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Chinese cities sinking under their own weight

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Water extraction is sinking nearly half of China’s most populous cities, exacerbated by rapid urban expansion, researchers say. While subsiding land is not a new problem in the country, where Shanghai has sunk three meters over the past century, the amount of land in China resting below sea level could rise from 6% to 26% in the next 100 years. Scientists say the problem will leave 67 million people vulnerable to flooding, compounded by rising sea levels due to climate change. The BBC has more on the study.

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The top U.S. military officer for the Indo-Pacific region will travel to Tokyo next week, the Japanese Defense Ministry announced Thursday, where he is expected to discuss a planned revamp to the command and control framework for U.S. forces in Japan. #japan #politics #us #usjapanrelations #johnaquilino #usmilitary #china #taiwan #sdf #defense #defenseministry

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primary school bans homework after 9.30pm with no penalty for unfinished assignments, sparks heated online debate amongst parents

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A puzzling mix of artifacts at NE site raises questions about route Homo sapiens' took from Africa into China and role of Denisovans or Neanderthals.

“Using ancient stone tools to determine which hominids hung out at Shiyu 45,000 years ago “is like trying to reconstruct how many cultures contributed to the durable metal and plastic contents of a municipal trash can,” Shea says.

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A puzzling mix of artifacts raises questions about Homo sapiens' travels to China.

Science News reports: "New analysis suggests Shiyu holds the oldest evidence of H. sapiens in northeast Asia."

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Dieses Wochenende sind DIE BUCHMACHER wieder in : Am Samstag, den 20. und Sonntag, den 21.4. findet zum achten Mal die Messe unabhängiger Verlage in St. Petri zu Lübeck statt. Wir sind dabei und freuen uns auf Besuch an unserem Stand und ganz besonders bei der Lesung aus "'Ausgerechnet zu den Chinesen ...'" mit den Autorinnen Martina Bölck und Hilke Veth am Samstag, 14 Uhr!

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Higher interest rates in the U.S. and a larger-than-expected slowdown in China could "pose significant risks for baseline fiscal projections in other economies," the IMF said in a report. #business #economy #imf #us #china #debt #publicdebt

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New research from Microsoft indicates that Russia seeks to weaken U.S. backing for Ukraine before the 2024 election, while Chinese influence efforts aim to divide Americans and erode their trust in democracy. #worldnews #politics #microsoft #russia #china #us

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As Taiwan faces increasing pressures from China, Taiwanese air force lieutenants are learning underwater survival skills so that they can cope in the event of a crash. #asiapacific #taiwan #china #defense

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The Philippine Coast Guard will participate for the first time in an annual joint military exercise with the United States, set to involve more than 16,700 Filipino and American troops and focus on potential flashpoints in the South China Sea and near Taiwan. #asiapacific #politics #philippines #us #china #southchinasea #defense

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Kremlin-backed actors spread disinformation ahead of US elections

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The West says China makes too much. Its workers disagree

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China sounds warning after Philippines and US announce most expansive military drills yet

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We are flooded with BEVs that few people want. More sign that the BEV fad is coming to an end. In the end, it is just a capitalistic system pretending to be green, and works by forcing consumers and governments to pay for it all. The system itself can only operate by overproducing and has no regard for the environment.

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District 798, Beijing, China. May 2014, iPhone 5s.

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U.S. President Joe Biden is calling for higher tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum as part of a series of steps to shore up the American steel sector. #business #joebiden #china #us #steel

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China makes a ton of EVs and the unsold ones are now piling up at ports

#china #electricvehicles

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A group of bipartisan U.S. lawmakers are advocating for a risky proposition to allow Taiwan to build American-designed weapons systems in order to clear a $19 billion backlog of hardware promised to the country. Supply chain issues and work shortages have plagued the deliveries of tanks, missiles, jets and drones to Taiwan while the nation looks to counter China’s surging influence in the region. Some experts say allowing Taiwan to build the systems could leave them vulnerable to intelligence leaks to China. Politico has more on the proposal.

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Secret document urges action to weaken the

’s Foreign Ministry has been drawing up plans to try to weaken its Western adversaries, including the , & leverage the to forge a global order free from what it sees as American dominance, acc/to a secret Foreign Ministry document.

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The doc for the 1st time provides ofcl confirmation & codification of what many in the Moscow elite say has become a hybrid against the West. is seeking to subvert Western support for & disrupt domestic in the & European countries, thru campaigns supporting & policies….It is also seeking to refashion , drawing closer to , & in an attempt to shift the current balance of .

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Australia unveiled its first National Defense Strategy on Wednesday, signaling a new focus on deterring China's "coercive tactics" in a region seen as lurching toward conflict. #asiapacific #politics #australia #richardmarles #china #pla #submarines

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Key drills will be held next week in Philippine areas near Taiwan and South China Sea, where Manila and Beijing are embroiled in an increasingly tense territorial dispute. #asiapacific #politics #philippines #us #china #southchinasea

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