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The laugh track was once a standard feature of every TV comedy, but it may now be on its final chuckle — the last major show that used one was "The Big Bang Theory," and that finished in 2019. The Atlantic's Jacob Stern writes about the half-century history of the audio irritant, which actor David Niven once called “the single greatest affront to public intelligence I know of,” and whether we'll miss it when it's gone. "For all the ire it incurred, for all the bad jokes it disguised, the laugh track was fundamentally about reproducing the experience of being part of an audience, and its decline is also the decline of communal viewership," says Stern. What's your take on the track? [Story is paywalled]

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Good riddance to the laugh track!

FYI, the story is paywalled.

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@MagentaRocks The Atlantic has a metered paywall, so it's possible that some folk will be able to open the story while others won't (though this is always quite opaque and might change over time as the team over there sometimes decide to make articles free after they've been out for a while). Hopefully you got the gist from our caption!

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Dear #AppleTV. Could you please finance a remake of Soylent Green? It would be somehow fitting :) #SarcasmButOnlyHalf

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Could they also employ ChatGPT for the script?

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Twice in one day I have to shout "what in the actual fuck?"

Apparently decided to cancel Star Trek: Lower Decks, ending with the 5th season.
It's bad enough "seasons" these days are an anemic 10 episodes (if that!), and then they get cancelled while still going strong? ugh..

Sign the petition!

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Look, assuming season 5 is 10 episodes, that means the whole show is 50 episodes. That's not even two seasons of , and it's not even one season of TNG in terms of runtime.

I'm not saying CBS had no cause to cancel the show, though if I'm being honest it, is just a cynical corporate move meant to ensure profit margins aren't hurt at the expense of all the stuff that anyone who isn't a shareholder actually wants.

I'm saying that is following an unsustainable model

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@InkySchwartz my perspective on this is informed also by my academic background in communications and media.

My platonic ideal of television is that every show and every season is exactly the length it's creative team desires.

They have ideas for a 26 episode season with 1 or 2 two parters? Great. Make it as good as your talent and resources allow.

You have the idea for a tightly plotted 6 episode serial telling one story? Awesome. Make it as good as your talent and resources allow.

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@InkySchwartz when every show was forced to be 26 episodes per season you got lots of bloat, stinkers, and mistakes of an episode

Now shows dont get to let their characters breath or be in wacky situations while needlessly padding time so that the episodes are bingeable at the ends

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WOW, puts adverts in the middle of films, even if you've paid for their service...


@tripplehelix Yup which is why I cancelled.

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@andrew Well, there is zero reason to pay for it now.

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Robert MacNeil, the creator and first anchor of PBS NewsHour, has died at age 93. A leader in public media journalism, he was on the ground in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and interviewed everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Margaret Thatcher. He may be best known for his 1973 primetime coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings. Here's a tribute to him from NewsHour.

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The reaction on Chinese social media to Netflix's adaptation of "The Three-Body Problem" has been mixed, but Vox's Aja Romano argues that depictions of nationalistic outrage are probably exaggerations. She unpacks the response to this adaptation, the book trilogy, and Tencent's "Three Body," and says this time around, the problem is Netflix, not Chinese viewers.


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So pleased I started Misty. all the things I enjoy.

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@Missrdevine Fab fab fab series! On my top ten of all time! Good decision by Netflix to pick it up.

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Some folk wrote off "Discovery" as "not Trek" when it hit screens in 2017. As the final season begins, Salon looks at the evolution of the show, and the journey of protagonist Michael Burnham. "It will take a lot of convincing for some people to consider Burnham among the top ranks of Starfleet captains in those occasional fan polls that tend to place Jean-Luc Picard or James T. Kirk in the top positions," says writer Melanie McFarland, after making an argument for exactly that.

#Television #SciFi #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery

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@CultureDesk it's still "not trek"

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@CultureDesk I had just been discussing this over on Tumblr.

Michael Burnham is perhaps the most accomplished captain in Starfleet. AND most of the times she has been taken to task, she has been RIGHT.

The mutiny that started the series, in particular. We'll never know for sure what the results of her mutiny would have been, because she was stopped. But we KNOW the results of stopping her - a war that came very close to wiping out the Federation completely. Her mutiny could potentially have stopped it by showing the Klingons they were ready and willing to fight, and at worst, would have led to the Federation coming into a war knowing from the get-go that they had little hope of side-stepping it.

She has certainly made mistakes, and then learned from them. Along the way, she literally saved all life in the galaxy, then restored growth and a sense of the original purpose to the Federation itself. And then rescued that budding renewed Federation from utter destruction at the oblivious hands of the 10-C. Her morality and principles may occasional have been compromised by necessity or human failings - but she has never lost sight of them, and they always underlie her choices. Only Kirk has had to struggle so hard with Federation ideals while basically remaining true to them (Sisko struggled but failed) - and even Kirk never dealt with a threat as immediate and extreme as Control.

And as a meta-analysis, no other captain/actor has done as much as Burnham and Martin-Green to expose the rotten areas of our fandom. Sisko and Janeway both brought their own haters out from under their rocks, but Burnham has brought them out even more aggressively and virulently. It's unfortunate that so many alleged fans neither adopt nor even understand the concept of IDIC - but it is a boon to the fandom that she has so clearly exposed them so we can try to cut out that cancer at our heart.

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J'étais pas au courant donc pour celleux qui ne le savaient pas, le 11 avril sur sort la nouvelle série mdrrr

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Le piratage est doux évidemment

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@Shibanarchiste pas envie de regarder.

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Le PDG de Public Sénat Christopher Baldelli renouvelé pour un nouveau mandat de trois ans malgré les (timides) critiques sur son management en interne et la couverture politique des écolos lors de son audition. Précision: il était le seul candidat en lice. Ah, le Sénat, la soupe est bonne...

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Did anyone else see this? 👀

TL;DR: #Shudder will be getting an ad- supported tier. If they offer this as a cheaper alternative, ok, but if #AMC+ eventually pushes this on current subscribers unless they pay more a la #Amazon, I'm out.

We already have an ad supported horror channel; it's called #TUBI.

#capitalism #lame #horror @horror

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@biancotitanio @stina_marie @horror Nowadays I usually go to second hand stores, as many, many people sold their DVD collection for a pittance and you can find almost any movie and usually in good state. And online shopping of course, specially for tracking "never released in my country" DVDs.

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@biancotitanio @Nekoplanet @horror Thrift stores, Arrow, Shout!, Severin, Criterion, Diabolik DVD, Vinegar Syndrome

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Amazon Prime now putting ads in the middle of shows.

Subscription cancelled.

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60th Baeksang Awards Announces Nominees.

Is your favorite listed?

Best Drama

JTBC “The Good Bad Mother”
Disney+ “Moving”
SBS “Revenant”
MBC “My Dearest”
Netflix “Daily Dose of Sunshine”

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@whoosh Kim Seon Ho nom as best new actor for The Childe! Great choice!!!

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