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A little bit of computing and a little bit of neuroscience.


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reiver, to fediverse
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This is what the Fediverse Report ( @fediversereport ) looks like from nostr.

Connected via a fediverse-to-nostr bridge.

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@reiver @fediversereport

Once you go bridged you can’t go back?

“Bridges not protocols” is the new “protocols not platforms”?

J12t, to random
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Python just cost me half an hour. The problem: a comma instead of a period.

Runtime and two linters said everything was fine. Except it wasn't.

Soapbox: Programming languages should not have syntaxes where something like this is possible. Compact syntax is all nice and dandy, but there needs to be enough redundancy that things like this are easily caught. Otherwise we'd all still write software in hex.

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yea, there's probably an argument that the comma is an overpowered part of the syntax given how small and similar to a period it is.

It's probably the buckling point for all the strains that the whitespace-as-syntax design creates.

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yea that's part of it, and all descending from the whitespace-as-syntax.

My hot take would be that parens for literals (tuple or generator) should not be permitted as precedence/scope is too fundamental.

If having [] and {} for literals feels inconsistent, then remove them too. tuple(), list(), set() and dict() are all right there and pretty pythonic IMO.

If course, it's too late. But that comma being a little Paul Atreides of your code base is PITA.

operationpuppet, to fediverse
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Seeing a lot of buzz about how the is losing users (almost always based on numbers) as they drift to things like Threads and Bluesky. Anecdotally I’ve noticed a drop in “engagement”, but I’m not really phased.

This is the weird kids table in the school cafeteria, with the D&D club and goths. We were never going to be the “big thing”, and that’s good.

Stay weird, stay small, stay human.

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Yea for sure. The whole “let’s conquer the internet” was arguably always a broken ambition. Different places have different vibes and that’s a good thing. The “everything place” idea (eg Twitter or threads) shouldn’t also be an “all the time” place. Make unique spaces instead. It’s the way of the internet.

And getting real, the protocol (AP) likely isn’t magical or good enough to foster a conquest anyway.

maegul, to random
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Talking to someone about git's UI, and they compared it to vim and GUI IDEs.

When replying with how vi was basically a GUI of its time over more CLI editing with ed/ex ...

it struck me that it is perhaps glaring that we don't have a "vgit": A more visual/TUI tool that supplanted and erased git from memory apart from the "git compatibility mode" still available in "vgit".

I may be off here, but is this emblematic of the cultish worship of unix tooling in the "linux" era?

#git #cli #unix

maegul, to CSharp
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Iceshrimp: A #csharp fediverse platform

Was just told (by @Subversivo ) about this: https://iceshrimp.dev/iceshrimp/iceshrimp.net

#Iceshrimp are rewriting the whole thing (a JS/Node #misskey / #firefish fork) in C# with Blazor for the frontend.

Cool to see. Should handle the performance issues that have plagued the *key forks and maybe provide a new general branch of fediverse platform.

What lang/stack isn't represented on the fediverse now? C++, Kotlin?


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@mick_collins @Subversivo @fediverse @fediversenews

I'm not familiar enough (or at all) with C#, but AFAICT, it could make an instance more stable, as firefish and misskey have struggled with handling a decent amount of users and C# could be a faster system for the server.

Also, a re-write sometimes is a good thing. And, developers have different preferences for languages, so having a C# project around enables C# devs to more easily contribute to the fedi.

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LOL ... I'm ready!

maegul, (edited ) to tech
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Is there an established term/neologism for the whole tech-bro attitude/belief/common-response of

"there is no UI issue, this is a good tool, anyone who's bothered to learn it understands this ... you just have a skill issue"

vimism? (genuine suggestion for a genuine question ... it's the term my brain uses)

J12t, to mastodon
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What would it take for to become that political organizing app instead of Twitter or Threads? Isn’t it a much more logical place?

Anybody trying to make it so? Any reasons that speak against?


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@LALegault @J12t

Yea this AFAICT. The price of Balkanising “the public square” is public activity and institutions aren’t actually that interested. A single flat space with a single authority is likely more useful even if that authority is privately owned.

Reality may simply be that federated social can’t have it all.

maegul, to mastodon
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UI differences are a big factor in the success/failure of decentralised federation of diverse platforms and content

And this seems a good example: bridged posts onto which has a lower character limit than Mastodon.

So, just like posts on mastodon, you don't get the full content of the post (which ends with an abrupt ellipsis here) and have to take a link to the original platform.

However powerful the underlying protocols, this isn't far from screenshots.


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Lemmy federates pretty well with mastodon. From mastodon you can follow a community as you would any person/user.

There are two major problems though.

  1. everything in that community comes through as a flat firehose, including comments. There's structuring into posts with comments inside.
  2. Mastodon doesn't understand the type of object lemmy sends over ActivityPub, and so simply provides a title and a link to the original post.

Also, you can just follow lemmy users on mastodon.

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@Zagorath @Teppichbrand

And to really get it you have to have been a vulnerable commuter (cyclist etc) in an encounter with a car where they've clearly just not seen you and will kill you if you're not constantly on the look out for such things.

Despite being well informed about such things I was still shocked my "first time" as I watched a car just turn into me like I wasn't there while the driver was looking elsewhere.

cars were already a problem. Weaponising them with tech hype is toxic.

robcinos, to random
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Back in the mid 90s, I though that copyright would be made obsolete by emerging web technologies and ease of digital replication.

I had not yet reckoned with or realized the sheer evil of corporate America. Of course, copyright would not just magically disappear. It would be weaponized.

How anyone thinks any different about new "AI" training is probably the most perplexing thing to the neophyte.

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This dialogue seems to always ring true, sadly:

William Roper: “So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!”

Sir Thomas More: “Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?”

William Roper: “Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that!”


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Sir Thomas More: “Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!

― Robert Bolt, A Man for All Seasons

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Yep. Punch line being: “Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!”

(In the second post)

maegul, to longcovid
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I'm slowly realising that I probably have some mild

Since having covid (now had it twice since 2022): iron deficiencies, breathing problems, constant asthma, and now a sudden allergy to some foods apparently.

My partner and I have been careful throughout the pandemic but clearly not careful enough at times (twice each) since "opening up".

And though it could be far far worse, I feel pretty violated right now TBH.


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@tobi82 @coronavirus @longcovid

I wasn’t looking for sympathy, just sharing an experience.

You have no idea what my background is or for what reasons I’ve been infected in the past.

What’s more you’re completely neglecting the importance of the social dimensions that lead to widespread infection of an airborn virus while trumping up absolute individualism as the sole basis of responsibility and blame.

All of which is a rather flawed outlook IMO, along with a poor demeanour TBH.

maegul, (edited )
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@cwicseolfor @tobi82 @coronavirus @longcovid

Well yea. The responsibilities we take for our actions are obviously important (and should be addressed more IMO), but blaming the sick for not protecting themselves rather than focusing on those negligent in preventing infection and in not taking care of others … is a choice.

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brianb, to random
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I've noticed a big shift toward, "We should be teaching kids how to cite AI."

That's antithetical to citations. A citation points you to the original source. Citing AI is effectively erasing original sources in a misguided effort to "teach students how to responsibly use AI tools."

Responsible use is teaching people that AI tools are plagiarism machines. Period.

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Ok, likely unproductive response, but what the actual fuck!

Is this the education system still getting to grips with Wikipedia and the internet maybe being not entirely irrelevant and so applying the same degree of acceptance of Wikipedia to AI?

Or is this corporate propaganda?

Or just desperation at not know what to do anymore as tech disrupts traditional education structures (a real problem I’d wager)?

Either way, citing AI is just dumb and betrays someone who’s confused about AI

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@curubethion @brianb

Makes sense. But still, seems like a quick capitulation which implies there’s more perceived heft behind AI. In part I’d say because it actually looks convincing and that traditional assessment is actually disrupted by it.

My bias here being that I suspect it a largely good thing that AI does disrupt traditional educational assessment as it likely reveals the superficiality in education that AI achieves.

juliancday, to random
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@krst @juliancday

It's obviously no reddit in size, very far from it, but it's by no means empty either.

The "threadiverse" is the current "growth" area of the fediverse IMO, especially if you include blogs like WP and Ghost. See eg: https://community.nodebb.org/post/99736

Getting involved and supporting that kind of platform on the fediverse is IMO a good idea. The fediverse needs more "community building" tools, and forums/reddits are good for that. Lemmy even has private sub-lemmies on the road map.

fediversereport, to bluesky
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New: Video, audio and blogging: Japanese is building in the ATmosphere

I take a look at 3 new products build on

Blogging with whtwnd.com
Video with bluemotion.app
Audio spaces with bluecast.app

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/video-audio-and-blogging-japanese-bluesky-is-building-in-the-atmosphere/

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@seanbala @fediversereport

There are problems here too. I suspect this is a fundamental issue that decentralised social media hasn’t taken seriously enough. It’s a bit like back and front end people not working together well. Protocol people can be inclined to underestimate the importance of what happens in the client, which IMO is where federation actually happens, as it’s there that platforms and UIs need to get stitched together.

I’ve ranted about this before (eg: https://hachyderm.io/@maegul/112319245679533802)

maegul, to internet
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Like the desktop computing experience. That’s what should aim for.

Choice of platform/OS doesn’t matter too much.
Plenty of apps to choose from and mix and match.
Plenty of user control but also convenience.
General functions and paradigms have settled.
Data is transferable over time and between computers.
Pick performance specs for your needs.
Connect to whichever networks/protocols you like, or just work offline mostly.

Your computer belongs to you.

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Well it’s a general metaphor to guide design choices. I haven’t seen anything really aim in that direction.

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