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!SquaredCircle :)

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I mean we do try ;)


I don’t notice whether communities are kbin or Lemmy, so no idea. I think many communities being on Lemmy partly comes from that being released a few years earlier.

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I don’t notice whether communities are kbin or Lemmy

i think this is the way it should really work... the underlying software should be almost transparent/irrelevant

the question shouldnt be 'what cool kbin communities are there'. it should be 'what are the cool communities at %instance%' (,, etc)

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Yeah, this is like choosing which websites to follow based on whether they use Apache as a server. I don't really get it.

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This is mine but there’s not an equivalent on Lemmy (my other communities I ended up moving over for various reasons): !teletext

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I’d love to jump in here with a big active list, and I am actually subbed to quite a lot of Kbin magazines, but the problem is as you say, it just didn’t really take off in the same way Lemmy did. Almost everything I’m subscribed to there, despite making a good go of it in the very early days, is now dead.

Notable exception:

Unfortunately a big part of that is because during the busiest part of the migration, there was an issue on Kbin where Ernest had to (if I’m remembering this correctly) enable some kind of Cloudflare protection that had the side effect of completely breaking federation between the two platforms. By the time it came back up and we could access Kbin mags again, due to the massive influx of people on Lemmy those communities had mostly settled here instead.

Given that there are still federation issues to this day as well as the moderation issues (I see Ernest’s reply in this thread and honestly very much respect how hard he’s been working, but factually these are still problems), I just don’t think it makes sense for people to be trying to build magazines there IF they’re wanting the maximum numbers. Obviously if you’re more interested in attracting Kbin folks than Lemmy, then it makes perfect sense.

Anyway here are some I’m subbed to, it doesn’t hurt to add to your sub list even if there are more active Lemmy duplicates, but yeah there’s not much there for some of them :(

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That's a nice list. I found a few in there that I added to my own feed. Baking, woodworking, true gaming, and pixelart.


I’ve noticed Kbin has a much bigger problem with spammers lately.

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Some updates were pushed out in the last 48h or so which should alleviate that problem a good bit.

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Great to hear!

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None of them. Like yesterday I saw post pop up on my feed from a kbin community called “aaaacccceeee” but with more letters than that, and it was fucking CSAM, so I reported the post and blocked the OP.


I unfollowed a bunch of kbin comms because when kbin mods delete spam, it doesn’t get deleted from Lemmy ☹️

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This feature stopped working for some reason during the development of these software. In the coming weeks, I'll be working intensively to improve communication in the fediverse, including moderation.

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Thank you for all you do. Even though I primarily use Lemmy, I have noticed that the kbin users I see over here tend to be really thoughtful and positive contributors. I’m looking forward to better integration between the two platforms, because I feel that it will add real value to the communities on both sides and potentially unlock another stage of growth for the threadiverse.

Don’t go burning yourself out though, I’m happy to wait as long as it takes 😇


Thank youu ❤️

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We appreciate you, even from Lemmy.

Thank you

What’s the best way to donate to development?

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Thank you!

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Yeah I’ve kind of been waiting for federation to start working better before exploring kbin communities. The lack of moderation is already bad, but I have also experienced comments/votes not federating for hours or sometimes not ever. It’s very frustrating to make a contribution to the discussion and then come back the next day and realize no one actually saw it because it didn’t federate properly.

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Yeah, there’s a bug where things get back to the original magazine but don’t federate back out to other instances until they are interacted with on the original instance. So if you post to a Kbin magazine nobody sees it, until somebody with an account on the original magazine’s instance upvotes it. I raised it on the Kbin issue tracker but nobody seemed to believe me even though I’d proved this was the problem.

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Interesting, thanks for clarifying and well done on identifying the specific issue.

It seems like there is just an overload of issues that need to be fixed at the moment, so it’s going to take a while to work through them all.


I think that just got fixed this week.

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