Plus d'info sur

Sur Wikipedia :

#Bionique #Nature #Biodiversite #Biodiversity #Natural #Arbres #Arbre #Tree #Trees #Fontaine #Eau #Water

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For the art lovers in Europe - my watercolor painting "Beachguard" is also available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für die Kunstliebhaber in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemälde "Strandwächter" ist auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#MastoArt #art #painting #FediArt #FediGiftShop #watercolor #watercolour #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdArt #birding #nature #BirdWatching #vogel #cute #animals #seagull #beach #ocean #waves #water

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#BBCNews - #Water extraction and weight of buildings see half of #China 's cities sink
#subsidence #flooding

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Dawn breaks over the Severn Estuary on a morning.

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You won't surprised that it now seems the water companies have been hiding the effects of under investment in waste water treatment - both in the sense of offering misleading data to OFWAT & in failing to maintain & upgrade water treatment infrastructure.

This emphasises that England's sewage crisis is not an accident of weather or technological issues, but rather has been engineered to maintain profits.

The case for (re)nationalisation get stronger by the day

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This little spot on Olney Creek was magical in the afternoon light. I was sorely tempted to splash about in the water, but our days are still not warm enough and the water was icy cold 🥶

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”My father was holding an ice cream cone and waving from the other side of the interstate. He looked far away. Something inside her reached for him. The asphalt between them stretched too wide.”

From yesterday: New memoir examines the devastating effects of "forever" chemicals on one family, and their ...

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Head of OFWAT has written to the water utility companies (in a letter see by the FT):

'Some companies are still paying significant dividends while failing to meet their environmental targets, having unacceptable combined sewer overflow spills & being subject to ongoing legal cases'!

Seems OFWAT have finally realised the soft-touch regulation they seemed to have preferred has now exposed them to serious criticism as the regulatory regime fails to deliver what the public actually want!

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Well, we've got to give Sunak's mates time to make some profit before we get landed with the debt and a 56% increase in bills.

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Lower pond, Snegiri. Apr 2024.

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Some people used frogs for the weather forecast. But a simple deep well also works. What was considered magic for a long time was simply the old knowledge of physical facts, fed by experience. Who would have thought that a modern safety lid could enhance the magic? 😎 😉

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PFAS do not break down but rather persist indefinitely. It is possible that Dad drank carcinogenic #water for most of his life.

New today, an excerpt from Loose of Earth: A Memoir, by published April 2024, from Kathleen Dorothy Blackburn.

#politics #environment #pollution #EPA #books @bookstodon #ClimateChange #health #cancer #USpol

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A pic I took of the Jacksonville, FL skyline on an old digital camera back in December 2011. I revisited this photo several years later and tried to go with a “cinematic” look.

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