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Ledwo zacząłem oglądać na , a tu Koniec

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J'étais pas au courant donc pour celleux qui ne le savaient pas, le 11 avril sur sort la nouvelle série mdrrr

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So, where we watching now?

Twitch is pulling the plug on Prime Video watch parties - Desk Chair Analysts

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in collaboration with presents a from Ellyas Pical. The series will premiere March 21 in 240 countries.

The six-episode series will present Ellyas Pical's journey, a child from Saparua, Maluku who has succeeded in achieving glory in a event and is the pride of .

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I was seeking out something new and interesting to watch today. Found this and, while I’m not prone to crying in movies, this one got me TWICE... well, three times depending on how you count. Watched “Language Arts" (2020) on

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I have discovered, much to my chagrin, that I rather like sappy Korean RomComs. A bit of entirely predictable comedic romance soothes the soul it seems. At least in my case.

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A new image of BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL from series

Streaming on , April 12

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aumenta il proprio costo: anche se scrivono "il tuo abbonamento non aumenta", se si vuole ricevere lo stesso servizio di adesso (cioè niente pubblicità), bisogna sborsare 1,99 euro al mese in più. A casa mia, un maggiore costo per lo stesso servizio, si chiama aumento. Sono sempre più tentato di disattivare l'abbonamento e di riattivarlo solo se le spese di spedizione dovessero essere maggiori di 4,99 Euro.
Voi che ne pensate?

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Not satisfied with enshittening with ads, Amazon will also downgrade the quality of the audio. A true laureate of the Darth Vader MBA as described by @pluralistic

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Wir nutzen seit knapp anderthalb Monaten einen #RaspberryPi 5 mit #LibreElec / #Kodi als Ersatz für unseren #FireTVStick.


IPTV (#Zattoo), Streaming per #MediathekView, #Netflix, #DisneyPlus, #PrimeVideo, #FilmFriend, #Kika, #YouTube, ...


Es fehlen eine "unethische" Benutzeroberfläche, selbst startende Videos, Produktplatzierungen, Tracking, ...
"Langweilige" Menüführung über verschachtelte Ordnerstrukturen.

TV fühlt sich so so viel "richtiger" an.

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Amazon Prime Video now included adverts, regardless of whether you are a Prime member. Unless, of course, you want to pay an extra £36 per year!
The adverts only occur at the start of the programme/film, so I will put up with them!

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Welp, I knew I was going to lose this battle. One nag screen on about ads and the household threw a fit. The aggravation outweighs $2.99 per month.

You won this round, Amazon.

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Und, wie macht ihr das? Behaltet ihr euer Amazon Prime Video-Abo?

Ab dem 5. Februar wird Werbung in Filme und Serien integriert. Wer werbeifrei schauen möchte, muss draufzahlen. 💻

Ich werde künftig wieder mehr die Mediatheken durchforsten. Hat jemand Tipps, die ich auch gut in unserem Podcast vorstellen kann? 🤓

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Amazon Prime Video Ads Start Today

Users who already pay $139 a year for Prime will now get ads on the streaming service.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Premieres on Prime Video February 2nd, 2024.

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