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Photographer, sound artist, poet. Former sys admin. Political progressive, Left Coaster. Red wine yes, nationalism no. Pro dogs & cats & strange music.

I have never been older than I am right now. That happened yesterday, too

neurodiv, probably

https://metapixl.com/45rpm (vinyl)
https://pixelfed.social/wine (wine reviews)
https://pixelfed.art/stevenlouisray (b&w fine art photography)

#fedi22 #experimentalMusic #wine #sanFrancisco #cats #dogs #art #poetry #socialism #equality #FreePalestine

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augieray, to random
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My experiments going out with my CO2 monitor are discouraging. Tonight, with COVID in wastewater at its lowest in 11 months in my city, we went out to eat. We hoped for outdoor dining, but it rained, so we sat inside. CO2 readings:

4:30 pm: 50% crowd in a brewpub: 1548
5:45 pm: 75% crowd in a Mexican restaurant: 1341
7:45 pm: Long line at ice cream shop: 1896

I thought businesses upgraded air filtration & ventilation, but these readings encourage me to stay home. taught us nothing.

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@augieray Augie, what CO2 monitor do you have and would you recommend it? Also, can you point me to something which shows that CO2 is a good barometer? I’ve not seen that before. Thanks much.

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@augieray @cwgrody great to know, thanks!

skry, to random
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I imagine that with the tail end of the post WW2 generation retiring, the leading edge of the baby boom will be selling housing. Because of demographics we should have excess housing in just a few years. Right? Prices drop, people move up, entry housing appears again, and new housing is built on existing lots with older homes. Hoping we won’t have to pay people to take them as Italy is doing. https://assortedflotsam.com/@NewsBot/112510400384472436

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@cynblogger @skry boomers were born between’46 and ‘64, so the age range is a bit wider. I’m 62 and was born in ‘61. We won’t be doing any of these options you state, exactly. Selling eventually but to move into a smaller house in a cheaper area cuz we’re in relatively good health.

Maybe the boomers selling off will lower the cost eventually, I dunno. I’m doubtful. I feel like it’ll be an opportunity for some forty-somethings. It’s hard to see the economics in this country being kind to anyone trying to improve their lot at this point.

I have to think that other countries have better solutions for these issues, though I don’t know what they’d be.

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@skry @cynblogger ooof. No better there, then.

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@cynblogger @skry for what it’s worth, we couldn’t save enough to buy a house either, without my wife’s dad gifting us $20K twenty-five years ago. The only way we could afford a down payment. For reference, the house we wanted to buy was selling for $265K.

So even in 1999, becoming homeowners wasn’t something we could do without a lot of help.

stevenray, to Pixelfed
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Today's post on my #Pixelfed #wine account features another Garnacha / Tempranillo blend from the Catalunya region of Spain. Thumbs up!


For more wine reviews, see/follow @wine

#wineReviews #spain

QasimRashid, to random
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DOD reports 0 of 569 metric tons of aid has reached starving Palestinians

US officials confirm it’s not being blocked by Hamas. But we know Israeli settlers are blocking the aid.

When Yemenis blocked ships to prevent genocide they were bombed . When Israelis block aid to enable famine they’re ignored.

The white supremacy in our foreign policy is deadly.

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@QasimRashid the UN should send in a peacekeeping force to protect the innocent and deliver aid.

DeliaChristina, to random
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I'm not gonna jump in on that thread about 'all men' but I am gonna say this:

While it's true that not all men do X, it is absolutely more true that patriarchy socializes ALL MEN to accept or be blind to certain truths about their position, importance, and relevance in the world.

Almost everything all men think of as 'natural' about their status in the world is not, in fact, true.
It was crafted through oppression, suppression, and violence.

It is also true that it takes an enormous amount of deliberate de-conditioning to throw off patriarchal thinking and praxis.

Those for whom 'not all men' truly apply (which is a small enough number to be sad and pitiful) know this to be true.

And so do the rest of us.

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@DeliaChristina totally right.

Defiance, to vinyl
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XTC – Mayor Of Simpleton (1989)
Limited Edition, 12” 45 RPM single on Virgin Records

Cool that they took a new single that I like and added 3 of my favorite XTC songs. Makes for a perfect 4 track album.

#VinylRecords #vinyl #AlternativeRock #PopRock #music

A rendition of the three band members in the middle of the back album cover. Below we see the black vinyl disc with gray center label and black text.

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@Defiance nice one!

Newmy, to random
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My father-in-law had a never-opened, 48-year-old GE radio in his garage. No pairing, no logins, no setup. It just works.

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@Newmy wow, what a find.

peq42, to Cats
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SecularJeffrey, to random
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I’ve recently been using for Mastodon and recently noticed the automatic generator. So far it’s been pretty accurate including adding text from memes.

Here is an example

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@SecularJeffrey well it does a good job. Also, I’d take that contraption camping. Much better size than those bloated campers that are so ‘popular’.

nosrednayduj, to random
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Ready for mailing!

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@nosrednayduj @UnitedSpaceCats may need bubble wrap. 😊

stevenray, to animals
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I do not think that ZoZo comprehends the meaning of gardening. Or perhaps she has invented a new definition?


dangillmor, to random
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The cops who tortured a bogus murder "confession" out of a man -- even threatening to kill his dog along the way -- are still employed by the Fontana, Calif., police department. The city's taxpayers paid for the $900,000 lawsuit settlement.


This tells you everything you need to know about police impunity.

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@dangillmor ACAB, right on brand.

stevenray, to Pixelfed
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Today's post on my account, European Female b/w Savage Beast by The Stranglers.

Follow @45rpm for more vinyl goodies.


knittingknots2, to random
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Texas doctor who said nine-year-olds can safely give birth appointed to maternal mortality committee | Texas | The Guardian


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@knittingknots2 @dianea they should lose their license to practice medicine, IMO.

geoff_eg, to Toronto
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The White Swan of Niagara (2022)

I think it goes without saying that anyone who visits Toronto and enjoys natural wonders should visit it was definitely the highlight of my trip to back in 2022. I desperately wanted to capture something that wasn't the 'standard' shot though. This is what I came away with, and I'm quite pleased with it. Really, you wouldn't necessarily know it's location without the title.

An ice covered rock stis at the bottom of a waterfall engulfed in mist. Birds fly above.
A long exposure of the falling water of Niagara Falls.

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@geoff_eg @skry really very nice. They have a quiet, mystical quality that’s timeless.

limebar, to random
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Here is a musical #ThrowbackThursday

I found this track among dozens of tracks I made from the early 90s. It doesn't have a name so I can't find the DAW work file easily. This was digitized off a four-track. I used hardware synths but I don't recall which ones. (Is there a way to find out the synth model from sysex dump?)

The question is should I try to recover these lost tracks I made and clean up and record them digitally and release them?

#limebar #myMusic

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@fstateaudio @limebar @MusicProduction @elsemusic I can recommend ReaFIR. It’s available for OSX as well.

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@limebar @fstateaudio @MusicProduction @elsemusic thanks for the link to that article. 👍

stevenray, to baseball
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Blake Snell continues to be a disaster for the Giants. 🙄

Bronwyn, to random
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OK I know I'm late to the party but that King Charles portrait is WILD.

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@4d3fect 😂 😂 😂 @Bronwyn

Skepticat, to random
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@LikeItOrLumpIt @DemocracySpot @Skepticat I fantasize about going back to Europe (been 3 times, but not in thirty years), but thinking about air travel and climate issues gives me lots of cognitive dissonance.

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@stevenray@sfba.social avatar

@LikeItOrLumpIt @Skepticat @DemocracySpot it's lovely that the memory is still with you.

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