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SoCal neolib who likes board games, videogames (in moderation), and being a dad. Writing person at [REDACTED], decent with words.

Watch your back. Conserve ammo. And never, EVER, make a deal with a dragon.

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Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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Alright, now that the high has worn off a little--

The trump verdict is a fantastic win for the rule of law. He committed a crime, got caught, was indicted, had his trial, and received a guilty verdict.

Today, the good guys won.


There are hundreds more people like trump who have yet to face justice, because they're rich, influential, and well connected. It'd be nice to see criminal justice reform that puts more of these untouchables behind bars.

rebeccawatson, to random
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Last week, I attempted to ride my bicycle 100 miles for the first time ever. That gave me a lot of time to think about willpower: what is it? Can we strengthen it or are we born with it? And what the hell was I thinking when I signed up for this? https://skepchick.org/2024/05/can-i-bike-100-miles-the-science-of-why-we-give-up/

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@rebeccawatson Total tangent, but way back when, I used to ride my bike 100 miles each week: 10 miles to work, 10 miles back, 5 days a week. During that time I was also getting up at 5AM each morning to do an hour of hot yoga, and I ran a 5k over lunch break each day at work.

Turns out I was abusing exercise to cover my compulsive overeating behaviors, which was super not healthy. Glad I'm in a better space these days, mental health wise.

rjblaskiewicz, to random
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I could go my whole life without seeing the video of a dead momma cat with live babies crawling around her next to train tracks fed to me by the fucking YouTube algorithm. I don't give a fuck that the person takes the cats in, which is what the title claims. (Honestly, who sees such a scene and whips out their phone?)

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@rjblaskiewicz There's a truly alien side to YouTube, and not in a good way. There's the animal abuse videos like the one you saw, but there's also that whole genre of algorithmic clickbait targeting very young children. You know, shit like Elsa Pregnant Spiderman Joker Prank Hospital Superman Unboxing Toy Playground Frozen Sing-along and others.

Who the fuck is cranking out these videos. Who's getting paid to "act" in these. Do they even know what they're part of.

It's so fucking strange.

dannotdaniel, to random
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please I know it's the criminal trial but could we please avoid using the words "Trump" and "climax" in the same sentence THANK YOU

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@dannotdaniel Fine.

"With defense and prosecution closing arguments, Trump trial reaches its ugly orgasm."

...that doesn't make things much better.

Legit_Spaghetti, to Texas
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As goes the gop, so does the rest of the country's gop.

These people have very obviously gone insane, and I don't know that any of them will ever regain their senses. We must use the levers of democracy to defeat this party, while we still have them.

via https://www.texastribune.org/2024/05/25/texas-republican-party-convention-platform/

Legit_Spaghetti, to ai
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What if we deliberately poisoned the well by posting predictive text spam every once in a while?

That was the last thing you were saying to the other guy and I thought he said that I would be there in the afternoon but he was in a good place for me and he was in a good place and he said it would have to go through it to me but he was not able and he said it would have to go through it to the office to get the other stuff done but he was in a good way and I didn't think it would have been a

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@petes_bread_eqn_xls @timesandseasons I mean, sure, but I'm not a good person in my life but I'm not going anywhere to see the other person on the website that I can do that for me to do that for the kids and they can be in a relationship between the same and I think they're not going anywhere to get to me and then they can go back to work for me if they don't want me to go back to school for a few hours and I'll let you do the same to him and they can get it to me if they don't want me to get

StillIRise1963, to random
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A lot of people don’t have the good sense to be scared shitless.

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@StillIRise1963 @Aviva_Gary We are not so different from the mouse that looks at a tasty treat precariously balanced above a bucket of water where several drowned mice are bobbing up and down and thinks "Surely nothing bad will happen if I try to get that treat."

skinnylatte, to food
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Fresh pasta for lunch

I get why people get pasta rollers now

A large piece of pasta dough

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@skinnylatte I have a Marcato Atlas pasta machine, and they are super nice.


Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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People on the far ends of the political spectrum fantasize about a violent revolution where their side wins and then builds something new and wonderful from the ashes, and I can't think of any belief that is more delusional and dangerous.

This romanticized idea of revolution as good and noble has to be destroyed. Which is easier said than done, given that America's founding myth is all about revolution.

Any who advocate for the violent overthrow of government are unfit for democracy.

TonyStark, to random
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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act at work. In addition to clean energy solutions being good for the planet, low-income and minority communities typically bear the brunt of everyone else’s pollution and also rely on public transportation the most.

A fleet of 60 new electric buses will soon traverse across Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn along routes in low-income and minority communities, MTA officials said Tuesday (May 14th):

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@TonyStark Let me try.

Uhhh, something something CHINESE HOAX something something PLANTS NEED CARBON mumble mumble COMMUNIST LONGCARS fart burp WHY DO YOU HATE AUTOWORKERS grumble sputter BAD FOR BUSINESS poop hiss slither

Legit_Spaghetti, to gamedev
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Spent the day rigging and animating this little guy BY HAND.

Meet janitorial service unit designation R∅D, "R null D," referred to by the crew as Arnold.

Walking animation of an adorable little robot
Running animation of an adorable little robot
Jumping animation of an adorable little robot

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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I have this half-baked idea that we only ever get one day. Your conscious is reconstituted anew each morning from the memories made by your body's previous inhabitants, and is mercifully given a sense of continuity. "Yes, that was me. I exist today, and I existed yesterday."

But when your brain winds down to sleep, the YOU that's present, the entity reading these words right now, evaporates. The memories you made are stored, and tomorrow the dance begins again.

You get ONE day. Make it matter.

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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What do I want to get done this week?

  • Implement new IK system
  • Update character model/animations
  • Refactor movement controls
  • Fix the puppeteering reference frame bug
  • Work on dialogue system layout

Seems like a lot. But I think I can do this, if I focus.

Okie dokie.

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@OtherwiseJunk VR game prototype I'm working on in my spare time.

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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NEW PRODUCT IDEA: Truck nuts, but for your pants!

ai6yr, to random
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kemotep, to IT
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What’s a good appreciation gift for a team member who cracks the case? Today a network admin in our IT team caught an ancient sftp server being abused and shut it down. I’m thinking a 6 pack of craft beer.

What has your team done for people who go above and beyond in finding and stopping incidents?

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@kemotep How about a raise? A raise would be nice.

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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"Thanks all, bye!" has become the default Zoom sign-off phrase. I wonder if that'll become imprinted into our vocabulary and eventually lose its original context.

@Legit_Spaghetti@mastodo.neoliber.al avatar

@petes_bread_eqn_xls Oh my god I should totally start signing off with Like and Subscribe!

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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I kinda don't want us to find life anywhere else in the solar system, mostly because we, uhhh, don't have a great track record when it comes to preserving precious things.

Legit_Spaghetti, to random
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I have some business travel coming up, and our booking system doesn't include train travel as an option. Needless to say, I am deflated. I was hoping to ride to my destination in style and comfort, but instead I am forced to complete this journey in a flying tin can, packed like sardines.

Also, I'm somewhat sure air travel has a higher carbon footprint than train travel. Hmmm... Waaaait... What if I used that angle to get them to spring for train tickets next time?

@Legit_Spaghetti@mastodo.neoliber.al avatar

@timesandseasons Yeah, it'd take about 36 hours by train, meaning I'd lose two extra days versus flying. But if we packed enough people on the train, we could have meetings en route!

(I'm being facetious here, except I really would much rather travel by train than plane)

RickiTarr, to random
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Forget Chekhov's Gun, it should be Chekhov's Parrot. If a Parrot is introduced in the first act, it will absolutely give away an important secret in the third.

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CHEKOV'S PARROT: "Squawk! There's a gun under the table! Squawk!"


ai6yr, to H5N1
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LA Times: Despite H5N1 bird flu outbreaks in dairy cattle, raw milk enthusiasts are uncowed https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2024-05-12/raw-milk-enthusiasts-uncowed-by-bird-flu-risk-in-dairy

@Legit_Spaghetti@mastodo.neoliber.al avatar

@ai6yr If you squint REALLY hard, you can sort of trace the lineage of this particular dumb idea.

The word "vaccination" originally traces back to milkmaids who'd catch cow pox, which is a mild disease in humans (relatively speaking), and develop immunity to smallpox, which is a deadly disease. "Variolae Vaccinae" is Latin for "cow pustules," hence "vaccination."

However, cases where humans have contracted H5N1 have thus far been anything but mild, so I think these folks are playing with fire.

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