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As a Tagalog speaker, I never really thought there was a big difference between the two Tagalog sentences 🤣

#Tagalog #TootSEA #Filipino

Tiktok creator, wordsat work, talking about austronesian alignment in Tagalog grammar

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TIME Magazine noted PH President Marcos Jr. attempts to rehabilitate the name of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., and that his win in the elections was thanks to the "whitewashing" of his family's plunder of the country.


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Remove the . But don't touch the students, especially those who have been studying here for a very long time without causing any problems. That's fucking .

Why are the POGOs still here anyway? They contribute nothing but a climate of fear in the areas it touch both for us locals and visitors, and the Chinese government wants us to remove them anyway because those gambling hubs shelter their fugitive oligarchs. Are the taxes gained from these crime-ridden businesses really worth it? Just do the right thing goddammit ​:seija_coffee:​

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RE: https://mastodon.social/users/TheManilaTimes/statuses/112286189749764946

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In the PH, hellish heat to continue through May. The country's weather agency warned that "temperatures could reach over 40 degrees Celsius in the coming weeks."

The most affected regions are Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, Mimaropa, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Zamboanga peninsula, Soccsksargen, Cordillera Administrative Region and Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).


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The PH military alarmed by the "more than 4,600 Chinese nationals have reportedly enrolled in a private university and rented homes in various locations in Tuguegarao [Northern Philippines]."

Who needs spies when you gladly welcome them as 'students'?


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Sorbetes 🍨

Traditional ice cream made with carabao milk. Queso is my favorite flavor! This has ube and chocolate too. I think price doubled recently because this already costs 20 PHP (0.35 USD).

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Bowen Island man revealed to be Canada’s first Filipino immigrant #bc #tootsea #filipino


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There are very few choices of online translation services that offer translations from and into #Tagalog (sometimes listed as #Filipino even though they are not exactly the same).

How few? #Bing and #Google are the go to online translation services; and that's about it. Popular neural translation services like Naver Papago, DeepL, and Reverso, are yet to offer Tagalog and Filipino translations.

However, there is one that is actually doing it better than Bing and Google, that is Yandex Translation — https://translate.yandex.com.

  • Translating Tagalog into another language.

So far, my only gripe is that Yandex translates it into past tense. It appears that Yandex still doesn't understand the Tagalog tenses in this translation direction (it does understand tenses when translating into Tagalog).

If you don't understand Tagalog, you also will not notice the tense was changed because the translation into your own language is correct as far as past tense is concerned.

  • Translating another language into Tagalog.

This one is good. At least based on what I have tested, tenses were preserved. Depending on the source language, the choice of words might be weird, but it makes sense regardless, from a native Tagalog speaker (maybe not for someone learning Tagalog, or Filipino).

Here are sample texts:

First, this is how it should be in Tagalog (compare the translation to this one if you're not familiar with Tagalog or Filipino):
> Hiniling ni Rielene kay John na bumili ng kanilang lingguhang pangangailangan sa supermarket kahapon. Pumunta siya sa pinakamalapit na supermarket ng isang mall; at pagkatapos ay binisita niya ang sinehan ng mall para tignan ang pinakabagong mga pelikula.
> Ngayong araw, ang mag-asawa na sina Rielene at John ay masayang magkasamang nanonood ng sci-fi movie na pinamagatang, “Hollow Earth of the Apes: The Scar Wars”.

English (source):
> Yesterday, Rielene asked John to go buy their weekly necessities in the supermarket. He visited supermarket of the nearby mall; and afterwards, he visited the mall's cinema to check the latest movies.
> Today, the couple, Rielene and John, are watching the sci-fi film entitled, “Hollow Earth of the Apes: The Scar Wars”, and are enjoying their time together.

Korean (through Naver Papago):
> 어제 릴렌은 존에게 슈퍼마켓에 주간 필수품을 사러 가자고 했습니다. 존은 근처 쇼핑몰의 슈퍼마켓을 방문했고, 그 후, 최신 영화를 확인하기 위해 쇼핑몰의 영화관을 방문했습니다.
> 오늘, 릴렌과 존 커플은 "속이 빈 지구: 흉터 전쟁"이라는 제목의 공상과학 영화를 보고 함께 시간을 즐기고 있습니다.

Japanese (through Naver Papago):
> 昨日、リエレネはジョンにスーパーに週替わりの必需品を買いに行くように頼んだ。 彼は近くのショッピングモールのスーパーを訪れ、その後、最新の映画を見るためにショッピングモールの映画館を訪れた。
> 今日、夫婦のリリーンとジョンはSF映画「猿たちの中空の地球: スカー·ウォーズ」ということで、一緒に時間を過ごすことができます。

Polish (through DeepL):
> Wczoraj Rielene poprosiła Johna, aby poszedł do supermarketu kupić cotygodniowe artykuły pierwszej potrzeby. John odwiedził supermarket w pobliskim centrum handlowym, a następnie udał się do kina w centrum handlowym, aby sprawdzić najnowsze filmy.
> Dziś para, Rielene i John, ogląda film science-fiction zatytułowany "Wydrążona Ziemia Małp: Wojny Blizn" i cieszy się wspólnie spędzonym czasem.

Hebrew (through Yandex):
> אתמול ביקשה רילין מג ' ון ללכת לקנות את צרכיהם השבועיים בסופרמרקט. הוא ביקר בסופרמרקט של הקניון הסמוך; ולאחר מכן, הוא ביקר בקולנוע של הקניון כדי לבדוק את הסרטים האחרונים.
> היום, הזוג, רילין וג ' ון, צופים בסרט המדע הבדיוני שכותרתו "ארץ חלולה של הקופים: מלחמות הצלקת", ונהנים מהזמן שלהם יחד.

Tags: #Translation #Languages #Wika #LearningTagalog #LearningFilipino #MatutoMagFilipino #MatutoMagTagalog #Papago #DeepL #Reverseo #Yandex #Bing #Google @pilipinas @philippines

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Today's is 「Shout For Joy」 by Gary Valenciano. A fitting song after Passover, Resurrection Day, and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

⇒ https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=D4NHAwgnpIs&si=ejBJubEj94qNrs-u

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📍 Palenque

New favorite food place! Palenque in Gateway (Cubao) has a ton of amazing regional cuisine. Pictured below are the Kahawa Malimu Iced Coffee and Sambal Squid from Palm Grill.

Here's the list of restaurants:

  • B.E.L. Iloco ( food)
  • Palm Grill ( dishes)
  • Tindeli ( deli representing )
  • Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung (Kapampangan)
  • Chicken Fandian (Binondo-style cuisine)

There are also stalls in the middle selling pasalubong!

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It's easier to use Hangeul and Kana to write pronunciations of Filipino words, than to use Filipino diacritical marks.

  1. Last we were taught about Filipino diacritical marks was in Grade 4 or 5 (early 90s). I don't know why, but after that diacritical marks were totally forgotten.

  2. Tracking it down, IIRC, it was late 90s / early 00s when it was officially removed by the KWF.

  3. Sometime 2010, the KWF brought diacritical marks back, though limited.

  4. In 2014 (or was it 2016?) the KWF introduced a new diacritical mark, the Filipino schwa. It didn't exist before. There are only like 4 Philippine languages with a schwa vowel. They added it in Filipino so words from those Philippine languages can be integrated into the Filipino language.

Here's my problem, no matter how many times I read the KWF document on Filipino diacritical marks, I can't get my head around it. 🤪 I understood it differently, or I remembered them incorrectly. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Or! I've been pronouncing a lot of words wrongly! 🤦🏽‍♂️

However, when I use Hangeul and Kana, I don't have to worry about diacritical marks. Both scripts have stable pronunciations, not like Latin characters where we have to use diacritical marks.

The only catch, the reader should be able to read Hangeul or Kana scripts, which most don't. 🤔 So, back to trying to get a grasp of Filipino diacritical marks. 🤯

Am I right that the Filipino diacritical marks represent the sound?


  • e = neutral = abrupt soft stop?
  • è = high to low = abrupt hard stop? (paiwa?)
  • é = low to high = malumay? (malumanay?)
  • ê = low to high to low = ??
  • ë = the new Filipino schwa (no idea, since I don't speak the few Philippine languages where a Filipino schwa is needed).

Any experts out there?

(In the revived diacritical marks, we no longer use ē. IIRC, it used to represent a long vowel sound.)

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mima, to Philippines

Anyway why do we people call it instead of when power cuts out? "Brownout" in other countries means different after all ​:mima_think:​

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RE: https://makai.chaotic.ninja/notes/9rtva05lpl

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I doubt the PH, the world's top importer of rice, will achieve rice self-sufficiency under a president who failed to deliver on his promise to bring down the price of rice to PhP20 per kg.

#Philippines #Asian #Filipino #TootSEA #Rice #Agriculture #Inflation #Asia #PhilStar


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There are many white sand beaches in Coron but this one is my favorite. It feels like paradise.

Malcapuya Island, Coron, Philippines

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PH's biggest bank BDO thinks charter change is not necessary to attract foreign investments. The move is also unpopular among Filipinos with 74% saying the Constitution should not be amended. Others believe that the real motive of charter change is to lift the one-term limit of the president.


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The most accepted theory about migrations in Southern and Eastern is .

From , to the , and then the rest of , , , , and as far as .

If I'm going to interpret this, the natives of Taiwan survived as the primary people in what we know today as the Philippine archipelago. From the Philippines, they spread everywhere.

In other words, they're all ! ᜑᜑᜑᜑ 😹 (Or, native Taiwanese to be exact.)

Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chronological_dispersal_of_Austronesian_people_across_the_Pacific.svg

Licensed under 4.0 by Pavljenko.

@pilipinas @philippines

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Filipino athletes who switched nationalities

Yuka Saso, golf, PH to Japan
Jaja Santiago, volleyball, PH to Japan
Alex Pagulayan, billiards, PH to Canada
Wesley So, chess, PH to United States
Maxine Esteban, fencing, PH to Ivory Coast*
Jericho Cruz, basketball, PH to Guam*

*not mentioned in article

#Philippines #Asian #Filipino #Sports #Fencing #Chess #Volleyball #Basketball #OneSports #WesleySo


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One reason why the PH is more expensive as a travel destination than Thailand or Malaysia: the high value added tax.

Philippines – 12%
Indonesia – 11%
Cambodia – 10%
Vietnam – 10%
Singapore – 9% (goods and services tax)
Thailand – 7%
Laos – 7%
Malaysia – 6%
Myanmar – 5% (service tax)
Timor-Leste – 2.5% (import sales tax)


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2 Apr 1672: St Pedro Calungsod, catechist martyred in Canonized 2012

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The PH government is dropping China loans for Japan loans to fund big infrastructure projects amid worsening disputes in the West Philippine Sea. JICA loans are cheaper than Chinese loans.

Why would you borrow money from a hostile state? It doesn't make sense.


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is WILD man ​:kyou:​

(pero totoo naman, kung "appointed son of god" nga siya edi ipako siya sa krus tulad ni hesukristo lmao ​:kokoro_lmao:​)

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