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From the perfect emergency bivouac spot in the stone hut, the road led us down many meters in altitude. At one point, the canyon with the 'Nehil' river crossed paths with another canyon and its river 'Great Zab' (Kurdish: Zêy Badînan), an ~400-kilometer long river flowing through Turkey and Iraq.
At this crossing point we reached a military checkpoint with heavy armed men asking us the totally unexpected question: 'why are you here ?!' We thought for ourself: to move on, get out of this surveillanced region as fast as possible, but replied with the classic answer: 'we are cycling the world!' 🚴‍♀️🚴🌍
They let us through and we cycled on, glad the valley widened a bit, happy when we found a playground with beautiful blooming trees. There, we took a long midday break and enjoyed being the only 'guests' on the slide 😅
In the afternoon, we took the opportunity to hitchhike a small bus (we paid for the ride) to the mountain town Hakkari, where we bought bus tickets to Cizre for early the next morning.


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No ice cream parlors around Taksim, but today we hopped on the ferry and went to the Asian side. On the way back I found:

@ d’Orient by Vitavien | Beyoğlu, ,

And then walking back to Taksim Plaza I found maybe two dozen parlors. It's like heaven!

1Sauerlaender, to Turkey

The Hemşinli village of Güneşli (Hopa district, Artvin province, NE Turkey).
(August 1983)
(Foto scanned from the slide: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
, , , , , , , , , ,

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Dinner in , let's finish it with hot chocolate and

@ Cuma, Istanbul,

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Russia and Ukraine negotiated for two months with Turkey on a deal to ensure the safety of shipping in the Black Sea and reached agreement on a text that was to be announced by Ankara but Kyiv suddenly pulled out.

It was not immediately clear why Ukraine pulled out. The people who spoke to Reuters said they did not know what had prompted Kyiv's decision.

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Wild turkey breaks into long-term care home in Beauce after smashing window | CBC News

AKA The Canadian troubles.

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Contrary to our fears, the border crossing went very smooth.
Of course we had to -still on the Iranian side - remove the bags from the bicycles and slide them through the x-ray scanner.
At the passport and visa control, the officer tried to convince us that our visa had expired. 'No, that's not the case' we explained and showed him that he should not consider the time period for picking up the visa, but rather calculate 90 days from the date on the entry stamp. He kept the visas (for Iran it is on a separate paper, as some countries would refuse entry when having an iranian entry stamp in the passport) and gave us back our passports.
In the next room, we were greeted in High German and immediately led to the next x-ray scanner. All the locals, with their worn bags, old suitcases, and dozens of plastic bags full of tomatoes, had to wait. We felt totally uncomfortable and so sorry when we saw how the Turkish border guards treated these people.
As quickly as possible, we packed all the bags from the bike into the scanner and were then asked to push the entire bicycle through 🤣 Wow, we had never experienced anything like this before! - too bad we didn't have a photo of that! - then got the entry stamp and off we went...

The first thing Fiona did, on turkish ground, was removing the headscarf 💁‍♀️

The temperature was quite chill up there and the snow was within reach. From the border we pedaled ~15km uphill until almost sunset and until we found a suitable campspot for this night 🏕️ 😴


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Turkey cable car accident leaves one dead and 40 stranded in mid-air

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Dozens stranded after fatal Turkey cable car crash

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Near the small district town of Hemşin (Rize province, NE-Turkey, Black Sea region); members of the Hemşinli ethnic group.
An old arched bridge typical of the region.
(March 1980)
(Foto scanned from slide: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
, , , , , , , , , ,

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Sumela Monastery (built in the 4th century), Trabzon Province, #Turkey
Photograph: Adem Barış
By #TheBeautyOfPlanet
#NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Animal #Animals #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Photographer

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Turkey imposes export restrictions; Israel threatens retaliation - YouTube

'The new measures come a day after Turkey said Israel blocked its attempt to airdrop aid to Gaza. Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan promised reprisals against Israel, saying they would be implemented “step by step” and “without delay”.'

Well done Turkey!


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#Turkey restricts exports to Israel, saying its request to airdrop aid to Gaza was denied:

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Turkey And Israel Restrict Trade With Each Other As Relations Sour Over Gaza

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Turkey restricts arms exports to Israel until there’s a ceasefire and humanitarian aid to Gaza is increased.

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"Opening trade war, Turkey imposes restrictions on Israel until Gaza ceasefire
Ankara’s trade ministry lists 54 items that will not be exported to Israel, which says it will draw up its own ‘extensive’ inventory of Turkish products it will ban"

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #Weapons #US #NAFO #Hamas #Palestine #Israel #Syria #Iran #Russia #Lebanon #News #Gaza #Putin #Hezbollah #IDF #WestBank #WarCrimes #Turkey

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"Turkey imposes export restrictions to Israel over Gaza"

"Effective immediately, the ministry has restricted the export of 54 products to Israel, encompassing items such as aluminium wire, steel, cement, construction materials, granite, chemicals, pesticides, engine oils, jet fuel, & bricks."

Turkey had announced it "would take certain measures..following Israel's refusal to grant aerial access to Gaza for humanitarian air drops."


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: NGOs open lawsuit against the Dutch state for - migration deal

The Boat Refugee Foundation says the "insecurity and inhuman conditions our organisation witnessed every day in the refugee camp on Lesvos should not have been allowed to take place"

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Turkey’s Trade Boom With Russia Stalls Under Weight of Sanctions

Turkish machinery exporters see $1 billion sales hit this year

US and EU keep expanding blacklists to curb trade with Moscow

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