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Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has said that an agreement made by his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, with Beijing over the South China Sea was deliberately kept hidden.

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Gusô is the local name for the seaweed Eucheuma. I almost always end up getting some when I'm in this corner of the planet.

Apparently, it's been catalogued as an endangered heritage food in the .

Frankly, I never remember seeing it in Manila at all.


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Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the trilateral deal between his nation, the U.S. and Japan will change the dynamic in the South China Sea.

Philippines: Sara first Iloilo town to declare El Niño calamity (

The northern municipality of Sara has declared a state of calamity due to severe impacts from the El Niño phenomenon on its agriculture. Vice Mayor Ryan Zerrudo announced the decision on Friday morning, April 12, after a special session of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB)....

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In his first-ever trilateral summit with the leaders of Japan and the Philippines, U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday reiterated Washington’s commitment to defending the Philippines from any attack in the South China Sea. #asiapacific #politics #fumiokishida #philippines #ferdinandmarcosjr #joebiden #philippinesjapanrelations #usjapanrelations #china #senkakus #eastchinasea #southchinasea #pla

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Does anyone know of any good local charities that aren't related to religious organizations?

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This scene in the 2024 adaptation of the #game #Fallout gave me the chills of what might happen if the #APAC issues explodes into #war.

#China #NorthKorea #SouthKorea #Taiwan #Philippines #ASEAN #Japan #Australia #USA #VietNam #Korea #Taipei #AsiaPacific #Asia @tv @scifi

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Huh, so what other have mentioned, South-East Asia now have a better ping to European gaming servers than US West Coast (or any US-based gaming servers).

This is interesting. I'm going to expand my test in the future. But for now, the results are the same with or without VPN. I guess ASEAN now have a direct connection to the EU IX and uses the latest technology?

I wonder where our connection passes through to get to the EU.

Here in the Philippines, our connection goes through:

  1. Taiwan or Hong Kong
  2. From there it travels the Pacific Ocean to US West Coast.
  3. From US West Coast, it travels to Central.
  4. From Central to East Coast.
  5. From East Coast to Europe.

If we now have a connection direct to EU IX, then it means we're no longer passing through the US?

Any IX experts out there?

@pilipinas @philippines @gaming @asean

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Re: K-drama “Vagabond” Season 02 to film in the Philippines.

There appears to be much confusion about this, with most calling it a “rumour”.

A “rumour” is something that is being talked about in whisper, usually without any “notable” source. However, in this particular case, a lot of Philippine news media outlets reported this revelation from a former politician and businessman, Chavit Singson, who claims to be a co-producer.

Philippine news media are members of various legal journalism organisations. If you trust your own local media if they are members of a legal journalism organisation, then I think Philippine media should be accorded the same respect. No one is saying they have not, nor will not, make a mistake. But, at least, give them some credit, no matter what our personal feelings and thoughts about them in other matters (like in politics).

Anyway, instead of calling it a “rumour”, it is more fitting to call it “unconfirmed” or “leak”. I think the latter 99% fits. Why?

Chavit Singson talked to the media about it. He “revealed” it himself, and he claimed he is the co-producer. He also revealed that the writers of Vagabond Season 02 visited the Philippines in 2023, looking for filming locations.

Since he was the first to break this news, then it is a “leak” rather than a “rumour”. Regardless of my personal feelings and thoughts about the man, I doubt he'll risk his political and business reputation for a K-drama. I mean, if you are going to put your reputation on the line, would you do it for a TV show or for something bigger and more significant?

Also, think about it this way:

  • If Chavit Singson was lying about it, then he will be roasted alive by mass media. From notable media outfits to social media. We all know what happens if one lies to, and use, the media.
  • If he was not lying about it, but the project doesn't push through because of his early revelation (or “leak”), then the fans will roast him instead. Still, we cannot fault him for that other than “being too excited” about it. The ultimate decision lies with the production team, and the actors, producers can only do so much.

Him as a businessman, I think it was a calculated move to “leak” it at this time. They probably have reached a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) already, thus, he is confident it will push through. Leaking it may increase support for it, especially in Korea, where the ultimate decision lies. Imagine if it doesn't push through, Chavit Singson can explain that the powers-that-be in Korea decided against it. So, yeah, strategic leak; or strategic early announcement.

Obviously, the production team cannot leak anything, and it is better for them to have a plausible deniability about any leaks or agreements. They want to film in the Philippines, they got support from Chavit Singson, now they just have to convince the powers-that-be in Korea. Hence, the “leak”, not a “rumour”. Get everyone to talk about it, and use it to convince the powers-that-be in Korea to green lit the project and to film in the Philippines.


@kdrama @kdrama @asiandrama

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The leaders of the U.S., Japan and the Philippines to underscore the importance of maintaining strong alliances to preserve global stability and deter conflict during their summit in Washington.

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As long as drivers and operators cannot afford the newer minibuses being pushed by the comprador government, and cooperatives can't absorb all of the driver-operators who will lose their franchises, the transport sector will never be almost unanimous in supporting the ineffective "modernization" program. ​:seija_coffee:​

We must resist this hostile corporate takeover of our !

@philippines @pilipinas


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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and U.S. President Joe Biden announced a “new era” for their countries’ alliance during a state visit to Washington by the Japanese leader, as they look to beef up Tokyo’s role in countering China’s growing assertiveness.

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Today's #PpopWednesday #OPMwednesday is 「Shout For Joy」 by Gary Valenciano. A fitting song after Passover, Resurrection Day, and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

#Ppop #OPM #PpopDay #OPMday #YourOnlyOne #Philippines #Pilipinas #Filipino #Pilipino #haDerech #Messianic #Christianity #Natsarim @ppop @ppop @asianpop

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida kicked off a state visit to Washington on Tuesday, a day before he was to hold talks with U.S. President Joe Biden on a historic upgrade to defense ties as the allies look to counter China’s growing assertiveness.

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Lokot-lokot for #MakanApaToday

Eid Mubarak!

This is a delicacy common in Mindanao and the #Sulu Archipelago in the #Philippines . It is also referred to as jaa in Sulu. Usually served on special occasions like Eid al-Fitr. Extremely crunchy. Chanced upon this at Palenque yesterday!

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"Deliberately grounded on a tiny reef in the #SouthChinaSea, part of an island chain claimed by the two Asian countries, the #BRPSierraMadre is now the unlikely base for a detachment of Filipino marines who stand guard over the atoll, scanning the turquoise waters for Chinese ships." #AyunginShoal #SecondThomasShoal #Philippines

Wreck, Rats and Roaches : Standoff in the #SouthChinaSea (2014 article)

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This is huge, and it's probably going to pass with strong bipartisan support.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - On the eve of a #TrilateralSummit between the #UnitedStates, #Japan and the #Philippines, two prominent U.S. senators on Wednesday introduced a bipartisan bill to provide Manila with $2.5 billion to boost its defenses against Chinese pressure. #China #WestPHSea

Bipartisan US bill seeks $2.5 billion for Philippines defense

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The summit also will deal with important new infrastructure projects known as the #PGILuzon corridor.The first-ever #PGI corridor in the #IndoPacific will connect #SubicBay, #Clark, #Manila and #Batangas in the Philippines to accelerate coordinated investments in #ports, #rail, #CleanEnergy, #semiconductors, and #SupplyChains. #Japan

President #JoeBiden hosts #TrilateralSummit with #Philippines, Japanese leaders

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