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Which side couple has a special place in your heart? @kdrama

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@vaseline @kdrama My fave is from Crash Landing on You (Seo Dan and Gu Seung Joon)

JillsJoy, avatar

@AnnaAnthro @vaseline hard agree on this!

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@JillsJoy @vaseline His utter devotion and hero swagger in the last battle. Her tsundere cold heart melting on the bridge… sobs

s1m0n4, avatar

@vaseline @kdrama Jung Bong and Mi Ok in Reply 1988, Doom At Your Service, Da-hee and Ji-hwan in Search WWW, Mr Park and Mrs Shin in My Demon, 25 21, Hyo-jun and Mi-rim in Live Your Own Life and many others.
I might have the second leads couple syndrome 😂!

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@s1m0n4 @vaseline @kdrama I have found many times that STPs are fun to follow, and have often rewatched Dramas for them, rather than for the OTP. Operation Proposal is great example. A Drama with a great first couple tbut where I still enjoyed the 2nd even more was Miss Korea. A with an OUTSTANDING 2nd pair tht I hesitate to recommend is King2Hearts - I hesiste BECAUSE the SEP is so good. Those whove seen it will know what I mean

s1m0n4, avatar

@ronsboy67 @vaseline @kdrama I haven't watched any of the #kdramas you mentioned 😂


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Missrdevine, avatar

@vaseline @kdrama Business Proposal and Now We Are Breaking Up. The latter was me literally just there, bearing it only for the second leads.

covert_czar, avatar

@vaseline @kdrama
Moon gang Tae, Go Moon Young (Its okay not to be okay)
No one else stole my heart
It's them..

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