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Did anyone else see this? 👀

TL;DR: will be getting an ad- supported tier. If they offer this as a cheaper alternative, ok, but if + eventually pushes this on current subscribers unless they pay more a la , I'm out.

We already have an ad supported horror channel; it's called .


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All ten episodes of former MAX Original series "Gordita Chronicles" will be available for streaming on the free Tubi beginning March 29 at 10:30 AM Eastern/7:30 AM Pacific.
#GorditaChronicles #MAXOriginal #Tubi #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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Oh nice - watching a 1960s dubbed German movie called "Spy Today, Die Tomorrow."
Very cheesy 007 wanna-be. On #Tubi.

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'Boarders' Has The Potential To Become Tubi's First Original Hit Series -- If People Watch It

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Tubi's new redesign wants to push you down the rabbit hole

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I’ve been using Tubi a little lately, mostly because I’m broke and lazy and I wanted to watch Lovecraft Country

Overall low-information review?

Tubi is not bad. Maybe it gets worse the more you use it, but I much prefer ads on Tubi to ads on YouTube. There maybe 4-5 minutes of ads in an hour-long show on Tubi

Lovecraft Country had a little too much gore for me. I didn’t get past Episode 5 but I might keep going. It’s a fantastic book

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10 Great Horror and Sci-Fi TV Shows You Can Stream For Free on Tubi

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I'm trying to watch Babylon 5 on Tubi. I'd never watched it but with Harlan Ellison on staff & so many nerds I know having watched it, I thought it'd be good.

Sigh. This has been a tough row so far. Overacted, cheesy sets & costume design, terrible computer models... the writing is up for judgment.

I'll give it 10 episodes before I switch back to Deep Space Nine.

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Whew, those movies on the app are quite something! They seem to pick up all the stinkers with ratings in the range of 2 to 5 out of 10.

Watched a 5.1 called "Magellan" that was a low budget "Interstellar" rip off. An hour and a half of garbage. Should've bailed I guess.

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might be the greatest thing since fried bread, but, as long as it is a Fox property, it is warmed-over shit.

I'll never use it.

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RamenCatholic, to television

I forgot to start the movie on several minutes early to get thru the opening commercials, I barely started on time.

This movie started quite abruptly.

RamenCatholic, (edited )

ad breaks
1: experion, ally (only 2)
2: experion, polaris
3: petsmart (super short)
4. prisma cloud, BMW EVs, pandora bracelet
5. subaru, prisma cloud, ally

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Watching Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe directed by Mario Caiano from 1973 on

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'The Rapper Who Got Shot in the Heel' is coming to Tubi. Here are a few more ideas for the director, if he's looking.

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Tubi and Warner Bros. Agree to Bring the DC Universe to Streaming for Free

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With now on , we took a look through, and watched a set - the episodes. Always entertaining.

The arrival episodes for which was fun to see.

NeadReport, to hulu avatar

I can't win.
I currently have ESPN+ on #Hulu and I STILL CAN'T WATCH THE BIG10 MATCHUP OF THE YEAR.
I'm really only interested in a handful of games a year.

I so hate cable streaming services.
It all comes down to "live TV" subscriptions.

That's where they get you. "Here's a shat ton of movies, old sitcoms, and #Disney crap for $$/month!" Oh, you want to watch a live sports game or the news?
SORRY, gotta sign up for LIVE TV at $$$ per month. Thanks!"

epp, avatar

@NeadReport The , and streaming services are all free and between the three of them, there are news channels in some form from all four U.S. networks.Whether it's live, depends on the programming at the time.

My provider became my provider last year, when I finally cut the coax and knocked $80 off my monthly bill.

What I watch on TV, I obtain from the free services.

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The Ars guide to time travel in the movies

We picked 20 time-travel movies and rated them by scientific logic and entertainment value.

ottaross, avatar

@arstechnica very timely (pun accepted) –I spent an evening this week searching for and sampling 's time-travel SF content.

My biggest peeve is when they establish a chosen set of 'rules' for their universe, then violate their own logic to achieve a plot twist. Sure is lots of stuff in that lower-left quadrant!

GrantB, to DoctorWho

PSA: Classic is streaming on for free. The ads are few and short.

rayckeith, to DoctorWho avatar

the first Sylvester McCoy episode had five minutes of plot in a 22-minute episode.

where were the writers?

nice bit where he changes into some of the previous Doctor's outfits before picking his 1920s College Student in a bear-fur coat look.

blogoklahoma, to DoctorWho

United States & Canada Fans! Available today on Tubi, over 600 episodes of classic Doctor Who.

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