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Number of neurons that fired in Musk’s brain indicating to himself that he might be widely unliked: 0

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I have a former best friend who still somehow finds a way to fanboy over Musk, despite the excessive information about him and actions he's taken. All very public and easy to find information, yet never swayed the guy's opinion and the last time we talked about it he was still fanboying. It really should have been a warning sign of things to come with that friendship. Truly, only mentally and emotionally inept losers are still on Musk's side and the former friend's the only person I know who still has a favorable opinion of Musk.


Sometimes people flock to a figure because they see them as a struggling underdog challenging the whole world.

But even that angle kinda falls apart when you remember that this guy is the wealthiest person in the world. He's not a brave rebel. He's not even taking a stance on something important, though he very well could, with his money.


Cult like culture, all the people that worship rich people are delusional. From Muskrat to Drumpf.

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Tough luck man. Have been in this situation a couple times.

Current working theory is that the reason are our relationship templates formed in childhood.

If someone has had abusive and/or gaslighting role models early on, they will not avert or even seek narcissistic relationships. I have been in this situation for a long time and am working for years to get rid of it.

This is what I think happens with people liking clear cut narcissists like musk and having friends who „somehow“ like him.


I long so desperately for the days when I didn’t know who Elon Musk was

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I support censoring all news related to Elon and his companies


I was kinda hoping the enoughmuskspam community would be focused on talking about innovative tech/engineering work happening at other companies. I guess that’s more the point of “futurology”, but still…

But, enoughmuskspam is just… Musk spam


I'm not surprised a community with a person's name in the title focuses on them. It's like saying "don't think of a pink elephant"


It’s meant as a black hole of Musk spam posts. A way for other communities to just say “we’re banning any news about Musk, post those in EMS”.

I guess technology didn’t get the memo.


His companies are fine. (minus Twitter) SpaceX and Tesla are great he just needs to keep his fucking mouth shut and do his job. The man is cringe and is taking his billionaire status too hard.


He was cool for that first year or two of knowing who he was. Then you keep learning and everything changes…


Honestly the incessant negative press is probably the only thing keeping him relevant. It’s just like that Tate guy, stop mentioning or posting about the giving guy and hell go away. I realize even mentioning it here is part of the problem.


Nah. This guy is not just a social media influencer, he's one of the wealthiest people in the world. Not posting about him is not gonna take away his relevance. Jeff Bezos didn't stop being immensely powerful just because people haven't been talking about him.

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Isn’t he supposed to be running three large companies?

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Get off his back, he's a divorcee with 3 jobs, just trying to make ends meet!


"He grew up in South Africa under apartheid!"

(well, during it anyway)


I’m starting to think he’s demol8shing twitter on purpose.


Nah. Even that is giving him too much credit. There are better ways to end Twitter without ruining his reputation and undermining his other investments. He could have let that puppet CEO make the announcements and take the heat.

This shitshow is all to boost his own ego.


He’s created a platform which is explicitly designed to only allow and promote things he likes, which only serves to build his confirmation bias. He’s just playing himself and getting more and more extreme as he does it.


All the while being constantly dunked on as well. He could have stayed out of social media and people might still think of him like "real life Tony Stark" but he couldn't help himself. It's interesting to see how even billionaires are not immune to internet brain rot, even with enough money to occupy their mind with anything they want or hire the best therapists in the world.

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Considering he was literally forced to sink $44 B into this project because he was fucking around too hard I also think it's very unlikely.
I'd imagine he'd want to recover as much cost as possible


I love that he was forced to buy it. Now he spends all his time trying to tell people he wanted to buy it, and also that he was strongarmed into it. He needs to pick a god damn lane. (But we all know the truth)

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I kind of wish they’d found some better way to insult him than “bring back Twitter”.

You know, something he finds really offensive to shout at him.

Like “trans rights”.


“Bring back !”


"I was saying Boo-lon"

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The appearance will not save X. People are leaving the free-for-all cesspool as a result


I get more engagement on Mastodon with 1/10th of the followers, and that's supposedly the least popular alternative compared to Bluesky/Threads.

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Because people on mastodon don't feel "captive" to the corporate social media feed and are free to engage however they want.

They blame the people for how hostile their platforms are, but all the while feed us only content that makes us angry or upset -- so yeah, it's not a surprise that the platform is a cesspool when they're the ones stirring the shit in the first place to keep engagement high.


Facebook and TikTok are salivating at a chance to become the next Twitter. Both have rushed out Twitter like updates since Musk has been making terrible changes.


I really wish he chose anything but X, cause when I hear X I think of Xorg. And I like Xorg, it's like one of my favorite things. Why'd he have to ruin X?

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It was all a ruse to make you use Wayland.


I'm alright with that, my childhood dog is named Waylon and we often call him wayland, among other names. He's still going at 13, I just moved away. Thanks for making me think of my dog.


This is why Counter-Strike is better: Elon Musk has yet to show up.

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I prefer half-life 2: deathmatch


Where anyone is yet to show up.

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well we’ll we’ll, if it isn’t the consequences of his own-

nah wait you already said that, shit!

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